This is a Niall Horan fanfiction about a girl who is going through a hard time and is just looking for love pleas read this I hope y'all like it!!!


1. Just met

Authors Note: Ok so this is my fanfiction I hope u like it 

Nialls Pov: so I was just taking a walk to just clear my head when I saw her. She was a beautiful and from the moment i saw her i knew she was the one and she was all alone just sitting drinking some coffee, I immediately went and sat by her. I introduced myself and she was clearly a fan because she practically fell out of her chair when she saw me. She said he name was Kelly and that she was 18. 
Kelly's Pov: Ok so I was just taking a break from my life when the Niall Horan came and sat by me!! I could barley breath I was a huge directioner and Niall had always been my favorite he was so sweet and he even asked for my number I just couldn't believe this actually just happened!!! 
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