'Till Death Do Us Part

Sequel to Silence is A Virtue:
Rhiannon Spencer's life is going from bad to worse. Now that Edmund is being held hostage by Ethan, and is being used as a blackmail device, poor old Rhi has no idea what to do.
With her boyfriend gone and her ex-boyfriend threatening her, she can't trust anyone. She's on a mission. A mission to save Edmund, and send Ethan down for good. But will justice prevail, or will Rhiannon end up face down on the concrete, half-dead, yet again?


5. Time to Make a Move

Dear Diary,

I woke up with a tension headache this morning. I didn't exactly sleep well last night... Ethan's list involves a lot of sneaking around. There's no way I can do it by myself. I'll need help. And there are a lot of things on his list that I don't particularly want him to have, but I can't say no, otherwise it will risk Edmund's release. 

With a mind full of worries, I went to the bathroom, washed my face and stared at myself in the mirror. How did I end up like this? How did I end up being the victim of the same person twice in the space of five years? Rape is one thing, but blackmail is a completely different ball park. I sighed, turning the shower onto full blast, quite cold. If anything gets rid of my tension headaches, it's cold water. 

After my shower, I had a glass of juice and a pan au chocolate for breakfast before grabbing the list and my bag from my sideboard and setting off into town to make a start with Ethan's requests. I stared at the list as I sat at the bus stop.

-Clothes and shoes

-Money (from Ethan's safe in his room)

-Passport, fake ID (safe)

-Food (tins, cans etc.)

-New phone and pay-as-you-go SIM

The most I could get was probably the clothes, the new phone and perhaps the food. Ethan had told me to take any money from his savings that I had to spend on his requests. Nice to know he was still a gentleman. There was no way I was going to buy him anything fancy. The food I could get from Pound Land, the phone I could probably get from Argos, just a cheapo twenty quid one or something along those lines, and I could scavenge some clothes from the charity shop down the main road in town. I didn't have the money to buy him a completely new wardrobe, and it would certainly look suspicious if I spent loads of money on men's clothing when everybody knew that my boyfriend was still missing.

I clambered onto the bus and sat at the back, keeping away from everyone else. It was mainly old people and mums with buggies. Not many teens surface this early during the holidays. Even my parents were still in bed when I got up this morning. I ended up having an awkward conversation with my mum this morning on the stairs before I went out. It wasn't a pleasant experience.

"Rhi, where are you going? It's not even ten o'clock yet," she'd said, having noticed my urgency to get into town.

"I have some errands I need to run in town. I promised Josh that I would go over to his and help him with some project he's doing, so I need to go out now, or I'll never get these errands done in time."

"In time for what?"

"Nothing. I just need to get them done!" I huffed as I stormed out of the house and down the drive.

I texted Josh shortly after, telling him what I'd said. He said that he would cover me, but only if I would meet him at the train station at midday. That gave me plenty of time to buy what I needed, dump them at home and then get back into town.

I don't like lying to my parents- they've been through enough- but I don't have a choice. I love Edmund, and I won't let Ethan hurt him.


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