'Till Death Do Us Part

Sequel to Silence is A Virtue:
Rhiannon Spencer's life is going from bad to worse. Now that Edmund is being held hostage by Ethan, and is being used as a blackmail device, poor old Rhi has no idea what to do.
With her boyfriend gone and her ex-boyfriend threatening her, she can't trust anyone. She's on a mission. A mission to save Edmund, and send Ethan down for good. But will justice prevail, or will Rhiannon end up face down on the concrete, half-dead, yet again?


1. I'm Screwed

Dear Diary,

I'm screwed. I am beyond screwed. What am I supposed to do? Edmund is gone and I can't tell the police about Ethan, otherwise he'll hurt me again. That is no word of a lie. Ethan is a scheming, evil piece of rotting flesh who knows how to manipulate your every move and turn something that wasn't your fault back on you. He will find me, and I could end up like before. Or worse. Dead.

It's been three hours, seven minutes and twenty-four seconds since my conversation with Ethan, and things are just getting worse. I daren't tell my parents- they'll throw a fit. Krissy and I are no longer friends, and, and, and I just don't know what to do! All I want is for Edmund to come home safe. I miss him so much. But I blame myself for this. For everything that has happened. If it wasn't for me, Edmund wouldn't be at risk now. If I hadn't gone to visit Ethan, things could be very, very different.


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