'Till Death Do Us Part

Sequel to Silence is A Virtue:
Rhiannon Spencer's life is going from bad to worse. Now that Edmund is being held hostage by Ethan, and is being used as a blackmail device, poor old Rhi has no idea what to do.
With her boyfriend gone and her ex-boyfriend threatening her, she can't trust anyone. She's on a mission. A mission to save Edmund, and send Ethan down for good. But will justice prevail, or will Rhiannon end up face down on the concrete, half-dead, yet again?


3. He Noticed

Dear Diary,

We didn't go to counselling in the end. Josh noticed that I was distracted on the bus, and asked me what wrong. And it kind of, just, came out. All of it.

Josh knows the story from beginning to end; from me and Ethan being together to now. And you know what, I feel a lot better. Plus, Josh was so... nice about it all. I was expecting him to tell me to stop lying, or tell me that I'm stupid, but he told me that he will always be there for me if I need a shoulder to cry on.


At least there's someone in the world who cares about how I feel right now...


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