Save You Tonight

Emily is a stuck up rich girl who doesn't care about anyone except her dog, cat and best friend , Kayla. Well and her parents of course. That all changes when she meets Harry.


5. Wake Up!

Emily's POV:


who is texting me so early?! #Em! I WENT ON A DATE WITH NIALL LAST NIGHT!!!# #Kayla! Thats so good! Im so happy for you! Harry and I just got some Menchies and went to the park. He crashed at my place again, the mag's were right.. he sleeps in his boxers. I wont let him take them off.. thats nasty!# #oh Emily, we all know in about a week you'll let him sleep naked# #NOT TRUE!# #Okay then.. gtg ttyl!# #lateeer! :*# 

I got out of bed not waking Harry and put on my robe, left my hair in a messy braid from last night and I slipped on my slippers. I sat on the bed and Harry looked so cute in his sleep so I sat in front of him posing and smushing his lips together with my hand and smiled. Thats Instagram worthy :)

He doesn't wake easily. So I put my phone into the dock and blasted 'She Don't Like The Lights' by Justin Bieber. His eyes twitched and I started laughing.


*****Authors note*****

hey guys! hope everyone likes the story so far. I'm sorry I cant update a lot because I got my blackberry back and I cant get the app so yeah sorry and im sorry for the really shitty short chapter :( 

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