Save You Tonight

Emily is a stuck up rich girl who doesn't care about anyone except her dog, cat and best friend , Kayla. Well and her parents of course. That all changes when she meets Harry.


6. Louisa?

Em's POV: 

okay, todays the day I'll tell dad about Harry. I'm so nervous what if he makes us break up? I lo- I really like Haz and I don't want to loose him. I looked over from my desk to the bed and Harry wasn't there.. but there was a note 'FIND ME <3' I looked in the closet and found another note 'Nope, meet me at "the shower"- Old Fart' haha, I put on some clothes and left the house, heading towards the park we went to after Menchies. as I was walking on the busy sidewalk I felt something touch my toe in my sandals I looked down to see rose pedals leading to the crosswalk and even across the crosswalk, and into the park leading to a black cloth on the floor with red and gold candles and he had union jack plates that had waffles on them and all the toppings in little cups in the middle of the cloth. he sat on the edge of the fountain and was holding a guitar.. I didn't know he played the guitar... :/ he started singing Little Things when I sat down on the bench. I almost started crying, he's perfect! When he was done I clapped but I wasn't alone there was two girls about 2yrs younger than me and they were clapping and video taping, then I thought they were going to run to Harry and ask for pictures and autographs but they ran to me & they said to come over to the other side of the fountain so the picture would look better but they  didn't take out their camera, they took out knives and said "dump Harry today or you will die. He's ours you dumb slut. Take down every Instagram picture, every tweet, everything." They had their back towards the fountain and they didn't see Harry standing behind them he pushed both of them out of the way and said "Both of you get the fuck out of here. I love her and nobody is coming between that," he grabbed their camera and deleted the pictures and ripped up the autographs. "don't dare to call yourselves Directioners, you're far from it. Now leave her alone or I swear, you will regret it" he hugged me so tightly, I couldn't breathe. "I'm sorry" I said "What? Why are you sorry, I shouldn't have let them pull you aside." he put everything in the picnic basket and holding my waist he led me in the opposite direction of my house and I said "where are we going? I'm in a Jack Wills sweater, a jean jacket and tights.. it better not be fancy" he laughed "I like that outfit, you don't have to dress up all the time, its only me babe. We're going to my house" "ohhh I've seen your house onli- um I mean I think I've drove by before" I said embarrassed and laughing. He giggled and he opened the door he ran upstairs and then ran downstairs wearing swimming trunks and threw a white vneck & lululemon shorts at me "why do you have lulu's ?" I asked really creeped out "heh, the boys and I all bought a pair and put them on with heels one night, except Liam and Zayn" he laughed "yupp, thats totally normal" I said running upstairs. When I came back down he was hiding and then scooped me up and carried me out closing the door with his foot and he threw me in the pool. I pretended to drown as payback then when he was about to dive I jumped out and watched him flounder around underwater looking for me meanwhile I was sitting on a deck chair safely wrapped in a towel. I got up when I saw him coming out and I ran inside and upstairs into his bedroom and his phone starting ringing "iMessage from Louisa; hello baby <3 " tears streamed down my face. I put on my clothes and ran out of there. I ran out and texted Kayla telling her. I heard Harry screaming for me "Em! Emily?! Whats wrong? EMILY!!" he ran after me and he grabbed my arm "can you wait a second. what happened?" I pulled free kept walking and said "screw off" he stood there as I walked away "Em, what did I do?!" "I don't know 'baby'" I said mockingly. I turned around and said "don't call me, don't text me, don't tell Niall to ask Kayla, don't pass by the house. I can't believe I trusted you, I can't believe I thought dating a celebrity would work out. haha" I said whistling to a cab. 

Harry's POV:

I don't know what I did to hurt her, I would never do that! I ran inside and got my phone to see it on my bedroom floor opened to my chat with Louis #hello baby <3# #hello lou, I'm not in the mood. Sorry bro# I wonder if he still has me saved as Harriet :P we made girl nicknames for eac- CRAP #Lou!!!! Come over NOW# #I'll be right there Harriet <3 # #text to Niall; I need Kayla's number asap!# #209878979# "Kayla I need you to go to Emily's house and then I'll text you a smiley face when I'm outside and you can open the door and make sure she listens to me, Louisa is Louis , and I'm Harriet. I would never cheat on her!" "I KNEW IT! I said it might be Louis joking around and she said 'no, hes cheating!' Okay I'll go over now" "Thanks love." 

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