Save You Tonight

Emily is a stuck up rich girl who doesn't care about anyone except her dog, cat and best friend , Kayla. Well and her parents of course. That all changes when she meets Harry.


3. Just A Friend

Harry's POV:

I never lie in interviews, like when I said I kiss on the first date I meant it, in this case it wasn't even a date yet we just met. Whatever, I think I really like her. Sure we're five years apart but she's so amazing. I've never really felt this way about a gi- scratch that. There was this girl named Cassandra she was friendly and sweet and adorable and we dated for a bit and as soon as I fell in love with her I saw her kissing a guy that was part of our crew, I was 17 and she was 14 and she was hooking up with random people who are 8 years older than her, if you didn't already guess, he was fired. But I trust Emily, but I'm not sure if she likes me back or if she thinks I'm just some famous 19 womanizer. 

Emily's POV: 

He kissed me, this British sex god just kissed ME. I felt like I was gonna faint I mean of course I like him but I'm not sure I mean I've seen how the other 1D girlfriends and the past ones have been treated people are consistently making up rumours and sending them death threats and hateful tweets. Maybe it would be best if we were just friends.. with benefits ;) kidding, kidding. "So, here we are." I said as I opened the door to my house. "Samantha, we have a guest, Is Dad home?" I said loud enough for her to hear me "Greaat.. and no he said he'll be staying late" she said very monotone. "Aren't you enthusiastic, I'm sure your attitude is going to change when you meet this.. 'guest'" I said laughing. She didn't take her eyes off the screen but she took out the headphones and Harry said in that raspy low British accent of his "Hello" her mouth dropped as she slowly turned her head to face him she kicked her chair and said "OMG you're the dude Em has in her secret fan-girl closet! I love you Harry!!!!" he smiled and said "Thanks love, and yup that's me" then he looked at me turning red from laughing "and when exactly are you showing me this secret closet of yours?" I knew he would keep teasing me and begging me so I slipped my toms off carried them in my hand up the stairs and he did the same with his shoes and I led him to my room, unplugged my lamp moved it over put the key in the door and crawled through the secret door that was 3"5' and then stood up when we got in and he looked around trying so hard not to laugh and I just sat down on the carpet and rolled my eyes "um, this is really, um. I don't know what to say.." he stuttered. I pat the floor hinting for him to sit down and he did and then I said "look, say what you want. My dad built this when we bought the house so I could come in here whenever I wanted to or when I was mad or upset but instead I bought a lock for my bedroom door so I could stay on my bed when I'm mad or upset and put all my posters and merchandise in here so my room still looks classy and my closet isn't full of One Direction shirts" he nodded in approval and said "makes sense" we laughed and crawled back out (I re-hid the door) we sat on my bed and he was petting Elvis and I was cuddling with Vegas and he said he loved my dogs name.. so I told him why I named it Elvis. #Awkward. I got a text from my dad which made us both jump because we were so deep in conversation it said 'Im coming home in 3 hours, are you and Kayla just um how you girls say it 'chilling' at the house with Sam?" I laughed and replied 'sure Dad whatever you say you old unhip papa bear' Harry saw the text and said "'old unhip papa bear?' you have some pretty odd insults babe" holy swearword he called me babe! I know 1D calls a lot of people babe but whatever. "Shush Harreh" he looked at me and gave me a death glare as a joke and said "never call me that again" "Harreh" he crossed his arms and replied "Emileh" I looked at him and crossed my arms "okay okay, I'll stop I hate that name, even in a sexy British accent" he said "aw, you think my accent is sexy?" I gave him a confused look "everyone does" he laughed pulled me closer and kissed me. After that we decided to watch a movie so we turned on the 'telly' as they say it here and watched The Notebook. Halfway through the movie we were both crying and laughing at each other crying. I was fidgety in my spot so he grabbed the pillow behind me making me tip over and I laughed and readjusted myself and he put the pillow on his lap just as I was about to grab it he pat it because he wanted me to lay down on him so I did and when the movie was over we had fallen asleep and we're still wrapped in each others arms thank God my door was locked because my Dad came home and Sam said I fell asleep, maybe I need to reconsider the little munchkin. I woke up still in Harry's arms and turned my head to look at the clock 10:03, good my Dad went to work already. I tried to wake up Harry but nothing worked. I poked his cheek, opened his eyes, blew in his ear, plugged his nose, tickled him. Nada. Vegas jumped on me and licked my face with her scratchy tongue giving me an idea I picked up Vegi and she sat on his face meowing and licked him. I thought that would work but he still didn't wake up I shrugged, kissed his cheek and as I was getting up he woke up grabbed me by my waist and pulled me back down "waking up with a kiss, perfect but come on, the cheek? Am I that bad of a kisser?" I shook my head and kissed him on the lips. Why wasn't he wearing pan- never mind this is Harry Styles, I'm lucky he even slept with underwear on.

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