Save You Tonight

Emily is a stuck up rich girl who doesn't care about anyone except her dog, cat and best friend , Kayla. Well and her parents of course. That all changes when she meets Harry.


2. Is This Real?

Kayla's POV:

I've been waiting her five minutes longer than she told me to. Typical Em, she probably got all glammed up meanwhile I'm wearing white jeans, a red blouse, a leather jacket and classic Supra's. Finally I see a 5'7" girl holding a bag twice her size (not literally) . 'There's Em' I think to myself. "Emily hurry up" I shout to her "Yaya, I'm coming sorry I'm late I had to look cute and I had to put the lock on my door and hide the key in the hole in the tree" Emily said as she motioned me to follow her. "So where to?" I questioned. "Hm, downtown we'll just walk around I brought money just in case I find something I like at one of the boutiques. Or if I get hungry" *live while we're young starts playing while they walk downtown* "Your phone's ringing Emily" 

Harry's POV: 

"Do you guys hear that?" I said smiling "what LWWY?" Liam asked "yeah" I said laughing "loser." Louis mumbled I shot him a death look as a joke and we both started laughing. I looked at a girl sitting on the bench with her friend looking through a huge bag saying "where the hell is it?" so I walked over to her not caring if he boys noticed and realized it was her phone that was playing LWWY. I sat beside her casually and took out my phone and pretended to text her friend was helping her look and I heard "OMG, Harry's part. Its like an eargasm" and she started humming the song and then they both gave up and after the phone stopped ringing I put my phone away and said "well thank you love" she jumped a little and before looking at me started saying "what the he-" but when she noticed who I was she reached back to her friend and started slapping her shoulder stuttering "its its its" so I cut her off and said "yes it me I know I know. I guess your a fan?" I said laughing but disappointed because I want a girl to be with me for me not because I'm 'HARRY STYLES !!! ahhhhh' she stopped hyperventilating and said "a little" blushing I pat her leg and said "I wanted to see if you girls were alright because i=I saw you having trouble searching through that huge bag, by the way love the orange" I said winking and trying to make them laugh. It worked. "Thats sweet" she said kissing me on the cheek and then she turned to her friend pulled a necklace from under her blouse and kissed it saying "thank you" I caught a glimpse of it and realized it was a One Direction dog tag. I let out a little laugh unwillingly she looked at me embarrassed and said "what?" shyly. She was really pretty we both had green eyes and brown curly hair. "Oh nothing" I lied, mesmerized by her eyes. Usually I like blue eyes and short hair but she had green eyes and long hair, even though her hair was already long I saw she had extensions in that made me look like her under layer was ginger, I liked it and she was really calm, she wasn't fangirling anymore she was just looking at me confused because I was staring at her hair and her eyes. I hinted her to come closer and I whispered to her "nice extensions" and I giggled, she grabbed her hair looked at it and said "ha, thank you sir" with a funny accent. I laughed and said "your really pretty" and then paused she looked at me and said "Emily, Emily Edwards and you are?" she giggled

Emily's POV:

play cool I thought to myself. "Emily, Emily Edwards and you are?" I said in a snooty type of british accent then we both laughed. He said "nice to meet you Emily Edwards, my name is Harold, Harold Styles" he said mimicking my accent. I saw Kayla get up and walk away laughing I looked at Harry and said "hold on just one second" as I walked away I saw him look at his hands "Kayla? Where are you going?" "I'm leaving you guys are so cute. Plus I'm tired" I squinted my eyes at her and said "No, come with me" she went with it i grabbed her hand and pulled her towards Niall, Liam, Zayn and Louis and whispered to her "go get Nialler" and pushed her towards them, I know Kayla's a very confident person so she walked up to them started talking and I heard Niall compliment her shoes and the rest of her outfit I smiled and walked back to Harry "Em, this is boring. Not you but sitting on the bench" he got up and I walked over to him "Well I live close and my mom is in Paris and my dad isn't we can go watch a movie or something its just my sister who's home but she won't bother us" he nodded and followed me "Text me Kayla!!" I shouted she looked back and gave me a thumbs up and a huge smile then I saw her and Niall hold hands and walk away from the others I smirked bahahahaha Cupid strikes again! Harry saw to and gently reached to my hand and held it "they fit perfectly" he smiled I could feel my face turn red. "wait how old are you Em?" he laughed "I'm 14" I said looking down slightly. He touched my chin lifted it up as he looked into my eyes he said "perfect" and then he kissed me. 

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