Save You Tonight

Emily is a stuck up rich girl who doesn't care about anyone except her dog, cat and best friend , Kayla. Well and her parents of course. That all changes when she meets Harry.


7. I'm Yours

Emily's POV:

How could I be so stupid, to actually believe my relationship would work with Harry Styles, I mean he's Harry Styles, I should've expected he would cheat on me, he has bitches throwing themselves at him 24/7 ! Louisa , really she evens sounds less attractive than me. *knocking* "I'm not home, go away!!""Shut up, Em! Open up" I heard Kayla scream. Okay, she's finally here. Time for sad movie marathons, crying and eating ice cream. Even though her and Niall are fine she'll cry with me. As soon as I opened the door she barged in slammed the door behind her, dropped her stuff and grabbed my shoulders screaming in my face "WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM? LOUISA IS LOUIS. DUMB SHIT. You can't overreact you have to talk to him. On Niall's phone Harry is Harriet, Louis is Louisa, Zayn is Zayna and Liam is Lea. Its a joke, he's outside, go sort your shit out bitch" she said pushing me out the door, I loved her for being so harsh. I didn't want to talk so I jumped on his back and  said "Harreh, I'm so sorry babe. I'll never overreact again, I'll talk to you first" He swung me from his back to the front and he carried me and kissed me" then he shifted me so he was carrying me wedding and I saw Kay peeking through the window, we both noticed her and laughed. She opened the door for us. Harry sat down on the couch, still carrying me and fixed a pillow behind my head so I was comfortable.

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