Save You Tonight

Emily is a stuck up rich girl who doesn't care about anyone except her dog, cat and best friend , Kayla. Well and her parents of course. That all changes when she meets Harry.


4. First Date?

Kayla's POV:

*phone rings* "hello?" who was it? "kayla?" irish? NIALL?!!! OMG HE CALLED ME!! breathe "yes, hello Niall" I said cool and collected "oi, you got me. Sorry if I woke you, I was wondering if you wanted to go for breakfast" I looked at my clock.. "Nialler, its 1 o'clock.." he laughed and answered "well I'm so hungry and we can go for brunch then or a late breakfast" when isn't Niall hungry? "Haha, your always hungry! But I'm hungry too so pick me up in 30 minutes. MUAAAAHHH" I laughed "later babe." unnnnfff he's perfect. gotta get ready!

Harry's POV:

haha , I hope the whole underwear thing didn't creep her out. She doesn't look mad or scared so I'm guessing she liked or didn't mind it. "Lets go somewhere." she didn't turn she stayed in her walk-in closet 'creating a masterpiece' as she called it "hmm.. what do you have in mind? Something fun, like shopping or going for a froyo date!" I shook my head in disapproval "froyo it is, my treat" "Okie doke, she came out changed, my mouth dropped "If thats going to get frozen yogurt I want to your outfit for walking on a red carpet, people are gonna think you're a celebrity!" "thanks?" 

Emily's POV:

I stood there wearing peach jeans, a white blouse with studded flats and a black Chanel bag. I just walked out on my white iPhone scrolling through Instagram, "get dressed. I want to take an Instagram picture with my amazing new baby" I said pouting my lips. he put on his black jeans, white shirt and Converse, I looked at him up and down then look at my closet. IDEA. I dropped my purse and ran in and got my gold Michael Kors watch, I had the mens one because it looked cute on me too and it matched my white one that I was wearing, and I got a dog tag that had a peach accent on one of the tags so we would match I gave him them and he said "are you completing my outfit?" I gave him an 'are you joking' face "I prefer the word upgrading" I took out my phone and when I was taking the picture he lifted me by waist and my leg went up and he kissed me on the cheek as I took the picture. Got it ! Thats the cutest Instagram picture ever posted! Plus you can see our outfits perfectly. We went into Harry's car and he put on the radio when We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together we both started singing "weeeeee are never ever ever getting back together, like ever!" "with some indie record thats MUCH cooler than mine" we were laughing the whole way through and then we pulled up to Menchies, my faaav! We both got our cups and we walked to the park to eat it and we sat on the bench "give me some of yours" he demanded "fine" I got a big spoonful and smacked it in his face and ran to the fountain. "I can't believe you just did that!" he yelled walking towards me with froyo on his face still "sorry" I said dying of laughter he picked me up wedding style I thought he was going to kiss me and get it on my face but he put me over the fountain "I'll do it" I was trying not to scream he kept throwing me up a little and catching me "IM SORRY!!!" he shrugged and said "say it like you mean it or your getting a bath" i screamed "please Harry stop! I'm sorry, seriously stooopppp!" he put me down "shh, your making people stare" I gasped and punched him in the arm when I was gonna run to the car he grabbed me by my waist and pulled me back flinging me around "im gonna puke put me down you old fart" I got free and ran to the car but the door was locked "I didn't think this through! Hurry up and open the door!" "Sorry I'm slow, I'm an old fart" he said slowly crossing the street I ran towards him and said "Sorry babe, your not that old, but your losing your memory" he frowned "what do you mean?" I laughed and said "you still have frozen yogurt on your face, smart one" he wiped it of with his hand and laughed.


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