Save You Tonight

Emily is a stuck up rich girl who doesn't care about anyone except her dog, cat and best friend , Kayla. Well and her parents of course. That all changes when she meets Harry.


1. Perfect


Emily's POV: 

ugh why do people have to be so stupid I thought to myself, my boyfriend.. um well now ex-boyfriend just texted me saying he had to cancel our movie date tonight! When I asked him why he said he made 'other plans' not to be pushy or anything but when I asked him who with he just said 'someone' then I asked him if this someone was female and he simply responded with 'maybeee...' three e's? and a dot dot dot. CHEATER. So my inner bitch replied 'have fun Josh :) I'm gonna go downtown and find me a new boyfriend"

Josh's POV:

She dumped me?! Emily dumped ME. I'll get her back, she knows I'm a hunter. I can't stay tied down to just one girl! 

Emily's POV:

what a jerk, but I meant what I said, I am gonna go downtown with Kayla and scope out some hotties, I mean I live in London for Christ sakes there are gorgeous boys with accent's everywhere! Yeah you might be thinking 'oh don't you have an accent too..?' nope I don't I'm from Vancouver but my dad got promoted and had to move to London but I didn't mind considering I've only begged him for about a year! Hopefully I will eventually have an accent. I texted Kayla telling her to meet me at the corner of the street in five minutes, fortunately, we live on the same street because our dads work for the same company and both got transferred and our dads are good mates so they went house hunting together and found these two houses, Kay's house is only two down from mine. Now all I have to do is put on something absolutely adorable and not slutty. Hmmmm, lets go check out momma's closet while she's in Paris modelling, shall we? Dad was at Kayla's house so it was just me, Vegas, Elvis and Samantha. Vegas is my toy persian kitty that I love to death and Elvis is my white eskimo & klee kai mixed puppy that is so cute I wanted a Klee Kai forever but then they had a White Eskimo mix which was perfect! I thought the White Eskimo would be perfect because I adored One Direction and Harry was my favourite and his high school band was named White Eskimo and the first song he ever learned lyrics to was by Elvis, hence the name of my dog. Samantha, I would consider her as an animal too but others think she is 'adorable!!' NO, she's my ten year old sister who is the reason I have a lock on my closet door. Anyways she thinks she can steal my clothes but she a little underaged and under developed for the clothes I have and I know I'm only fourteen but my just one of my purses cost more than some peoples houses, ha sucks for them. Okay I'm thinking orange Hermes Birkin with a white blouse and navy blue bandeau paired with Aritzia leather leggings and white Toms. OH almost forgot my gold Michael Kors watch and my bracelets. Perffff. Now I have to throw on my classic Alexander McQueen scarf and take an Instagram picture of my outfit. Now I need to put my 1D necklace on and tuck it under my blouse so it doesn't draw to much attention away from my outfit but it's still there as my lucky charm. Before I leave I have to take care of the gremlin "Samantha behave I'm going out with Kayla for a little bit Dad knows your here alone don't touch Vegas or Elvis they're both fed and sleeping my room is locked so I dont have to worry about you touching them or my shit. I'll leave my Mac here for you to play that game that you're obsessed with theres snacks in the kitchen if your hungry please don't make a mess if your in desperate need of something Dad is at Kayla's house with Andrew (Kayla's brother who is so hot!) you have a phone call tha popo if your dying. Muah bye" I said "Why do you dress like your 20 when your 14?" she asked "because I can" is all I said an walked out.

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