You're Too Young For Love

Alexis really didn't think things through about what college to go to, but she's already settled down into it and met a guy, she couldn't think of any reason to change colleges.

Until one visit.


2. Chapter Two, 2013 26, December


  Alexis POV

   "So have you thought about what you'll do on New years?" Darcy tossed me a bag half full of chips after she grabbed a handful of them, I took the bag in between my fingers and started to chew a bit in my mouth. I shrugged my shoulders, it's true, I actually have no I idea, what'll I do for New Year's, probably just sit around in my dorm and watch the Times' Square's New York Ball drop.

   "Oh c'mon, You shouldn't be alone in your dorm, on New Year's, you could be using that last second kissing the man of your dreams."  Darcy took the bag of chips again and grasped another handful of chips. She's right, but the man of my dreams doesn't even know I exist.

   "Wait, how did you know, that I might be alone for New Year's?"

   "Alex, if you aren't doing something, you're in your dorm, that's how you spend your time, alone, probably eating haagen daaz (a type of ice cream).

   Wow, my best friend loves me.

   "I'd better get going, I just realized my professor told us to meet with him in his room at 9:00, see you later, Darcy." I jumped up from my spot on the dark blue carpet, and the bag of chips accidentally fell, making most of the chips touching the ground, what a waste of chips.

"Alex, wait, I didn't mean it, Alexis wait, come..." I've already shut the door lightly, as quietly as possible, other people live in this floor too. I started my journey back to my own dorm, and another boy came walking, about to spill his drink, the stem from the small hole showed that it was piping hot.   

   The boy stopped once his drink touched my shoulder, and he took a few steps back.

   "Calum, if I were dumb, I'd say you were following me." I nudged his shoulder, causing him to grin at me.

   Oh god, was that too rough, great job Alexis.

   " No, it's  just a coincidence, I was actually on my way to my second class for the day, mind joining me?"

   Should I? What's the worst that could happen?

  "I'd love to, but there's someone waiting for me, at my dorm, we can chat later, okay?" I walked fairly fast past him and touched his shoulder, I've told another white lie. He turned around as I did, and he waved while smiling sheepishly. 

   I walked faster as I made my way to the elevator, now I was the one waiting for the elevator impatiently.

   Maybe Darcy was right, maybe I will be alone on New Year's....or maybe, she didn't think I'd have it in me, I'll show her.

  I walked back to the corner where I almost collided with Calum and saw the back of his head.

   "Calum, hey wait up." He stopped and turned around, surprised and grin widely at the sight of me.

   "Hey, Alexis, what's up?"

   "Calum, um do you have anything planned on New Year's?" My breathe was equally exhausted and tight at the same time.

   "Uh yeah, me and my guys from our band is hosting this huge party down by the bar on Relty Street, you could join if you want."

   "I would be honored to, Give me your number and I'll text you." I handed Calum my phone and he entered his number in the keypad, I cut off my phone so I wouldn't be distracted by it, and waved goodbye to Calum.

   "See you on New Year's."

   Now to head to your dorm and figured out what to do until New Year's eve.

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