You're Too Young For Love

Alexis really didn't think things through about what college to go to, but she's already settled down into it and met a guy, she couldn't think of any reason to change colleges.

Until one visit.


3. Chapter Three, 2013 27, December

      Alexis POV 

   "Hey butt head, come here, Hey!" I ran as fast as my legs could carry until I found the end of the school grounds, I started running faster, I'm almost home. They kept shouting at me, telling me I'm gonna get it, which only made me run faster, the faster I got, the slower they took all the strength I had to make it to my parents' driveway, and started slowing down, I saw my mom at the porch.

   "Mommy!" I ran to her and hugged her stomach.

   "Oh mommy, they were faster this time, They're gonna get me one day, Please walk me home, please!" I hugged her tighter as tears were hurling to the floor. She patted my back and told me she would promise that she would stop them from messing with me.

  "Come inside, it looks like it's going to rain, Alexis."

  "It always rains, mommy." I walked past her and rubbed my eyes, and I kept rubbing them, till it was almost dinner time, and my skin under my eyes were burning. Why won't they stop chasing me? 

  Is it because I'm smart?

  Is it because I'm a girl?

  Is it because I'm fat, am I fat?

  I walked out my bedroom and went to my parent's room, turned left and entered their bathroom, there I saw a weight scale, Mommy always told this is how she makes sure she stays 'in shape', If they get faster everyday, maybe I'm not 'in shape'? I stepped on the block and waited for the numbers to show up.

  117 lbs.

   I should probably start staying in shape. I walked out of my parent's room and bumped into my mother.

  "Sweety, it's time for dinner, come downstairs with me." I looked at my mom's waist, then mine, and grabbed her hand as we walked downstairs. We sat across from each other and she asked me how my day was.

  "Horrible." I tossed my mashed potatoes back in forth attempting to seem like I was eating them.

  "Honey, I promise, it'll get better, I bet it on my life."  She took my other hand and massaged the back of my hand and smiled widely at me, I did the same, maybe she's right.*



   I woke up in cold sweats and burning cheeks, she was wrong, it didn't get better, I sat up in my bed and thought about how my mom would pick me up and they, wouldn't chase me. I thought about the nights I wouldn't eat and my mom wouldn't let me sleep until I ate half of my plate, she told me just to eat the veggies if I don't want to eat at all. I cut on my television to attempt to flush out the memories and heard the theme song of Full House, this is one of my favorite shows, they really do have good life lessons. I curled up under the covers and watch eight episodes before going to my classes.

   I got up at 8:40 to get dress for my two hour-long classes, so of course I dressed lazy. I tied the knot on my last converse and stepped out of my dorm, My roommate just came in as I was about to go, I wish I could get to know her better, but she has classes when I don't, so I think it would be best if I didn't acknowledge her at all. I walked out of my room and locked the handle with the key I got. I started to turn the corner to past the elevator, so I could get to my first class; Law and science engineering.  I turned a corner and the door was the first on the left. I walked in and about almost half of the seats were taken. Boy where to sit?

  I checked the clock and it was obvious that barely anyone was here, it's thirty minutes before it starts, might as well get some coffee. I walked out the classroom and headed for the small coffee shop in the lunchroom.


   "Alexis, vanilla cappuccino, lightly whipped!" I walked up from my chair made out of carved metal painted a golden brown, paid for my drink and went back to my classroom.


   I walk in and there's a bigger number of people this time, some were coming from the double-doors on the other side, and the double-doors, in the back, I walk up the stairs and try and find a seat all to myself, my social skills aren't really up to par. I got out my notebook that's almost empty from notes, small doodles when the professor gets off track from another students' small remark, and small poems I've written, I wouldn't call them small poems, more or less thoughts I'm not allowed to say in public, like how big of an ego Mr. Tchaikovsky has, or how many times must he use his hands for every word. I turn to a fresh blank page and uncap my pen. 

   I began to doodle since he began talking about half of his coffee spilling on his tie. 

   Your tie sucked anyway

   "Now, let's get on with the first subject, the natural laws of a human being." I plan on being one of those forensic doctors that diagnose the victim in a murder or suicide.

   "Humans aren't really that simple, we have intricate organs, tissue, muscle, and veins in our body that some people don't even realize we've got, but we do and to observe those things we have to learn the way it works, the way it gets damaged, the way it's placed in our bodies. Have you ever wondered how forensics figure out what happened to the victim, close observation." I jot a bunch  of notes and before I know it, the class is over and I gather my things and walk out the door.

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