You're Too Young For Love

Alexis really didn't think things through about what college to go to, but she's already settled down into it and met a guy, she couldn't think of any reason to change colleges.

Until one visit.


1. Chapter One, 2012 26, December

  Alex POV

  You know that feeling in your stomach when you get to meet a friend that moved away for almost three years? Never did I get a chance to experience it till now, and never with a multimillionaire pop star  that has his life ahead of him.


  It's just a normal day in the dorm of Alex, in the college of Bayer University, and studying the major of Law and Science, nothing ever goes on in here, not that I want it to. I'm a hidden image of my school, neighborhood, hell anywhere. Normal is how I like it, not too spontaneous, not too dull, every day is normal. I sat on the corner of my couch, eating crisps, and watching So You Think You Can Dance? when my phone rang and it vibrated to the end of the coffee table. I picked up my phone and answered it, not bothering to check the caller ID.


"Hello?" Too perky, your not auditioning for a role in Glee.

"Hey Alexis, can you come over by my dorm, the TV just broke and I've already read all my favorite magazine?" The girl on the other side of the line, is my friend Darcy, her classes are on the second floor, while mine are on the first, but we were friends since middle school, we kept in touch since ever.

"Sure, I have to put on decent clothing first."

"Alexis, no one cares if you're wearing pajamas, everyone wears pajamas on my floor, I'm sure they do on yours, hurry up, see you in a bit, bye." She hung up on the other line, forcing me too hear an unbearable dial tone, I can't go in my pajamas, that's not how I keep it on the down low, but she said to be in a hurry so I'd better go.

I walked out of my dorm that I share with another girl, she has a pixie cut hairstyle, and has every converse known to man, I'm much on the opposite. Darcy was right, I turned a corner to go to the elevator, and I saw a boy wearing checkered plaid pajama pants and a black jacket, which had white fur on the inside and a grey backpack, his  jet black hair was in soft spikes and he dug his fingers in his hair, attempting to pass the time while waiting impatiently for the elevator. He tapped his foot on the floor and sighed quietly but loud enough for me to hear. I walked slowly towards him and stood on his right, not too close, I might scare him away. He took a double take towards my direction, and smiled at me.


Okay, he smiled first, that means you smile, I smiled generously at him, while maintaining a distance.


"Hi, I'm Calum." He stuck his hand out and waited for my response, I shook it, and felt his soft grip on my palm as he released his hand from mine and stuff it back in his jacket pocket.

"Hi, I'm Alexis, what are you majoring in?" Why would you say that, he didn't mention anything about his studies, you idiot.

"Just a degree in nursing, and if it doesn't work out, I'll just major in Tech and Engineering, what about you?"

"A degree in Law and Science, and if it doesn't work out for me, I guess, just a degree in burger flipping." Micheal laughed at my jester of a joke and I chuckled along with him.


 Zayn POV

  I woke up to a warm smell coming from through the curtain doors of our tour bus. The smell got stronger as I pulled up pair grey sweats to my hips and threw on a black shirt. I walked through the curtains and saw a pan sizzling and an egg scrambled frying on top, sausages boiling and rising to the top of a red pot, and potatoes cut in half also boiling.

"Morning Zayn, want a plate?" Liam caught me staring at the sausages turning brown and I nodded my head. He opened a cabinet and took out a cream glass plate. He tossed a few eggs in there, three potatoes, and two whole sausages. I took the plate from him and thanked him for it, I sat in the booth and got a fork from the drawer from behind. I took my first bite of potatoes and eggs and I was dumbfounded.

"Liam, this is really good, where are the other boys?"

"They left to talk to our manager about getting the week off, wouldn't that be exciting? My mum has really missed me." He turned off all the burners and set himself a plate and sat across from me and slide a cup of orange juice.

"Yeah that would be exciting, my mum wouldn't stop texting me about how Waliyha got her first date, Plus, I kinda miss my old crush, I think I still like her, but I just don't know."

"Really, what exactly happen?" I hadn't realized I was pushing my eggs off the plate and half of my orange juice was almost gone, but I figured if I tell Liam he would keep a secret right?

"The year before we got to our first tour, I still lived in my mum's house, and I still went to school, this girl, her name was Alexis, she was so talented, and she was a good, well everything. She was the one that got away. I still think about her though, her smile, her hair, she was amazing, my only regret was that I never got the chance to tell her goodbye.

"But, Zayn, you have a girlfriend already, Perrie, remember?" My mind slowly went to Perrie's features, her skills, the way she smiles, their both amazing, but I can't seem to find a reason to stay with Perrie.

"That's the problem, I thought if I have a girlfriend, I would forget about Alex, but she's still in my mind." But what if I can't control myself?


   Alexis POV

  By the time I get to Darcy's floor, me and Calum had already chatted, and he told me that he has a band, they aren't famous, but when they are, he promised to shout out a song to me. He got off the floor under me, and I was left alone in the elevator all by myself. The elevator stopped at the right floor and I got off, almost forgetting Darcy, I walked aimlessly, till I remembered that Mya texted me what number her dorm was. There were a couple more students walking in plaid, checkered, Spongebob, and somehow, Dora pajama pants. I opened my hone and saw the number once again, 375.

I knocked twice on a door and it opened to show my friend, Darcy.

"Hey, come in."


Thanks for keeping patience with me guys, I've been getting writing classes, and gotten better at my literature, so I'm currently rewritting this peice, unless you would want me to  delete this.



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