You're Too Young For Love

Alexis really didn't think things through about what college to go to, but she's already settled down into it and met a guy, she couldn't think of any reason to change colleges.

Until one visit.


4. Chapter Four, 2013 27, Decenber


      Zayn POV

   I walk on the last concrete step and take a deep breath, we were all at the airport, bags and suitcases tightly in our sights, we were going home, but something inside of me didn't feel like home.

  "Zayn, buddy, c'mon, you've been standing for sometime, you alright guy?" Niall touched my shoulder, guiding me inside the airport, I tugged along my suitcase and sighed, rather loudly. I sat on the steel grey bench welded to the wall and leaned back uncomfortably and checked the time. my flight leaves at 9:45, it's only 9:17.

   Great idea to come early Liam.

  My phone had gotten a notification that buzzed in my hand, it was a text from Perry, I slid my phone open and read the text.


   Perry :)   Just got back from a regretful day to the carnival, I just learned I have a terrible memory from when I was seven, I hate the mirror house ha, what did ya do all day?

  Zayn        Nothing actually, I woke up pretty late, and packed all my stuff, I forgot to tell you I'm coming home, surprise I guess.... 

  Perrie :)   Babe that's perfect, I'll be the first one to greet you, bye babe love you.


  I placed my phone on my right thigh and sighed, I then heard a blood curling scream to my left and saw three girls charging at me.

   "Look who forgot their sunglasses again,." Niall grabbed my jacket and tugged on it, I was forced to grab my suitcase at the last minute and start jogging. I also hear a glass and metal hit the floor, I forgot my phone. I look back and see  double amount of girls coming at us.

   "Zayn let's go, we'll get another!" I turn back around and jog again, but the girls were running almost sprinting, I'm being showed different color sharpies and old magazines with our 2011 pictures on the cover. I slightly use force to get through and apologize along the way, I catch up with Niall and we went our ways, I saw him board a plane to Ireland, and I handed my ticket to go to Bradford. I walk through a hallway and thoughts flood my mind, giving me a mild headache.

   Perrie's being a bit too cheerful, isn't she?

  Why do I feel going home is a bad thing?

  Why wasn't their a cigarette stand at the airport, I'm dying for a smoke.

  All these thought go threw my head as I push my suitcase in the carrier box on top and rest my small bag on my lap, Two ladies go up and down the aisle and check everyone's seat belts, a lady with long black silky hair reaches over my lap and adjusts a girl's seat belt, and pulls on mine a bit harder.

   "Enjoy your ride you too." She pats my shoulder and walks to the pair of seats behind me.

   "Hi Zayn, I'm a big fan, would you mind?" She shows me a notepad with a black sharpie and smiles a bit harder than she was before, I nod and take the sharpie and notepad from her hands and scribble my name, I don't exactly have a good signature, but she smiles and watches the signature like it's gonna move.  I push back the chair so I could rest my head, I'm not worried about jetlag at the moment.


   I rubbed my eyes and stretched as I hear the pilot thanking us for coming and come again soon. I lift off my suitcase and roll it to me as I walk through the hallway to the airport. I walk in and smell humid cold air, I'm finally home. I stretch my neck and reach back to pat  my back pockets, I feel nothing.

   My mind sets back to when I see my phone laying face down on a hard floor in the other airport, I sigh and try to see the back of Perrie's head. I walk t the entrance and see a bold purple shaped haed

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