Unexpected Love

Sirah is not your typical 19 year-old. She is some what normal, she has friends, goes to school, works out. One thing that makes her kinda odd is the fact that she could care less for One Direction. Until she meets them one day at the beach, she notices their kind and like every other person. Sirah also keeps a secret that nobody know but her best friend, Lacey knows about. Will the guys find out? Is it a small or big secret?


1. The First Glimpse

 Sirah's POV

"COME ON SIRAH, LET'S GO ALREADY!" "OKAY LACEY DONT YELL" I yelled anyways. And just as I thought I was ready to head to the beach, I almost forgot my floppy sun hat. Rushing, I picked it up and carefully placed it on my perfect blonde curls, then ran down the stairs.

"Finally," Cara, Lexi, Lacey and Meilidi said in a chorus. "Beach, here we come" I said a little too excited. We all piled out the door, feeling the hot sun beams kiss our faces. The perfect day for tanning. I locked the small apartment door and ran to the car. We all put our bags and girly sun chairs into the trunk and got in.

My car was a pink and green convertible, and probably the cheapest and crappiest one out there. I've saved up almost my whole life for one of these things. But not knowing how much it would be, was a big mistake. You see, I'm not your typical posh life teenager, my parents have split since I was 5, and I live with my mom and younger sister. We live in a tiny 2 bedroom apartment. Well, these 5 apartments put into one house.

My mom thought me and my sister should have our own rooms since we have been sharing one our whole life. So she currently sleeps on a futon in the living room and keeps her clothes in my room, since I got the bigger room. Which is fine with me.

"Are we gunna go anytime soon?" Cara said eagerly. Snapping me out of my thoughts. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sorry," I said sarcastically. Since my car is only a 4-seater, Lexi - she's the tiniest - had to sit on Meilidi's lap. I put the key in the ignition, my car purring to life. The engine was way better then the exterior.

It was about a 30 minute drive to the beach, and the drive included standing up in my car - which is illegal - and singing the music as loud as we could. That music included One Direction. Lacey was obsessed with them but I couldn't care less. They were alright, I guess, and I would say my favourite is that Harry kid, or whatever his name is...  if I HAD to pick one.

As I pulled up into the beach parking lot, Meilidi and Cara basically jumped out of the car because they were so excited to finally swim. Me on the other hand, I wanted to tan and show off my cute new bikini. As Meilidi ran into the waves, everyone else was kind enough to help me with the beach chairs, towels, volleyball net, and blow up the beachballs.

We were so ready for today. We had planned it about a week before. We set up the chairs and towels a little bit closer to the water than most of the people because then - as the mature one - I could keep an eye on everyone. Especially Lexi, the youngest. Even though Cara was the oldest, sometimes she didn't act like it.

"C'mon Sirah, come in the water!" Meilidi shouted at me "No, I just wanna get a nice tan. Maybe later." "Okaaayyyy, fine then. Let us have all the fun," she said stretching out the *okay*. So with that, I set up my sunchair, put on my floppy hat and over-sized sunglasses, closed my eyes, and began to feel how hot the sun actually was today.

Now that I'm relaxing, I can tell you more about me and my friends. So there's me, blonde wavy hair with striking blue eyes. Not fat, but not skinny. Just normal. I LOVE to eat, but sometimes a little too much. So I go to the gym every other day. Also, I'm very outgoing, and always speak what's on my mind.

Now let's see... Lacey has straight, long auburn hair and mysterious brown eyes. And of course, loves One Direction. Lacey is definitely the funny one. She's always making a joke, or a really bad pun.

Lexi is very small and cute. She's the girl you would take one look at and fall in love. She has brown eyes, short caramel brown hair, and dimples. She's a bit quiet, but once you get to know her, She's cheeky and very bubbly.

Cara has fab long blonde hair, and emerald green eyes. Her hair is dyed to a dirty blonde, but she is a natural brunette. Cara is the more girly girl and always uses short form to talk.

And last but not least, Meilidi. She has medium length black hair, gold eyes, and cute freckles. She's a mixture of things. Mysterious, secretive, but also outgoing and friendly. She's a friend that you can always have a good heart to heart talk with.

As I came out of my thoughts I heard screaming from the direction of the water. I looked over to see Lexi, Meilidi, Cara, and Lacey to be fooling around with 5 boys. I couldn't see them that well, but I could tell they were fit! I decided to get a closer look later, because the sun was as bright as ever. It just came out from behind a cloud. So I flipped onto my stomach, hoping for a nice tanned back.

I heard someone walking over to me. Not wanting to lift my head I assumed it was Lacey. "Lace, can you put some tanning lotion on my back please?" I asked sweetly. The person didn't say anything and I got suspicious. It wasn't Lacey, she would've said something. As soon as I was about to lift my head for questioning, I felt the lotion being lathered onto my back. So I just relaxed and was thankful for the help.

The person's hands were rough and slightly bigger than a girls yet they felt warm and welcoming. When they were done, I lifted my head up to see who the mystery person was and screamed at my sight. A RANDOM GUY JUST PUT TANNING LOTION ON MY BACK. I screamed pretty loud but nobody heard me because they were busy with 4 guys now.

"Who are you?!" I yelled at him. He looked up from  back and he met my eyes. His eyes were confused but he had a smile on his face. I felt like I've seen him before but I don't know where. I will admit, He was really hot. Blonde/brown hair formed in a quiff like style. Sea blue eyes and the most to-die-for smile which included a full set of braces.

"I'm Niall, and you are?" He said with an adorable Irish accent. "Leaving." I said getting up to go with my friends. "Wait," he said grabbing my arm as I got up. "What?" I said annoyed. "Why can't you just stay here?" he asked vulnerably "Because I don't know you!" I barked. "But your friends do. And they think I'm pretty nice, so why dont you find out for yourself?" he said with a wink.

I groaned, giving up. I sat on my chair and criss-crossed my legs. "Okay lets play 10 questions." I ordered. "Okay fine, ask away," "So what's your full name?" "Niall James Horan" He said with a cheeky smile. "Occupation?" "Singer," "What band, or solo?" "Band, One Direction." He said like it was obvious. "Oh, so you're in that little boyband." I said a bit annoyed.

Everyone talks about them, but they aren't as good as they think. "Yep, problem?" He asked "Oh, not at all" I smiled sarcastically. "7 more qestions" He said with a serious face. "Single?" "Definitely" He winked again. I rolled my eyes. "Where are you from?" "Ireland" "Oh, an Irish lad. Why are you here in Britain?" "Most of our work is here, so I decided to move here."

I was thinking of what to use my last 4 questions on. "So gunna use your last 4?" He asked eagerly. "Naw, I'll save them for when it counts, but it is your turn yanno," I said slowly like he was stupid.

"Hmm, full name?" "Sirah Maggie Hampton" "Occupation?" "Cashier at a vintage clothing shop called ModCloth" I said with a smile. "Single?" "Hmmm, maybe" I said not giving a straight answer. "Are you single??" He pushed the question "Why yes, yes I am. Oh, and by the way that counts as 2 questions." I said trying to hold in a laugh.

"Ughhh" he groaned. "Phone number?" He added slyly. "Why do you need that?" "For when we have lunch tomorrow," he said with a 'duh' tone in his voice. "Are you asking me out?" I pretended to be flattered. "Hmm. That would be a yes," he said a bit cocky. "I accept." I stated. He started to slowly lean forward and-.


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