Unexpected Love

Sirah is not your typical 19 year-old. She is some what normal, she has friends, goes to school, works out. One thing that makes her kinda odd is the fact that she could care less for One Direction. Until she meets them one day at the beach, she notices their kind and like every other person. Sirah also keeps a secret that nobody know but her best friend, Lacey knows about. Will the guys find out? Is it a small or big secret?


3. Mixed Emotions

Chapter 3: Mixed Emotions

Sirah's POV

 *Knock knock knock* Oh yay, someone's at my bedroom door, early in the morning, while im trying to sleep. I could tell this wont be a good morning. "Come in!" I shouted while burrying my head into my pillow so my mom wouldnt wake me up. I heard my door squeek open and felt a warm and fimiliar hand touch my back, since I was laying on my stomach. The hand started at my shoulders then slowly felt its way down to my lower back. I shivered as I heard a raspy voice, "time to get up love". I let out a little moan that sounded like I said "mmmmm". I squirmed in my blanket as I came to  relisation that, that wasnt a girl voice.
  My head shot up, as my eyes opened. My bun flopping on top of my head as I did. Bed head. My eyes widen and my mouth hung open as I saw who was standing at my bed side. "W-w-what are you doing here?" I said while sitting up. "Your mom let me in, she thought I could wake you up, considering what time it is" Niall said with a smirk. I totally forgot about our date I promised him. But it cant be that late, I thought as I looked at my phone. "12:30!" I said in shock. "Yep, our date is soon, you wouldnt want to miss it" Niall said. "Oh my god Niall im so sorry I'll be ready in 30 mins" I said with consern in my voice.

Niall's POV

 "Yep, our date is soon, you wouldnt want to miss it" I said slyly. "Oh my god niall I'm so sorry I'll be ready in 30 mins" Sirah said in a rush. "Thats fine, I'll just wait right here while you get ready" I winked while ploping down into her green bean bag chair. "How am I soppose to get change?" Sirah said feeling uncomfortable. "I'll just..close my eyes" I said smiling from ear to ear. "Ugg fine but don't open them, I'll be checking if you are" "okay fine" Sirah hopped out of bed pulling the blankets off of herself reaveling her embarassing pj's. "Really. Rainbows?" I said chuckling to myself. "Turn around" Sirah said sternly. I sighed closing my eyes and putt my hands over my eyes.

  I heard her shuffle to her closet and open it. I heard draws open and close. Also close hangers clink againt each other. I had to, I peeked through my hands to see, but hoping she wasn't completely naked. My eyes opened and I felt a smirk spread across my face not being able to control it. There she stood searching thorugh her closet wearing only a bra and underwear. Her bra had a cherry pattern on it and her underwear had pink and purple circles with a beige background. I saw her start to turn around so I quickly shut my eyes.

Sirah's POV

  I started getting changed, slipping off my bra and underwear putting on freash ones drom my dresser. I turned around to cheak if Niall was peeking. Nope. I turned around starting to search through my closet. I wanted to wear something cute but not to comfy looking. My hangers were clinking together as I was looking. Too fancy. Not fancy enough. Too casual. I stoped looking, it felt like someone was watching me.

 I quickly turned around to see Niall's rush his hands to his face. I chuckled and slyly said "so, you couldnt resist could you?" nNall still kept his hands to his face. "Umm I don't know what your talking about" I saw his cheeks get a rosy red. "You know" I threw a pillow to his face. "Cover your face with this maybe it will help" I said.

  I returned back to my closet feeling blood rush to my cheeks. I took about 5 mintues to find the perfect outfit, but I did. I picked a floral tank top that hung low to my sides, black leggings, warrior sandels, a long heart necklace, a gold chain braclet my dad gave me, and I pinned my hair up in a messy but cute bun. I hadnt told Niall to open his eyes yet because I had to do my makeup.

  I'm a bit insacure so I quickly put on some liquid cover up followed by powder. I put on bronzer and blush, and finsihed my look off with mascara and eyeliner. It might seem like alot of makeup but I put it on light so it didnt look cakey.

  "open your eyes im naked" I joked around. I saw Niall try to choose to open or not. "I'm joking, I'm fully clothed" I said as I rolled my eyes. He opened his eyes and a smile went on his face immediatly. "You look beautiful" he said like he was a prince. "Oh thank you my good sir, I'll be right back, ive got to go freshen up. And by that I mean brush my teeth" I said giggling. "Oh yes of course".

 I 'pranced' off into the bathroom that was just across the hall. I walked in and closed the door catching my breathe from laughing so much. While brushing my teeth I stopped, hearing something from outside the door. I spit, rinsed my toothbrush and pressed my ear against the door. I heard humming. But not any normal humming. His humming. I'll admit, it could soothe me in any situation. I quickly squirted some perfume on me and carefully opened the bathroom door, not sure how close Niall was to the door.
  I walked out and with a huge grin plastered on my face. I don't know why I did but I just felt happy for once. "Why are you so happy?" Niall asked "I dont even know, I just am" I said as I pulled Niall into a tight hug. He hugged back putting his head into the crook of my neck. "I-" niall said but not finishing becasue he was interupted by a door opening. We quickly pulled apart and out walked the person that I didnt want to deal with in a million years.

 Tyra. My little sister. "AWWEEEE SIRAH'S GOT A BOYFRIEND SIRAHS GOT A BOYFRIEND" Tyra sang. "Oh my god Tyra he's not my boyfri-" she inturupted again but this time with a high squeaky, ear pericing scream. "OMG OMG OMG OMG YOUR N-N-NIALL" she let out another scream. "Hi love, how are you?" Niall said like he was talking to a normal person. "Tyra calm down! we're leaving" I said annoyed. "Wait, can I have a hug please please please." Tyra begged "of course" Niall said sweety. Niall gave her a hug and she held out a poster which Niall signed. "Thank you so so so so so much" Tyra said not holding in her excitment. "Your welcome" Niall said. "Omg I can't wait to tell Jessica what just happend, she won't believe it!" We heard Tyra say as we walked away and out the house. 

 We got to the cafe and quickly got a table. "Soo, thats some sister you have there" Niall said. "Ohh ya sorry about that, I'll tell her to keep her cool next time, anyways let's drop that I'm dont wanna waste my time on the subject" I smiled "Okay if you say so" He smiled back.

 We ordered coffee and lunch. I got a latte and a B.L.T sandwhich (my favourite). Niall got a plain coffee and a cheeseburger. Fancy lunch, huh? We made small talk untill he mentioned a topic that I was really unconfortable about. "So tell me about your family" Niall asked. "Well" I said as I shifted in my chair, hoping it would help the weird feeling get out of my stomach. Nope. "Well, umm as you know I live with my mom and sister. My sister, Tyra, is 9, and as you can see annoying. My mom's name is Erin, she trys her best to support us but still struggles" My face became sad and my words came out as a stutter.

 I wanted to run out out of the cafe as fast as I could. and I was thinking about it. "Oh and um, my dad" I started to choke. "He's away on buisness alot" My voice cracked and I knew I couldn't do it. "I'm so sorry sirah" Niall said with sympathy. But I hopped out of my chair and ran out of the cafe. "SIRAH" Niall yelled, trying to get my attention.

  I ran fast not know where I was going. I know why I was running but I didn't want to addmit it. I ran as far as possible. I sat on the side of the road, out of breathe. I noticed I was in the country. I don't know how I'll ever get home. A few cars drove past but trust me, I'll never hitch hike. There are really creepy people out there. I sat alone with my thoughts, not knowing where to go.

 Will Niall try and find me? He probably thought I just went home and talk tomorrow. If I'll ever get home by tomorrow. I layed down near the ditch. I just needed to rest. I needed to get my mind clear of my dad. 100% clear. I closed my eyes and got comfy. I really wanted to burst out crying but I just didnt have the energy.

 I heard stones crackling. I assumed it was a car so I just let it go. but I didnt hear the engine. I heard someone bend down and felt it touch my arm. I hesitated to scream. Maybe if I act dead, like a possum does, they'll go away. But then the trembling hand traveled to my hand. Sending shivers down my spine. I screamed high pitch without looking at who it was. I was scared. It could be anyone.

  "Shhhh,shhhhh" I heard a soft voice. I was shaking as if it was -50 degrees. I didn't know what to do, so I stayed frozen but still shaking. Maybe its a killer, or a rapist. I was getting too worked up about this. It could be a kind stranger wondering why I was laying on ground, maybe they thought I fainted?

  I somehow found the balls to open my eyes. As soon as I did I sobbed. It was Niall fucking Horan. The only person in the world I did not want to see. It's not that he did anything wrong, but its just that, when I look at him I think of how I ran off without explaining. I think of how much of a retard he thinks I am, and how I'll never forget how I abanded Niall. Making him look alone, when he never should be.

 I kept sobbing, over, and over, I couldn't stop. Niall helped me up with his strong arms. My fragile legs still shaking a bit. He wrapped his arms around my shoulders pulling me in close. I was still sobbing, placing my head on his hard chest. I could feel him breathing heavily. Niall continuisly rubbed my back trying to soothe me. Which it did.

 I stopped sobbing. Instead I cried silently. All this emotion I kept hidden, I finally released. My hands slowly felt their way up to his back. I hugged him tightly. Raising my head to his ear. Softly whispering "I'm sorry and thank you" "It's okay, all that matters is your safe" He whispered in my ear, giving me goosebumps.

  I placed my head back in the crook of his neck. Did he really care about me? Or is he just caught up in the moment and forget all this by tomorrow? I didn't want to think about that. I wanted to think about how calm and safe I felt wrapped in Niall's arms.

 He leaned back a bit so we were facing each other but still holding on. I "know you don't want to talk about it, but maybe it would be good if you at least told me why you ran" He said cautiously. His grip on me tightened. "I ran because I feel uncomfortable talking about my family. It complacated I'll tell you another day" I smiled at him, and he smiled back. His smile is perfect. Even with braces, they're like icing on the cake.

 I heard a car. And this time it was a real car. With people in it. People I would have never expected. I heard them shout things at us like "LOVE BIRDS" and "JUST MAKEOUT ALREADY" and "AWEE SO CUTE". They also chanted "kiss kiss kiss"

 I rolled my eyes. Just catching a glimse of a certain curly head of hair with a female beside him. Harry and Lexi. I looked down blushing. Niall chuckled as we started to walk back the way we both came.


okay i havent updated in a while but :( but ill try. and yes, it will get better. the first few chapter are always boring :)

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