just my luck

how would you feel to be the lucky winner to meet ONE DIRECTION!
well for the gorgeous Caitlin, it seemed like the best thing that could happen to her, but thats where she was wrong, after that night everything seemed to go her way, and her luck was about to get even better when she bumps into the lads not long after. But thinking she knew what she wanted was a sudden mistake when everything turned out exactly how she didn't want it to.


4. what should i do?

I got back to the room where Mia lay there fast asleep, its best not to disturb her so I clambered into bed and thought about everything that happened from tonight. I knew it wasn't love, how could I love someone I'd met once? but I did really like him, and the thought of never seeing him again made me sad. Maybe it was for the best anyway, I had no chance, he could get anyone he wanted, why would he want me?

Harrys POV.

I had the biggest smile on my face after tonight, I dont know what it was, but something about her made me feel asif  I needed to see her again. How was i able to do that though? she lives miles from here, and she only has a few more days in the hotel? I felt worried, this had never happened before. I know, I'll go to her hotel tomorrow and look for her, with the thought of Caitlin in my head, I fell asleep.

I got up and ready bright and early, it was about half 10, but I couldn't wait to see her so i drove down to the hotel that i left her at last night. I went over to the receptionist and asked where she was staying, she gave me the room number and with that, i made my way to her room. Im scared, shes probably going to think Im a stalker if i just turn up, especially at this time, but i dont care i just need to get her number atleast. I knocked on the door, and stood there waiting. I took a deep breath as i heard the handle starting to turn, there she was.

Caitlins POV.

Who the hell could that be? I jumped straight out of bed and ran over to the door. Omg, no way! it was Harry. I was so happy to see him. but at the same time I look terrible. I smiled at him, he smiled back and I asked "what are you doing here!" I smiled when i said it,

he replied "well, I just wanted to see you aga.. I mean, I was wondering if you was free a little later on, and the only way I could find you was by coming to your room" he nervously moved his eyes around the hall we was stood in.

"yes, im free.. what you got in mind?!" I said, trying not to smile too much and trying not to sound desperate.

"Well I thought we could go for a bite to eat, and then go back to my place and just hang out for a bit, maybe chill with the lads a bit later?" I was so happy, he came all this way to invite me

"yesssss, that sounds great" I answered. I played with my thumbs while i waited for a reply, he gave it a good few seconds before saying anything then quickly said "great. I'll pick you up at 1" then he walked off down the hallway. I shut the door and screamed as soon as he left, how was i supposed to contain all this excitement.

Harrys POV.

Right. Well that went well, I told myself as i walked out the hotel. I really hope i didn't embarrass myself too much.

Caitlins POV.! 

As soon as he'd gone, i started to get ready, i chucked my hair up in a lose bun while i went for a shower , when I got out i pulled out the bobble and my hair was in loose waves. Perfect, i did my make up, and now all I had to do was decide what to wear. I ended up throwing on a baggy jumper, some thin-ish black tights and black converse. 1 hour to go. Mia must of heard me getting ready and woke up, she still felt Ill which was a massive shame, but as soon as I told her what had happened she couldn't be happier for me, she wished for me to have a good time. It was now 5 to 1, here we go.

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