just my luck

how would you feel to be the lucky winner to meet ONE DIRECTION!
well for the gorgeous Caitlin, it seemed like the best thing that could happen to her, but thats where she was wrong, after that night everything seemed to go her way, and her luck was about to get even better when she bumps into the lads not long after. But thinking she knew what she wanted was a sudden mistake when everything turned out exactly how she didn't want it to.


3. This was it.

I walked down the long corridor, heavily breathing. What if they didn't like me? What if I make a fool out of myself? Oh god, I need to calm down! "Right, this is their dressing room, are you gonna be ok?" said the tour manager, "yes I'll be fine, thankyou" I replied hastily. I'm about to meet the boys, this is really happening.

I open the door, and straight away they all shoot their eyes towards me. I must of look terrified, they all smiled at me sweetly, and Harry shouted "Hello, you must be Caitlin, I'm Harry its lovely to meet you" i felt much more relaxed after that, i smiled at him, and there was a few seconds of direct eye contact. He was beautiful, he was the one I most wanted to impress, and Niall of course. I turned my head quickly to the other lads and they all greeted me in such a friendly manor. Niall patted the sofa and called me over to sit down. So I did. I kept seeing Harry looking at me in the corner of my eye, I wanted to look at him, but I was to scared.

Harrys POV.

wow. from the moment she walked in her beauty captivated me, she had long brown hair, with piercing blue eyes. There was also something else about her, something that many girls lack, and that was the fact she was Mysterious. But i found it endearing, I liked it. "So caitlin, where are you from?" i asked her, I could see she was trying to avoid eye contact with me, but i wondered why, did she not like me?

"im from Derby" she replied, in a sweet voice, she smiled softly and looked away. I needed to get to know her better, but she didn't seem to want to open up. "Well Caitlin, im off to get a Mcdonalds, would you like to come along?" i prayed that she'd say yes, i was dying to know her better. "sure" she replied, she turned around and waved at the other boys, and simply thanked them for their time.

Caitlins POV.

Had Harry really just invited me somewhere with him. This was great, he seemed interested in me and I liked it, I liked the fact he'd invited me out with him, to get to know me better. He was so intriguing, I'd always wondered if the boys were anything like they came off on the tv, but no. They were better. I walked up to Harrys car door and sat down in the front seat next to him, he turned around and smiled at me, and i couldn't help but giggle, he giggled to and said "whaaaaaat" with a massive grin across his face, his voice made me feel weak, everything about him was perfect but i didn't want him to think i liked him, so i told him nothing, and carried on smiling away. He made simple conversation and i replied: with simple answers. I know i was making him smile, he couldn't in fact stop smiling, and neither could I. We ordered food in drive through and sat in his car looking out at the stars in the night sky eating. It was wonderful. He asked me if i was seeing anyone, and i told him i wasn't, he said "good" then smiled at me, was it a hint??? we then drove back to my hotel, and he opened up my door for me and left me with a cute hug and a cheeky wink saying he had a great time. It was effortless, i didn't need to talk to him, and he didn't need to talk to me yet it wasn't at all awkward. I walked up to my room, grinning massively, but then it struck me, was i gonna see him again? 

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