just my luck

how would you feel to be the lucky winner to meet ONE DIRECTION!
well for the gorgeous Caitlin, it seemed like the best thing that could happen to her, but thats where she was wrong, after that night everything seemed to go her way, and her luck was about to get even better when she bumps into the lads not long after. But thinking she knew what she wanted was a sudden mistake when everything turned out exactly how she didn't want it to.


5. the first date.

I made my way down to the hotel lobby and waited for harry to arrive. I turned around to see a charming, curly haired tall guy walking towards me, yes it was him. I smiled at him and he came over and gave me a hug straight away. Awww. "You ready to go then?" he spoke with a husky tone and it was so attractive. I melted into his words and found myself gorming at him

"Yess" i quickly snapped, trying to save myself from the embarrassment. He grabbed my hand and we walked over to the car, he opened the door and i sat down, ready to go!

"I was thinking we could go to that new Italian restaurant down the street, if your up for that? then go to my place and chill with the lads!" it sounded great, i really couldn't wait, this was going to be such a perfect afternoon.

"that sounds really nice harry, thankyou" i said looking down, hoping i wasn't blushing too much, he saw me and it made him laugh, i laughed aswell. It was cute.

We arrived at the restaurant, and both ordered. He was asking me loads of questions and it was kinda funny, I just loved listening to him speak! It wasn;t long till we had finished the food, and got ready to go back to his place. As we walked in the lads were already there, im not quite sure what they was doing but you could hear Nialls laugh and Louis running round shouting from outside his apartment, As soon as they all seen us they stopped what they were doing and turned round and just stared. After a few seconds Niall went "hey, your the girl from last night, Caitlin is it?" i nodded shyly, I didn't want to seem to full on. Right away harry walked us over there and i sat down next to him. It was awkward to start off with but i got to know the lads straight away and they were really cool, i didn't mind opening up after that. Zayn was really chilled, he just seemed to go with the flow; Louis was loud and immature, but he was great he was so genuine, Liam was really sensible, but ever so often he'd say something silly and make us all laugh, and Niall he was favourite other than Harry of course, he was such a cutie, he laughed at everything and was so fun, he also had a perfect accent, I loved this.

Harry looked at his watch and shot up, "Im afraid i have to go, i have to be somewhere sorry Caitlin, you dont mind do you" im not gonna lie, i was kinda gutted i didn't want to leave but i stood up and said "no its fine harry, bye guys it was good seeing you" harry then quickly explained to the lads that he'd be back inabout and hour and he was gonna drop me off at my hotel until Louis interrupted him "Caitlin can stay with us if you like? your only going to be an hour, none of us will mind" Harry looked at me sharply, he didn't seem to impressed by this idead but he agreed anyway, so i sat back down. He walked out of the room without the cute little hugs and cheeky winks i felt like id done something wrong but i hadn't.

Harrys POV.

I walked out to my car, i was annoyed that Caitlin was staying with the lads, i knew none of them would try it with her, because they all know i like her, but i didn;t want her to fall for any of them. I mean she didn't properly get the chance to meet them last night, so maybe now shes met them she will like one of them aswell. I was harsh by not saying bye, shes going to think shes done something and i dont want her to feel like that, i sent her a quick message saying "i'll see you soon gorgeous .xxx" hopefully that will will ensure her shes done nothing. 

Caitlins POV.

I just got a text from harry, i guess hes fine, he was probably just bummed that he had to leave. bless him, i felt much better now. The lads were all watching an episode of friends, it was definitely one of my faves so i was happy, i was having a great time.but it had been over an hour now and Harry still wasn't back, i was getting worried, where did he even go? "wheres harry?does anyone know, hes been gone ages now,and he just seemed to rush off?" Niall shouted over to the other lads. "i was thinking the same thing" replied zayn, they all seemed pretty confused.

"Hes probably just with the ladieeees" said Louis, doing a quick wink, "oh i was kidding Caitlin, i completely forgot you was here, im sorry" he replied, i smiled gently, but it was pretty obvious i was upset. "Why dont you stay here tonight, wait till Harrys back, im sure he wont mind" Liam said, patting me on the head as he walked past.

"ermm, yeah okay, i guess i could" i said, smiling heavily. It was getting late so i went into harrys room and changed into one of his big tops, all the lads had decided to call it a night, and harry still isn't back. Where the hell was he. I went to the kitchen to get a drink when i saw Niall scrounging through the cupboards, just what id expect from him hahah.

"Hey you alright?" he smiled over and turned from the cupboard to look at me, i dont think i could hide the worry in my eyes but i gave it ago and lied replying "im fine thanks, are you" id only met Niall a few times, but he seemed to know me so well, "why dont you sit down, i'll bring you a sandwich over and we can talk" i smiled, nodded and went and took a seat. he came over not long after and sat down beside me. "thankyou niall, this means alot" i said. "im just worried that hes not back yet, its been ages and im scared hes with all the other girls, i mean he has got a reputation" niall gently rubbed my arm and pulled me into a hug, he seemed so effortless, and so comforting "he'll be fine, dont worry. harrys not like that" i felt so safe and happy in Nialls arms, i loved it, it felt so right. But this couldn't happen, i cant get feelings for Niall, i just cant. Hes best friends with Harry. I shot up and ran as fast as i could to harrys room. I had to escape Niall because i knew id end up liking him. I definitely fall for people to easily. 

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