just my luck

how would you feel to be the lucky winner to meet ONE DIRECTION!
well for the gorgeous Caitlin, it seemed like the best thing that could happen to her, but thats where she was wrong, after that night everything seemed to go her way, and her luck was about to get even better when she bumps into the lads not long after. But thinking she knew what she wanted was a sudden mistake when everything turned out exactly how she didn't want it to.


8. lets work it out.

The next morning i woke up bright and early, it was only 7am. i was up before any of the other boys, i didn;t want anyone to find out where i slept last night i wrote a note to niall saying..

 "sorry about last night again, i was just wondering if you could do me one last favour.. could you not tell the others about this, i dont want to completely ruin my chances with harry by telling him i slept in here last night.. thanks. lots of move. abbie x"

i left it on the bed next to him, and made my way to the kitchen, Harry must of heard me rummaging about and came in not long after. "Dress comfortably today, ive got a surprise for you, to say sorry and make it up to you" he came up behind me and kissed me head, he definitely knew how to work the ladies.

"alright sir" i replied saluting him and winking, i made my way to mine and harrys room and grabbed a pair leggings, and pulled over a long white top with a light purple hoodie, and white converse. i shoved my hair up and wore minimal make up. i ran into niall on the way out, "ive seen the note, dont worry cait, ive got your back" and with that he walked off, i couldn't describe how cute it was that he called me cait. but i couldn't think about him now, i was patching it up with harry. my main focus is him, thats it HIM. 

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