just my luck

how would you feel to be the lucky winner to meet ONE DIRECTION!
well for the gorgeous Caitlin, it seemed like the best thing that could happen to her, but thats where she was wrong, after that night everything seemed to go her way, and her luck was about to get even better when she bumps into the lads not long after. But thinking she knew what she wanted was a sudden mistake when everything turned out exactly how she didn't want it to.


2. It was happening.

Today was the day that it was all happening, I was meeting One direction tonight. I woke up bright and early today, for once. I wanted to look extra good so I invited Mia over, and we took the train down to London and checked into our hotel before midday. We'd got about 5 hours before we had to set off, plenty of time. We got into our rooms and quickly hopped in the shower. We put on One directions album to get us more excited for the evening ahead. Yep, it certainly worked, I'd never been so hyper, ever.

As we blasted out their first track, I felt overwhelmed. This was really happening, I grabbed the straighteners and began to pull them down my long soft hair, then applied just the right amount of make-up and some pinkish lipstick to finish off the look. I hope I don't look to much. I reached for a long white baggy top that had short sleeves and was long enough to wear as a mini dress, I pulled a pair of denim shorts under just in case, and then grabbed a thin belt to tie around my waist, I then grabbed my black converse so I didn't look like I made an effort, it looked effortless but cute. Perfect. Mia came out the bathroom, and I've gotta say, my best friend looked gorgeous. her shortish blonde hair rested on her shoulders with the curls looking loose but sweet. She came running over screaming from excitement. We called cab to come fetch us from our hotel and then made our way to the o2 arena. I was more nervous than ever, I'm meeting the 5 lads that have stole most of the girls in the uk and Americas hearts, I want it to be perfect, I need to make a good impression.

We was in the arena, we waited at the front of the stage for the boys to approach their way forward ready to perform to a room filled with thousands of screaming girls. There they were, the came running on, making the screams become louder than ever. They was deafening me, but as soon as the boys began to sing, I forgot all that and my full attention was aimed at them...

After 2 excellent hours of the boys performing on stage Louis shouts "you've been an amazing crowd, we hope you all enjoyed yourself, thank you all for coming, we love you" I was smiling so much, they were even more flawless than I imagined.

I turn around to talk to Mia and she looks awful, I've never seen her this way. "Mia, are you OK,you look terrible?!" I shouted to her, in shock.

"I feel awful Caitlin, I cant meet the boys like this, I didn't realise the concert would be this cramped, I need to go back to the hotel, I'm so sorry, you don't mind meeting the boys alone, do you?" I couldn't refuse the offer to meet the boys, it was my only chance, so I gave her the hotel keys, and headed backstage, alone.

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