just my luck

how would you feel to be the lucky winner to meet ONE DIRECTION!
well for the gorgeous Caitlin, it seemed like the best thing that could happen to her, but thats where she was wrong, after that night everything seemed to go her way, and her luck was about to get even better when she bumps into the lads not long after. But thinking she knew what she wanted was a sudden mistake when everything turned out exactly how she didn't want it to.


7. gghfhf

I looked up and saw Niall standing in front of me, was i just gonna keep on crying infront of Niall, i bet he thought i was such an attention seeker. "Im sorry about that kiss, i know you like harry, i dont know what came over me" he said, he looked down, but at the same time, he was sympathetic.

"dont apologise, its just as much my fault as it is yours" i felt sort of annoyed that he was saying sorry, maybe he didn't feel the same as me. I quickly need to snap out of this, i couldn't basically play 2 bestfriends against eachother. "niall, its just that i dont think we should speak to eachother that much anymore, i dont want anything like this to keep on happening, because of harry and that"

he smiled, and agreed with what id said, "lets just be friends, instead." he said. with that he threw some spagetti and pasta over me, "OMG NIALL" .. "dont think your getting away with that" i laughed, giving him a cheeky wink, i grabbed a handfull and chucked it over him, he came up behind me, picking me up and spinning me round, so that i couldn't reach his face. 

"sorry to disturb all your fun" said a blunt and stern voice, we turned around to see Harry standing in the door way with my bag and all my stuff. Niall put me down straight away, "we was just having a food fight" niall said, trying not to look over to me knowing he would'nt be able to keep a straight face. "yep. i seen you, you seemed to be having fun" he sounded really blunt and strict, i felt like i was being told off, maybe i was better suited to niall if he got this annoyed over a food fight, i walked over stroked his arm and replied "relax harry, arent you happy that im getting along with your friends" he sorta smiled and i thought yess, ive been forgiven, but that was before he replied "a little bit to much fun" under his breath and i walked straight off. how was i even supposed to handle a relationship with this guy when he cant accept the fact i will be friends with lads.

"im sorry niall" i heard him say, niall didn't seem too bothered about what Harry had said, i guess he was used to harrys jealousy and protectivness, but i certainly wasn;t.

i jumped in the shower and changed into something for bed, i sat down on my phone checking mia was feeling ok, i heard a gentle knock on the door. i shouted come in and Harry appeared in the doorway. he came and sat next to me, "Look Caitlin, im so so sorry about earlier, i got jealous, you was having so much fun with him, and it doesnt seem like we've had the chance to mess around and be ourselfs yet, i just wish it was me, thats all." it was cute that he cared so much i was happy that he'd said that, i looked up at him, into his eyes, "its okay, theres no need to be jealous" i answered, he seemed happy that id said this, that was until he replied saying "i like spending time with you, and i dont like the thought of anyone making you happier than i could, thats why i over-reacted earlier.. i just dont think you should be that close to another lad when you say you like me, id much appreciate it if you didn;t act like that again, you upset me!"..

dont get me wrong, what he said was cute, but i am not giving up friends for a relationship, even if it was with Harry styles. "NO HARRY" i shouted, maybe it was a little loud because at this point i could hear all the lads mumbling about what had happened "WHY WOULD I GIVE UP BEING FRIENDS WITH PEOPLE JUST TO PLEASE YOU, YES I DO LIKE YOU, BUT YOU DONT HAVE CONTROL OVER ME, I WANT A NORMAL RELATIONSHIP, NOT MUM AND DAUGHTER RELATIONSHIP" i calmed down at this point, "if you cant handle me having lad friends, then we;re over"

he looked upset but he didn;t bother chasing me out, straight away Louis shot me a look and ran to check on harry who was still sat on the bed sulking at what id said. Liam and Zayn and Niall didn't mention it when i came over, but Liam and and Zayn walked off to their rooms saying that they were tired and needed sleep. i dont know how it always ends up being me and niall. He asked me if i was alright then told me he was going to bed aswell, and if i needed him just knock on the door, i smiled at him, then curled up on the sofa. I refused to let myself cry over Harry again, id known him what, 3 days and i was already letting him upset me so much. Nope, its not happening, i refuse to let it. 

Louis saw me sat there and came over. "you alright love?" he said, why did he ask me that, wasn't it clear i was upset earlier..

"ive been better" i replied

"harrys really sorry you know, he didn;t mean for it to come out like that. hes really down he doesn't want to speak to you because hes scared he'll say something wrong but i just thought id tell you that he does really like you, and hes going to surprise you tomorrow. dress comfortably. thats all im saying" he winked and walked off. what could he be doing? i needed some company, i needed to rant, i knocked to nialls door and walked in, niall do you mind if i stop in here tonight, i dont want to be alone.

"its fine, come here" he said, smiling. i lay down next to him, he put an arm round me and kissed me head, "chin up, its harry he'll be back" i laughed and then told him what louis had said, "i told you" he said..

"thanks for everything, your a great friend, i hope you dont mind me crashing here tonight, it doesn't seem like you was expecting my company" i laughed, as i looked him up and down to see him in nothing but boxers. "well i wasn't, but it doesn;t bother me" he winked, and i laughed, i seemed to have so much fun with Niall. he looked at me, and i looked at him, his eyes were the nicest of colours. i always seemed to get lost in them. he pulled me in closer and we turned out the lights ready to sleep. i could feel his body warmth up against me, and i smiled to myself, "are you awake" niall replied. "ofcourse i am hahah" i answered, "i thought so, i could feel your eyelashes moving on my chest" he whispered, i looked at him, and kissed his nose, "im sorry" i whipsered, he kissed me.. AGAIN. i didn;t pull away, i just carried on, it was long and hard, and i could hear him breathing heavily, "im getting tired" i pulled away, and said.. "same yeah, lets get t' sleep" and with that, i drifted off.

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