why me

amber is a middle child out of 3 kids . Her brother is the oldest his name is andrew. he is 15. in the acosta family 16 is the year the abuse stops. then there is salito he is 14. elizabeth is 13 . her mother dosent care about the kids at all. The way she gets out of this problem by music she always play the guitar . maybe she will get famouse . does she survie , or does she get resquied. NIALL is her crush maybe niall will take her away and save her from her dad


2. video #1

amber P.O.V.

 im almost finsih with uploding the video to youtube. music is the only thing in life i enjoy. i make videos of me singing the songs i write and post them.  but sometimes i get nervous and when i think im aabout to uploded the video i dont .  it is  a scray thing. cause you dont know what people are going to think about you and your voice and if you ar pretty or not. god it sucks . so it just finsihed up loading and already got 400 views. wow.  well i guess im going to go to the park play some b-ball.  i closed my laptop. i put on my sneakers and headed out.  AT THE PARK ....  "and so goes for the three." my friend said like this is some big deal b-ball game . "oh .... and she makes it woooooaaa" she screams i go and get the reabound.  i get the ball dribble back to foul line and shoot. "wooooooaaaaaa" she screamed again "haha you can stop now i said the "game" is over now" i said to her. "awwww"she winned  i luaghed. "oh look who it is ? i think im all that cause i can sing and play the quitar" some one said. i looked at the floor instead of looking to see who it was that said that.  in fact i dont need to look up to tell who it is. it is ashley from school . she alaways makes fun of me . "amber come on your going to take that from that little slut" my friend said. "im sorry janice just leave okay its best for you and me " i say still looking at the ground. "okay what ever amber see you tommorow" she said walking away . ashley starts walk towards me .   i look around . i look every where but at her.   when all of a sudden i see the boy i like (NIALL HORAN ;D)looking at me. ashelly pushes me to the floor . i had enough of her. so i get back up . she pushes me down again and this time kicks me before i could get up. but i still get up . i want to look tough in front of my crush. but she catches me off guard . but the time i know it im on the floor again and this time shes kicking me harder and faster. then she leaves i wait a few mintues before she leaves to get up. i wiped the blood from my nose of . my crush comes running towards me . finally he notices me. "are you okay ,are you hurt ?" he says "ya im fine" i said  but truely im not i feel the wounds from my yesturday opened so i had blood on my shirt . "come on let me take you home. then " he said "fine" i say . me and my crush are walking to my house .   when we reach my house i stop."thanks for walking me to my house niall " i said "no problem amber ;)" niall said he kissed my check then left.


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