why me

amber is a middle child out of 3 kids . Her brother is the oldest his name is andrew. he is 15. in the acosta family 16 is the year the abuse stops. then there is salito he is 14. elizabeth is 13 . her mother dosent care about the kids at all. The way she gets out of this problem by music she always play the guitar . maybe she will get famouse . does she survie , or does she get resquied. NIALL is her crush maybe niall will take her away and save her from her dad


1. the start

Amber P.O.V.

                                              "amber acosta get your ass down here" my father called . i look down at my watch . it say 4:30. "Oh no its time" i thought to myself  i run down the stairs into the living room. i see tweenty bottles of beer around my fathers chair.  "god he is drunk" i thought  "come here amber." he said  i walked towards him. "get down on your knees" he said.   i do what he says. im on my knees. he picks up a bottle and hits me on the head with it. "stay there" he said i dont move. he comes back into the room with a knife. "get up" he shouted i do what he says. he walks towards me and stabs me in the stomach . i dont say anthing. he stabs me again "say it say it or else" he shouts "im sorry i was born  i know just kill me" i say. thats what i have to say when he does this to me. "im done with you peasent" he says.  i go back to my room . i sit down in my room and take the old rag that i use to stop the bleeding  from my wounds.  when i feel like the woumds have heeled a bit i take out my guitar and start playing. "i used to know  how to love but i couldnt tell what i felt to you .... but know i realized that you are my one and only love that i could love so please come back to me please come back..."  i sang

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