why me

amber is a middle child out of 3 kids . Her brother is the oldest his name is andrew. he is 15. in the acosta family 16 is the year the abuse stops. then there is salito he is 14. elizabeth is 13 . her mother dosent care about the kids at all. The way she gets out of this problem by music she always play the guitar . maybe she will get famouse . does she survie , or does she get resquied. NIALL is her crush maybe niall will take her away and save her from her dad


5. the ride

Nialls p.o.v.

 HONK HONK. i see amber get up from the bench. shes doing her thing again . Smiling at the ground. i love when amber does that. i feel a cool breeze from my right side. which means amber opened the car door.

"hello amber" i say

"hey niall " she says while sitting down in the car

"so are you ready for are date" i asked

"yep " she repliad

The car drive to nandos was not that long but long. during the drive amber was takeing a nap. before she was about to take a nap she asked if it was okay i told it was fine. i pulled the car over when we got to nandos. i didnt wake amber up i just watched her sleep. i know that sounds so creepy but she looks so cute when shes a sleep. after like two minutes i say "amber wake up we are here" "how long have i been asleep?" she asked "not to long like about 32 minutes" i say  "oh" she says while streching i get out of the car and open the door for her . "thank you niall you are such a geltmen" she said "why thank you amber" i repliad. when she was out of the car i pushed the door closed. the people at nandos opened the door for us. "thank you" i say  to the man holding the door. once we are inside i tell amber to go find us a seat. she does what i ask  i go to the counter and order.  i go to the table amber is sitting at . Ambers head is pressed against the table. it sounds like she is crying.  i walk to her really fast but not running.  when i am at our table i place the tray down. "amber what happened are you okay " i asked  she  didnt lift up here head. so i got up out of the bouth in in and sit next to her. "amber look at me"  i said she lifted her head up .  before she could put her head down again. when i had the momment i kissed her. not on the cheecks. not on the forhead.  I kissed her on the LIPS !!!!!   while we where kissing i could feel a smile form on her lips. which made me smile to. we both laugh and started  to eat.   while i was eating i noticed her  smile turn into a frown .   i looked into her eyes i noticed that the where turning a light brown. i think i know why. "amber whats a matter it looks like your about to cry" i asked when i said that "niall ill be right back" she said trying not to cry  she went to the bathroom. i would never do this but i wanted to know what made my good looking girl cry. i took her  phone wich she left. she got a message from a random number telling her to kill herself thats just f*cked up .

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