why me

amber is a middle child out of 3 kids . Her brother is the oldest his name is andrew. he is 15. in the acosta family 16 is the year the abuse stops. then there is salito he is 14. elizabeth is 13 . her mother dosent care about the kids at all. The way she gets out of this problem by music she always play the guitar . maybe she will get famouse . does she survie , or does she get resquied. NIALL is her crush maybe niall will take her away and save her from her dad


3. not again

Nialls p.o.v.

                   i was playing handball with my firends. the girl i like (amber) is on the basketball court. every now and then i would look at her and smile.  i really like her but i dont have the courage to tell her how i feel. 

"niall focause " zayn said.

"Im trying but amber is so cute , i wish i could talk to her " i said  

 "so why dont you" zayn said

"cause shes always with her friend " i said 

"look shes alone now" zayn said pointing at her.

but somethings not rite she is on the floor like shes hurt. i run over to her .

"are you okay are you all right " i said

"yea im fine" she said.

i could tell by her eyes she was not. i looked at her shirt it had blood on it . i wonder why.

 "come on let me walk you home then " i said.

"fine" she said

"hold on let me tell my friend im walking you home" i said

"okay" she said

i run back to zayn.

"zayn lad im walking amber home " i said

"okay ill meet you at the flat with the other lads" zayn said

i grab my jacket and run back to amber. i walk her to her house. the whole walk to her house was silent. when she stoped walking. i infered that we where here.

"thanks for walking to my house niall" amber said

"no problem amber"  i said . just before i was about to leave i winked and kissed her on the check. when i was about to leave she ran up to me and hugged me . i felt her hand slip into jacket.  i walk to my flat from her house witch is not that far .  

Ambers p.o.v.

when he kissed me on the check i had the sudden urge to hug him and slip my number in his pocket. so thats excatly what i did. i watched him walk away from  my house before i entred mine. the entrence to the house is a perfect view of the living roolm and the kitchen when u walk in. to get to my room  i have to turn right and go up 20 stairs.  when i walk in my house i  see my dad is drunk again. i run as quiclky as i can to get to my room. i run up the stairs and enter my room. i be carefull not to slam the door. 

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