Facts Of Life

Hey baby what's up I know you, I have seen you before. I don't know where, but I have.


1. Facts Of life

Hey baby what's up

I know you, I have seen you before

I don't know where, but I have

No you don't know me, I have never seen you before


No wait, you know I know you

I would never forget a pretty face like yours

Oh yeah, sure I have heard all of this before

But baby I want to get to know you


I want to love you, can we kiss and cuddle

No we cannot, I don't do things like that

With someone I don't know

Well baby that is how, we get to know


One another, what do you say

I say no, that is what I say

But baby, if you love me,you will

Stop calling me baby, I said no


Oh come on, stop acting like this

You know I'll still love you

Look I said no, now leave me alone

I don't go out with loser's


What did you call me?  I'm not a loser

Oh your not, what kind of job do you have

Where is your car? what kind of education do you have?

Well well, you know I have money and all


How by your parents, stealing, robbing

Well you know I have my ways

Guess what, I don't like your way

I don't want to be around you

Now get lost, ok I will go

Just what I thought. another loser.

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