The book of Thando

The diary of a misunderstood teenage girl.The thrills,laughs and sometimes awkward moments that leave you cringing and laughing at the same time.
This is all true read on to find out more


16. The usual not reaally


I was annoyed the other day firstly it has been snowing non stop for days I hate snow. 

Went  to school and the 6th years sit in the upper area. The school is on three levels first floor is biology Home economics Business Management with Administration and Computing with the lower social area. Second floor is English Media Art Chemistry Physics PE is in another separate area of the school connected by a corridor from Science as well as the Techie area  near the front of the school. The third floor is Maths History French Drama Art as well as the 6th year social area.

Our school is really confusing so many stairs i can count 8 I'm sure there's more. 

Anyway it was freezing and snowing inside because of the skylights and the janitors cant close the vents. 

I was also stressed with A speaking French Presentation and the teacher having to ask us random questions in French. I had to do it twice because the speakers didn't work. I had an extended response essay for History a DME for Modern Studies plus a NAB about electoral systems and voting behaviour as well as another French Listening which I still have to do. 


Then my friend the bitch was like stop listening to my conversation I was like what? Firstly Ash I do not want to know about your sex life or lack there of I could not care less if you want to dump your boyfriend because your sex life is unsatisfying and I certainly do not want to know if he cried after you told him that. Frankly I have more Important things to worry about like Where am I going to get £6000 from for college fees. Yeah arghh so annoyed.

Karma though is a bitch- Ash stopped me in the English corridor and she's like I broke my tooth God I was laughing so hard my other friend is like wait what? The teacher Mr M who was standing in front of his class was like OMG tweet about it ha Hilarious. Then we had to do two 45 minute essays on The Great Gatsby and All My Sons not amused

On the bright side today being the 27th of March tomorrow is the last day before the Easter Holidays woo yay and to top it off my sister and I might be going to London to visit our aunt fingers crossed we get to go.

oh I forgot my other friend who is pregnant came to our school for the afternoon she is huge OMG i hadn't seen her in a while like before christmas i think

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