The book of Thando

The diary of a misunderstood teenage girl.The thrills,laughs and sometimes awkward moments that leave you cringing and laughing at the same time.
This is all true read on to find out more


7. The princess

So everyone in the UK is very excited because Kate Middleton is pregnant OMG right?

My registration teacher is having a baby boy this December so his wife is about to give birth this month and any way he was like imagine if my boy was the next king of Britain (if Kate has a girl)and I was like eh no. He's like no? and I'm like yeah...NO.

So interesting thing happened a girl who was going to our school she left for college well her little brother got hit by a car (his fine just limping) and my friends don't like him because his annoying and they start laughing at him and I'm like you guys you're so horrible haha. One of my friends she's the deputy head of our school and she goes of to the speak to the teacher and my friend hides her stuff, so Shannon who was with Caitlin comes back and asks for her stuff and we're like I don't know who took it, I didn't hide it. So she starts getting pissed of and asking for the stuff and my other friend laura's like stop God being a tube Shannon commence the laughing ( a tube is someone who gets bossed around, a pushover)

So we're saying to laura you're your so badass. Caitlin comes back really pissed of and we show her her stuff and the bell rings for the start of classes.

this is Tuesday btw I think its the 5th or 4th who knows







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