The book of Thando

The diary of a misunderstood teenage girl.The thrills,laughs and sometimes awkward moments that leave you cringing and laughing at the same time.
This is all true read on to find out more


6. Photos

Okay so here's what been happening

We had our photos taken. yeah I know. Commence the freaking out of loads of girls for your info I freaked out as well. I went into town to get my eyebrows threaded that will probably be one of the most painful experiences of my life. this was on Thursday.

On Friday his was the 31 of November and my sister convinced me to use her wax strips for my upper lip. worst decision ever here's why: it hurt and didn't work my mouth now hurts and is red, the wax is stuck on my lip. So i go to the bathroom to wash  it off I shouldn't have done that cos I made everything worse.  I eventually found some wax wipes inside the box, I now have a red upper lip for my photos and I feel paranoid worst day ever.

On Sunday  I was supposed to be bag packing for charity as well as our 6th year dance. It was freezing and I dragged myself out of bed. went to the bus stop as i said so freezing there was a layer of frost and it was expected to snow. So here I am waiting outside for more than an hour because there are no buses to where I'm supposed to go.I went back home frozen solid.

I'm fine now...




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