The book of Thando

The diary of a misunderstood teenage girl.The thrills,laughs and sometimes awkward moments that leave you cringing and laughing at the same time.
This is all true read on to find out more


22. Mondays


Okay so its 2250 right now watching Gypsies alone everyone's in bed.

Its not been really eventful or anything but I did go looking for a job at the local bakery wish me luck.

I am currently feeling like I got run over multiple times. I can't even type. I also have a water bottle.

This always happen almost every month. My mom's a nurse and she says I am not eating properly.She has no sympathies, every time this happens she shouts at me, "you're not eating properly, you have to follow a structure, eat soft foods"She means well I get what she says I really do try but I sometimes forget you know.

I have pills I have to take, but I don't until its really bad like now. If I'm lucky its usually gone by the morning but if I'm not...

It starts with pains in my stomach just below my ribs and I start sweating and shivering, with increasing levels of pain ( Low pain threshold) and I start vomiting all night and day and I can't eat anything so its soup or flat coke. I remember I fainted once I got lucky as I was at the bottom stairs otherwise I would have broken something. I also get really weak and can't move as it makes the pain worse. It is  really bad. I hope I get lucky and don't have to go through that. Depressing I know.


In other news still haven't got my dance dress and its on the 21st yikes

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