The book of Thando

The diary of a misunderstood teenage girl.The thrills,laughs and sometimes awkward moments that leave you cringing and laughing at the same time.
This is all true read on to find out more


17. ladies Night


This was yesterday's events 28 March 2013.

It was the last day and it had started off awkward with me seeing the maths teacher from school after sending off my brother to his school. He is really hot and has a nice accent but I do not fantasise about him like some people I know Heather really really? She's going on a ski trip to Austria with him this Saturday (its a school trip) but still she'll spend a week with him. 

Fast forward to the end of school my mates decided to go into town to look for dresses I took another bus and was really fast so I went to some shops until my mate texted me but the designer shop was already closed but we got business cards. Then we went to the video game store to pick up the order for my friend I think its Bio Shock or something like that took along time.

I was really tired my bag was so heavy I had taken everything for the holidays out my locker.

We went to our shopping centre there are two to look for more dresses in quiz

Turns out it was ladies Night the local radio station was there and there were naked butlers my friend and I took a picture I don't lie the evidence is on twitter. We also took some silly photos from the free picture booth.

There were some really hot guys who  were giving chocolates and there retail shops had makeovers and there was some champagne as well.We still had our school uniform on so we actually couldn't get alcohol but we did get elderberry wine non alcoholic. 

There was a star hunt instead of an Easter egg hunt. The dj would give you a clue and you would run and find the star and win prizes like a 150 pound voucher for designer glasses a 50 pound voucher for H&M etc  The dj said there was a store named after a mythical creature and we ran for Ness a store turns out the star wasn't there and there were many people looking but there were brownies I liberated two haha they were so good 

Anyway before we went my friend took a shot she had take of her tie when i took one the butler was like do you have id and i said yes I took two shots before I went home arrived around 20:00

That's half of what happened there's loads more but I'm so tired first day of the holidays YAY 


Happy Good Friday

Oh wait I saw that hot boy liam he was with a girl off course when we went to MacDonalds His still Hot

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