The book of Thando

The diary of a misunderstood teenage girl.The thrills,laughs and sometimes awkward moments that leave you cringing and laughing at the same time.
This is all true read on to find out more


11. French, Fires

I said this week was boring. I lied.

SO its 6th period we're doing French verbs arghh and I'm sitting there bored out of my skull when the alarm bell rings its freakin loud. The teacher is like leave your bags but take your coats because its freezing. So everyone is like what is going on and I say to my friends its got to be a fire cos we had the fire alarm thing a month ago (we have these every term i think, in case of real fires) 

I was right. We go down the stairs and smell  smoke by the chemistry corridor and we are all like


so anyway everyone is like go on twitter to see what's happening. Whilst standing in our classes we see smoke and we all excited. We hear it was started in the boys toilet. Then we hear on twitter from others that there are 3 fire engines and the police. this is all  very exciting. Until the teachers tell us we cannot go back in and the bell has rang for after school then they are like you can go home and leave your bags you can get them tomorrow WHAT i  take a bus to school. We only got in at 10 minutes to four.

This was on Thursday, today we learned the fire was started deliberately DUH by a first year (first year of high school) did not see that coming. He is in my friends registration class.

OMG something always happens at our school. We have a reputation in our town. But i wouldn't change it for the world. Every day is exciting. 


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