The book of Thando

The diary of a misunderstood teenage girl.The thrills,laughs and sometimes awkward moments that leave you cringing and laughing at the same time.
This is all true read on to find out more


9. A Hilarious Christmas, and Confessions

So its 23.41 as I write this everyone's asleep and I'm sitting in the sitting room (where else) so its been a totally awesome Christmas and merry Christmas to you. 

You notice i write Christmas I absolutely loathe (I know strong word) the word XMAS who ever came up with   it should be burned at the stake I'm not joking so anyways

What absolutely made my Christmas is listening to radio 1 (Uk based) at nine today Dan and Phil. If you do not know who they are (you should be ashamed , go to the corner) you can find them on Youtube under danisnotonfire and amazingphil look them up you will not be disappoint they hosted the show and were amazing. If you were on twitter they were trending so yay ( totes Fangirl right now, ashamed) Mehh what you gonna do?

So I got a new phone my old one was a brick. That's all I got because RECESSION!!!!!

Exciting news some Universities sent back letters of acknowledgement so I hope I get in, but I'm a realist so I also applied for college but I really want to go to university.

On the Topic of Amour (Love) 

My kid brother goes to the primary closest to our house but me and my sister don't. But the boy that I sorta like does. So when I'm at the bus stop for my bus I see him waiting for his wait for it girlfriend (she's cute but she smokes) so does he surprised  He kinda knows me (its a long story) so imagine the ackward silence when it was only me and him at the bus stop.

He is so fit but I thought about it and I wouldn't go out with him if he asked because he is a bit of a man slut. I said it he goes through girls like an alkie through Alcohol (no offence)

I would love Dylan O' Brien or Ryan Gosling this is my Christmas wish ( if you do not know who they are,hang your head in shame) Oh and Tyler Hoechlin as well I confess I am a STERECK fan all the way (in reference to TEENWOLF)





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