Troublemaker is my Middlename.

Her name was Naomi Sahyounie. She was Daniel Sahyounie Precious Sister. She was forced to move away with her dad. So She left one special boy behind, Beau Brooks. The 'couple' never got their shot. So She's have been living in beverly hills since her parents divorced of an age of 14. Now 5 years later, Her dad died. So she has no choice but moving back to Australia to live with her Mother and Brother. Allot have changed. SO, What She don't know is; Beau Is Daniels Best mate Now. And Daniel Do not know about Her & Beau. But Beau Did know they were related. But he thought that She was gone forever, so he never told his bestfriend about him being in love with his sister. So When Her brother throw's a 'welcome home party' for her sister, and alcohol is involved.. What Will happened at the party and will it effect the future? Is the feelings still there between Naomi and Beau? What about Naomi's friendship with Daniel?


3. Whine Up.

Helloh People :D 
I must say reading comments about updating this story really gets me
Exited to write  even more about Naomi and certain someone :D
In this chapter is going to be little flirting going on and and and and little misunderstanding :3

So Enjoy my friends :3




I couldn't believe what I was saying. Beau starred into my eyes, "what?" he asked, he couldn't hear what I said because of the music. Thank god for that. I pretended that I looked at my invisible clock, so I pointed at it couple of times while I secretly nearly died on myself. I backed slowly backwards trying to disappear  But he had other plans. He grabbed my waist and pulled me close. My heart was beating so fast It felt like someone was having a really heavy metal concert  and all you could hear was the loud drums. What the heck is going on with these butterflies inside me? They flying way to fast. It was then the new song to Demi Lovato came on, as she sung:

Never put my love out on the line, Never said yes to the right guy

Memories flowing trough my brain, felt it in my vains, my head was about to burst and feelings just screaming for attention. The thought of us, the couple we always dreamed about becoming.. I was shaking because of what I was feeling about him and thinking. The feelings for him.. It seemed like it never left the instant I laid my eyes on him. His touch burned into my skin. I laid my hands around his neck, as he lowered his hands close to my ass.

Never had trouble getting what I want, But when it comes to you, I'm Never good enough

In his eyes, It felt like his eyes could read what i was feeling. He knew I wanted him. But I didn't want to let my guard down that easy. He came in for a closer hug, his hands hugged me tighter. There was no spaces between us right now. The heat from the dancefloor was heating up. We were now moving, or more like dancing pretty close.

But You make me wanna act like a girl, Paint my nails and wear high heels.
Yea you, make me so nervous, That I just can't hold your hand. You make me glow, But I cover up.
Puttin' my defences up. Cause I don't wanna fall in love,

We were dancing with no spaces between us, starring into each eyes and just forgetting the past for one second. I felt the heat rising, but It wasn't the fact that I was really warm I just felt my heart beating so fast. He guided us to a space, where we kind of was more alone, on the dancefloor.

If I ever did that, I think I'd have a heart attack.

We were so close, and it was driving me crazy. It felt like I was paralyzed. I could't move, because his hands was hugging me tight. He leant in, and gave me a eskimo kiss. We stood like that for a moment, while his hands were burning into my skin. Then he let his head be next to mine, cheek to cheek. He was so warm. Every feeling in my body wanted to go in for a kiss. We were so close, but at the same time so distant. I could feel the his breathe crushing down on my skin. It made me go insane. I could feel his lips moving closer to my mouth. Slowly going in for the kill.

This boy is the reason why I am a player. Whenever he is around he has the control over me. But this time, Im not going to fall that easy for it. Because Im tired at playing games, I know the rules, I know how it goes. Been there, done that multiplied of times. You know, have fun, leave him wanting on the door and remember when your done, You gotta be the first to run. But this time, Im not going to give him the satisfaction. Im not going to let him play with me. Im not going to be the weak one. So I pinched myself.

The song changed to If I never see your face again by Maroon 5. I slowly laid my hands upon his chest. Just to push myself a little away so I could get the whole view of him. This he didn't expect. I smirked, and then biting my lip. I leaned in slowly and pretended I was going in for a kiss. He smirked, and grabbed me tighter. But I grabbed his hands slowly to stop him, to let him know I was the one in charge. The look of his face was priceless. He was falling for it. Im going to show him Im the boss around here now. I had to act fast, As long as I had him going. I guided him closer to the dancefloor, so we were in the middle of people's attention.

I placed his hands on my hips, as I began to shake a little. You know, to show off and get him a little excited. I turned fast and let him hold me by my waist. I shaked my hips real good, and from the looks from it: boy was he suprised. He came closer behind me as he leaned to the side while I leaned in to the other side. Well, as long as he likes good suprises, then Im good. I blinked at him, and dancing to the song. I mouthed the lyrics "you keep me coming back for more, but I'm feeling a little better than I did before" He smirked to me back, "If I never see your face again, I dont mind" he mouthed back.

He took a good grip on my hips to turn me. Now I was face to face. "Cause we gone further than I thought we'd get tonight" we mouthed at the same time, I just continued to dance. But this time a little closer to get him excited. I wanted him to feel more, then leave him waiting by the door. That was my plan. So I went in for the 'kill', I leaned in and made sure he was about to kiss me. He stood there ready to lean in, Thats when I backed out. And thats when the music stopped.

I said out loud so accidentally everybody could hear, "Im not Sorry, But Im not feeling like kissing you." I said in a bitchy tone, with a big grin. Oh boy, was I enjoying this. "Take a number" I finished and leaved the dancefloor. It was then a new song instantly came on. I turned to watch the scene I just caused. And it was an successes. More than a succsess actually. It looked like I just took a piss on the King's shoe. Everybody was shocked and just looked at me and Beau. Everybody commented something, saying stuff like "she did not just do that!", "omg, wondering what Beau will do now?" and etc. I think someone made a comment about his ex-girlfriend.

I began to giggle, and walked closer to the open bar. Beau walked outside, I didnt get his face expression. But two other guys, joined behind him. "Ha! Groupies" I commented under my breathe. "You know what you just did right?" said someone familiar behind me, I turned my head slowly around as I sat down on a bar chair. Trying to find my cup of care.

My face turned to a happy face when I saw who it was, Mona began to laugh instantly when I recognized her face. But she seemed a little diffrent from what I can remember. We used to hang out, specially at the time when me and Beau was dating. But now.. Her face dropped instantly "That was just my boyfriend!" she barked. I froze for a second, and began to laugh out loud "Your joking right?" I asked while I waited for her awnser. "No! Im not 'joking'" she barked more, standing with her hands to the side of her hips. Her pose was actually impressive, She was really trying to hold it together. She was just about to say something when I speaked over her useless words. "Well, I hate to break it to ya" I started, and held my hand on her shoulder "But your 'boyfriend' is not that into you" I finished. She gasped, and tried to find a comeback but lost. She looked around and could tell she was just making a fool out of herself. "This is not over!" she said, as she stormed outside with some minions following her. I think it was Brittany and Rose. They used to rule the school, you know be the bitches and wear pink clothes. But Now they were her minions?

I laughed proudly to myself as the bartender stood infront of me waiting for me to react "so, What can I get you?" he asked bored. "Do you have some licorice shots?" I asked with a smile, He nodded and shot up a shot glas. "Can I get three more?" I asked, he turned and looked at me. "sure" he said and shot up three more. He was actually kind of hot, he had a nice ass too. "Thank you" I smiled as soon as I got my shots. As soon as he turned his back, I threw them all down. One after one. He turned around and was a little shocked. "Thank you" I smiled, and blinked at him. He grinned at me and just shaked his head. I recognized my phone was buzzin, so I leaved the bar chair and walked outside for some air.

I was to late to awnser the phone until I was outside. The alcohol was slowly starting to kick in. How much prosent was it in those shots? I never gets this drunk, so fast. But the phone stopped, and since It was a unfamiliar number, I put my phone down in my pocket. I closed my eyes and inhaled the fresh air. I looked up and gazed at the stars a little until someone talked behind me. "Want one?" a guy offered, I looked down on the cigarette. My 'I feel cool' drunk mode took control "sure" I said and took a cigarette from the guy. "I saw your little scene inside with Beau's Ex-girlfriend" He commented and took another pull "are you a troublemaker or something?" he asked, I leaned in to get fire on the cigarette.

I grinned and nodded, "well that depends" I commented and flirted a little with him. "On what?" he flirted back. "What are you doing, Naomi?" Daniel said as soon as he walked outside. "What happened to your neck?" I asked calmly. He had love bite. Daniel walked over net to me and took the cigarette and inhaled the smoke himself. "I tripped" He said. "Skip, Is this your sister?" he asked, I looked at them both began to laugh. "Skip" I nodded my head. 

Daniel ignored me, and after taking another pull he said "yes, why?" he said and looked at me. He took another pull, thinking before he said finally "What have you done?" he asked me. I was about to awnser, until he said himself "Wait, I don't even want to know" he shook his head. I just laughed back at him, The guy I flirted to starred at me. I tried to stay still but almost tripped. "God, Im a little drunk." I said underneath my breath, and laughed. "Ill be right back" the guy said and stumped his smoke and disappeared. I looked dramatically on Daniel, "are you drunk?" I asked him and hitted him playfully. He laughed at me and shaked his head, "Im this drunk" he laughed and showed with his fingertips. It was a little space between them. "How much have you had?" I asked and laughed. He showed with his hands and shot them open with his hands. "This much" he laughed. 

Suddenly the guy came back. But this time, he was dressed differently. "Why are you smoking?" he asked Daniel. I looked widely at him and then to Daniel. I giggled, and looked at the guy. "What are you talking about?" I asked, "He shouldn't smoke, his mom will kill him" he said. "Relax, you just smoked yourself two seconds ago?" I said protected my brother. He shot a glare at me. "No?" I walked over to him and starred into his eyes "why are you lying?" I turned around and saw that Daniel was on the ground literally laughing his ass off. "He has an twin, Naomi" he said and laughed even more. I backed backwards. "seriously?" I whispered, resting my hands in a cross. "Yes, seriously" he said and shook his head. "This is too much for my brain" I said and laughed. Suddenly a guy came out. I looked at him, he was the guy I smoked with. This other guy is another one. My head exchanged fast between them. 

It was then Beau came also outside, starring into my eyes. He stormed over to me, "what have you said to Mona?" he asked. I replied "why do you care?" He laughed and took a step back, starring at me. "Were old friends" I said bumping into his arm "old pals, just talking" I explained. "just talking" I repeated and a hiccup let out of me. "She was just recently crying all over me, she said you were mean to her?" he explained. I giggled, and looked over at Daniel, he walked between me and Beau and shoot him a warning. The intense was filling the air. When I first realised we had an audience, It was then I felt the alcohol kicking out of my system.

I looked around and saw Mona and the groupies was standing and watching our little scene. "This is my sister, and I do not like the way you talk to her" He barked, and held me back "I do not care about what she did, but you shouldn't forget who your talking about" he finished and walked away with me. Beau stood there all shocked, just exchanging looks to everyone. Mona was about to hug him, but he pushed her away saying "piss off"

Me on the other hand was sitting on a bench behind the club with my brother. "What the heck did just happend?" we said at the same time. I couldn't keep my serious face, so I began to laugh. Daniel on the other hand, was starring into the ground, looking quite pissed off. "You know there is always a reason for me to care enough to talk back to someone who bothers me?" I said, placing my hand on his shoulders. "You know I always have a pretty good reason for making a girl" I said and "'cry'" I said dramatically. He couldn't keep his face serious himself any longer, he began to laugh himself also.
"I know, Im sorry" he apologized and laid his head on my shoulder. "But who was those guys?" I asked seriously.

He jumped up and looked at me, "seriously?" he asked me. "What? You exactly had the time to update me on what the heck happened around here, since I left" I explained, and hit him playfully in his arm. He laughed dryly and shook his head. "Sorry, thats true" he nodded in agreement. He turned himself looking at me "Those twins, Beau the angry guy who came up to you and the DJ are my bestfriends" he explained. My heart just skipped a beat. Wait. Since when did Daniel began to hang out with Beau? This is really bad. Now Beau is obviously going to tell Daniel about us and our history. Beau is good at twisting stories, so I have no idea what he can say to Daniel. No how in the world am I going to get my revenge, If Beau is bestfriends with Daniel?

"Naomi?" he said poking in my arm, "sorry, continue" I said shaking it away. Well at least trying. "And the twins are my other best friends, they are actually Beau's brothers" he said and nodded slowly. "Wait, Beau is your bestfriend, and your best friend with his brothers?" I aksed and starred at him. He laughed and laid down on the bench to look into the sky. 

Suddenly after an hour with Calling and getting our mum to pick us up. a car finally came. It was mum, and She didn't look that happy about our 'stank'. We had to call our mum because Beau's mum was apparently not even home. I jumped into the car a little tired and annoyed.

The ride home was really silent. Daniel was sleeping ofcourse, while Beau, Luke and Jai was half asleep. while I was trying to make up an story why we stink smoke. She almost didn't believe me, but I think we got away with it. When I came home, I had to get Daniel in bed. It was horrible because he vomited into the floor. It took forever to clean it up, because of the stank you know. The helpfull twins helped me out though, so that was very nice of them. Luckily Beau, Jai and Luke found their own way to the sofa beds thingy that they crashed on.

After jumping into my comfy shorts, and took on my old tiny t-shirt. I lied in the bed for an hour before I gave in. I stumbled out of the bed. I couldn't sleep because of the music was still on in my head. I walked silently over to the stairs when, when I heard noises. I turned around slowly and looked at who it was. "Who is it?" I whispered. "Relax, its just me" Beau whispered back. "You know" he said, holding the eye contact while he walking closer to the bathroom door behind me. He looked down on the ground, before his head shut up and starred into my eyes. He had more of a serious face, that kind of face when it looks like he is annoyed/serious "Im going to make you fall in love with me" he said without blinking, he lauged dryly and walked even closer to me "and considering Im best friend with your brother Im going to ruin your life" He said to me without taking any breathing breaks. He sent me a kiss before he walked into the bathroom door. 

My brain just stopped. I almost kissed Beau who is bestfriend with my brother who happened to wanting to ruin my life, and If that wasent enough, I happened to flirt with Beau's brother, who also happened to be Daniel's best friend?

Karma is a bitch.


So guys :3
what do you think ? :DD The ending was not the best, but you know I hope you liked it :D

Until the next time: I have great drama plans for this story. MWUAHAHAHAH!!!


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