Troublemaker is my Middlename.

Her name was Naomi Sahyounie. She was Daniel Sahyounie Precious Sister. She was forced to move away with her dad. So She left one special boy behind, Beau Brooks. The 'couple' never got their shot. So She's have been living in beverly hills since her parents divorced of an age of 14. Now 5 years later, Her dad died. So she has no choice but moving back to Australia to live with her Mother and Brother. Allot have changed. SO, What She don't know is; Beau Is Daniels Best mate Now. And Daniel Do not know about Her & Beau. But Beau Did know they were related. But he thought that She was gone forever, so he never told his bestfriend about him being in love with his sister. So When Her brother throw's a 'welcome home party' for her sister, and alcohol is involved.. What Will happened at the party and will it effect the future? Is the feelings still there between Naomi and Beau? What about Naomi's friendship with Daniel?


5. Welcome to My Crib

Well.. This chapter is going to be LONG. MWUAHAHHAHAHAhaha, #justsayin.
BUT AGAIN: This is MY story. Although this is a story that has involved with celebrities.. again: This is MY story.
I just want to clarify that, because we all have our pictures in our head on how people behave when it comes to
Celebrities and flirting and romance
 and that kind of stuff. And I'm Sorry if i offend any of the members of the Janoskians. But relax, I love them all to bits! But this is only a story (That I have used allot of my time on). I repeat: this is only a story. But this is how I imagine on how Janoskians behave and talk. I just wanna write a story that everyone can enjoy and ofc like. So yes, please do be nice to me and my stories, because I use allot of energy on these stories :) With that being said: 



Chapter. 5 - Shut up

That was it. I have had enough. It has only been three days since mum and Barbie-Ken left, and The boys had already made a mess in the entire house! Im done being nice to Beau. Now, Why do I care? Because I really do not know what the heck is going on with me. This is not me. Im not the type of person who would cook and clean the house after 5 kids and a b*tch! Im done. Im going to throw a party, big party and Im going to have a little fun. A little fun to bring out my old self. You know I used to be a troublemaker and a heartbreaker. I never let anyone take me down. But ever since Dad past away, I'm Just.. I have changed. 

But Im still the baddest bitch in this town, I just have to shaken up people's memory. People seem to like me, witch is great. so I know people will come to my party. Beau's friends and enemies will come, just to make him confused and angry. I have to drag this all out to get my old self back on track. It's so important to me, because Im getting weak. I need people to see my good side. Why? Beau is nothing without his personality, his popularity, his ladies, his respect andMe. And that is what Im aming for.

Oh, you think that's all? Hell no. Then I'm going to break his heart. Because he is going to hang more and more around my house these past week so then I will have my opportunities. Well its going to be difficult considering all his fans love him to death, because of his personality and looks. So that's why Its so important to break him properly, because he has to know that you do not threaten to ruin my life or my heart. I usually do not let anyone play with me like this. I'm going to get my old self back.

But If this all is going to work, I have to date Beau's enemy. Yes Im talking about the bad boy: Michael Harries. He is known all over the town to be Beau's enemy. Nobody knows why, but the only people who do know is me, Michael and Beau. Yes. Michael is my ex-boyfriend. So this will totally effect Beau. I am a little nervous about this, considering I do really care about him. But I'm so pissed of at him now that I could break a stone wall. Why? Why would I bother go through all of this?

Well, let just say this. He has been around. He has been to a couple of girls in his history. A list of girls that he has broken. So this is for me and everyone who got heartbroken by the 'player'. I heard Beau talk about me, about some dare with the boys the other day. That he was going to break my heart. How do I know that? Well, I was going to take a run to calm my nerves down when I heard him say:

"Im going to break her heart I swear, James" He said very upset, "she Is getting inside my head, and theres nothing I can do about it" And James asked him "Why would you do that? She hasn't done anything to you and besides you know the bro code, Beau" James explained him. "Daniel will kill you if you even touched her! Why won't you find somebody else, you always do" Jai said. "The most hot ones too" James agreed. Beau laughed "no," and turned serious "by the way, he is not going to kill me!" he smirked "he owe me big time anyway!" he laughed dryly "well, why would you take this out on Daniel's sister of all people? You know Luke likes her" James said. wait, Luke likes me? "She is mine, Not Luke's" Beau barked. Jai laughed hard "I dare you to break her heart and to not get caught by Daniel!" Jai said. "I'll do it" Beau laughed. I couldn't take this, so I just left. I mean. This was kind of like stalking or something.

What Naomi did not know is: after she left Beau told James and Jai this -
Beau laughed whiny "seriously, you guys know I can't do that to Daniel or Naomi, But Luke can't shut up about her and I think Im in love with her. I just do not want them to hook up because you know Luke is bad news when he first has his eye on someone" Beau explained. "Beau, there's nothing you or Luke can do anyway, You both would just lose Daniel" James said supportive. "I know you want her back Beau," James said "but I don't think breaking her heart is going to make her come running back to you after what you did" Jai said cold. "You know I had no choice but to not get involved with her, because we knew she was going to move away" Beau fought back his tears.

I turned up the stereo to relax. The first song that came on was the song "how to be a heartbreaker" by Marina and the Diamonds. This song actually fit my mood very good. I looked around my room proudly, I definitely got my anger out in a weird way, because my room is done! I have my beautiful big bed and everything is the way i like. I peeked outside of my room. The boys were at the poolside. Great. The first plan was to make Beau notice me. Well I had done that pretty good this far, but considering he was mad at me last night I knew I had to make him feel softer about me. Like there was nothing bad about me. After he realize this, I'll bring the big guns in.

I took on my favorite bikini. It was pink so it made me look innocent, and it was comfortable. I grabbed my ray bands, oil, a leopard towel and a beercan. Before I walked out, I looked down. To see if everything was alright. I need to look good, but innocent. I nodded pleased, turned off the stereo and then I walked outside ready to get a little tan. My hair was loose and curly. I took my finger and curled it around my finger, as I walked outside to the heat. James was asleep, I searched with my side vision. Daniel, Jai and beau was in the water doing water sports. Luke was lying in the sun, and was now currently checking my ass out. I continue walking and turned to face luke. He was still looking down. "Hey loser, My face is up here" I said casual, and laughed afterwords. "Sorry, Naomi" Luke began, "But I couldn't help my-" His sentence stopped when Daniel came up from the pool. I looked at the table and noticed Daniel's phone was ringing.

Daniel stood infront of me, "what?" he asked. "your phone is ringing" I said. Daniel  jogged over to grab it. I continue to walk and lied in the best place. Middle of the sun and middle of the heat. I lied down and began to smear me in. I knew I had audience, when Daniel walked inside to take the phone. I sent a smile to Beau, and he smirked back. I turned around to lie on my stomach. Not to brag or anything but My ass really do look good right now. I turned my head silently to watch over to Beau, as I took on my Ray Bands. He was totally glaring. I grabbed my phone and giggled, like I was talking to someone. 

I looked over to where the noise came from. I saw Daniel had opened his window so we could listen to some music. I raised up and yelled to Daniel, "Hey!" I said and laughed, Dan just looked over at me with confused face. "Play my favorite song please, you know the one that you also like?" I asked nice. He just laughed and nodded "Coming right up, sista!" he smiled. After couple of seconds Chrishan ft. Trybishop - shut the f*ck up came on. I smiled pleased. I mouthed the lyrics, and lied down on the bed, digging the song. I decided to jump into the pool to play some water volleyball with all the boys.

Everyone was joining in, It was allot of fun I must admit. I mean, Everyone was totally in the game. It was fun. It was fun to forget that I was pissed of Beau. I mean I was playing innocent so I had to hold my face. Team one was Me, Daniel and James against the brothers. I was totally good at this. Not to brag or anything. Well, I tried my best. I knew how to play, so It was all good. James on the other hand was an animal on this game. He, Beau and Daniel had his competitive side all tensed up, while me, jai and luke was just laughing at them. Daniel jumped in the air and smashed the ball over to the other side, Beau reacted fast and threw it over easily. it came over to me, I reacted fast and headed it back to jai. Jai was to late, witch caused us to win with 10 points, while they lost with 5 points. Beau threw in a comment "Whatever". Jai and Luke was just lying in the water all chilled out. James swam over to Beau starting to wrestling with him, just to let him know that he was the best.

I swim up from the water and realized something was missing. My top. I fell into the water, and covered up my boobs with my hands. I was looking for it, when I came to realize It was at the bottom of the pool. I strached out my leg and took it with my toes. I took it fast up and knighted it fast on me. I exhaled, and turned. But it was too late. Luke had noticed what I was doing and started to point at me and laugh. I rolled my eyes, and shut him up with "grow up" he continued to giggle, witch made me realize it was him who had done it. I swam over to drowned him down. I laughed out loud, and Daniel came in to join. I swam back pleased with my revenge. While Jai came in for the rescue, he jumped on Daniel causing him to flip backwards. Luke came up to catch his breath. His eyes went over to me. I gulped and laughed even more. 

He swam over at me fast, as I did the same. I took long arms, to try to get away but he was gaining up on me. James stood alone, so I swam behind him. "protect me" I giggled. James laughed at me and went to attack Luke. Luke laughed, and began to wrestle with him. I giggled also. Beau was about to grab me by my waist until Jai came up behind to Beau. He dragged him back and threw him under the water. Witch caused me to join under the water. I flew up to catch my breath, I couldn't stop laughing. Neither could them. Daniel came up and threw him self at James and Luke. I stood there alone a little pleased that I got away. Everyone had someone to wrestle with.

So I turned and was about to go up until Beau grabbed me by my waist and took him close to me. He held me with his strong arms. I tried to twist myself out of his grip, but he was too strong. "Let me go!" I laughed. "Never" he whispered in my ear. His hands was on my stomach now. His hands came closer and closer up to my boobs. I got goosebumps all over. My body tensed up. I couldn't move. I wouldn't move. He placed his warm hands on my cold skin, He cupped my boobs as he breathed slowly into my ear. "I want you" He whispered. He let go of the grip slowly.

Until Luke came to rescue and grabbed Beau's hands causing him really let go of me. I swam up the stairs, I stood faced with my back to the boys. And thats when I noticed that everyone turned silent. "Turn away" I asked them, to make them not stare. Daniel came up fast from the water. I looked down, and saw I had again no top on. I protected myself with my hands. Daniel took a random towel and took it around me. "Here" he said. I was now even more pissed. How could I be so weak around him, to let him to such thing to me? Daniel walked over to the pool, he yelled "What the fuck did just happened  give her top back Beau!" I could see in my side vision that Beau's face, he had his surprised hurt face. He ducked under the water and came up, to only give my top to Daniel. Daniel hang it over my shoulder. "Sorry" He apologized, "not your fault" I explained and shoot a glare to Beau. He exhaled and jumped back into the pool. "We are not done talking about this" he said to Beau. I walked silently over to my bed to grab my things, and silently walked inside.

I cleaned my feet, after I walked into the bathroom to take a hot shower. I must have been in there at least for an hour. I sat down in the big shower. Curled up, while my thoughts were wandering off on my plan and everything. Someone knocked on the door, "Its taken" I said. But I don't think they heard me, because suddenly someone came in. I panicked and remembered that I forgot to lock after myself. In our bathroom, witch is big. When you came inside the first thing you see is a toilet, benches with sink and a bathtub. Behind that bathtub, there is a big wall. Witch you can walk to left or right to only find a shower. Witch in my case I was sitting on the ground. Since I was curious, I just sat there. Beau locked the door and said "Shit" to himself. "Im so stupid" he whispered to himself. Oh this gotta be good.

He made a little noise, then sitting down on the bathtub I guess. I froze. How long was he supposed to be in here? He couldn't hear the shower running down because the wall is so thick. Then a plan hit me. If I just came forward now, He will see me naked. And I can pretend that I didn't hear anyone came inside. Then I will have two things on him:

1. He dragged of my top - Daniel got pissed, Beau is weak in some way
2. He found me naked in the bathroom - Beau will be sexual frustrated, In my case will be even more fun for me. 


I smirked to myself. I walked outside the shower, silently and took a towel around me. "who is there?" Beau asked. I walked right in front of him. Ops. he was also naked. I asked him "why are you in here?" He froze. He couldn't move. I looked down at his thing. wow. That this was big. All I was thinking of was revenge, his stupid dare and my plan. But it was so difficult when he was standing right in front of me, like this. He just sat there looking at me. He came to life and took a towel around him. I walked even more closer to him. "I Can't, Naomi" he whispered. I have to stick to the plan. But Again, he just sat there. I grabbed his hair, and made him stand up. He obeyed. Our skin was now touching. "Fuck" he barked. He wrapped his hands around my ass, and deeply exhaled. I looked into his eyes "what do you want from me?" I whispered. He came closer, our nose was touching. He leaned in, and I turned my head away. He began to kiss my neck. softly and teasingly. "you" he whispered.

I began to smile. I curled my hands around his neck "how?" I asked. He continue kissing me, getting really exited. His thing was now touching my skin. "In every position possible" He breathed out, and began sucking on my neck. Then he looked straight into my eyes "I want you as my girlfriend" he blurted out. My heart stopped. Really? I yanked my head back. "What about that dare?" I blurted out. He stepped back, his arms fell of me. I took a step back. "what, how did you heard that?" He asked, he was angry. If anyone should be angry, it's me. "I was on my daily run" I explained, "I heard you say my name, so-" he cut me off "If I ever broke your heart, touched you in any defensive way Daniel would kill me" He shot back defensive. What is up with this guy? paranoid too much? "Jai dared you to break my heart without Daniel knowing" I explained, testing him out "And I heard you say yes, Now Im sorry If I'm being dumb but-" Beau shut me up with his hand. 

"Are you done in here, Beau?" Daniel yelled. I bite Beau's hand. "ouch" he responded. "what's going on?" Daniel asked, "If you don't tell me the truth I swear I will tell Daniel about this" I whispered into Beau's ear. He shaked his head. Daniel was now kicking the door "Are you done soon I need to pee" Daniel yelled again. "I will, but you didn't heard everything I said" he whispered in panic. Beau finally responded "I'm in the shower" Daniel whined and left. We waited a couple of seconds, just in case. 

Beau looked at me "We cant date, but he didn't say anything about Friends with benefits?" he offered with a shaky voice. he bite his lip hard. He was nervous, and he never gets nervous. Wait, was he serious? Wow, he has changed. He is a really good actor. This just makes me even more annoyed that he would say that. He was saying Friends with benefits, so that He could have a grip on me also. To later use against me. He is trying to break me with becoming friends with benefits. I knew what he was doing. I leaned in, close to his mouth. I could tell he wanted it. He held me by my hips. I laughed dryly "maybe" I teased him, I came out of his grip and I took my things and ran out. 

Plan A was an success. Now I have to move on to Plan B, avoid Beau and throw a party. Now that is going to be easy. I hope.


Hi hi :D now watcha think ? I hope you liked it!
Now the next chapter is going to be even more tensed.
Will Beau make Naomi realize that he really do likes her? or will he
make another decision, There is so much that waits to be written. Im just sayin
in the next chapter things will get even more tense and most of it all: competitive.


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