Troublemaker is my Middlename.

Her name was Naomi Sahyounie. She was Daniel Sahyounie Precious Sister. She was forced to move away with her dad. So She left one special boy behind, Beau Brooks. The 'couple' never got their shot. So She's have been living in beverly hills since her parents divorced of an age of 14. Now 5 years later, Her dad died. So she has no choice but moving back to Australia to live with her Mother and Brother. Allot have changed. SO, What She don't know is; Beau Is Daniels Best mate Now. And Daniel Do not know about Her & Beau. But Beau Did know they were related. But he thought that She was gone forever, so he never told his bestfriend about him being in love with his sister. So When Her brother throw's a 'welcome home party' for her sister, and alcohol is involved.. What Will happened at the party and will it effect the future? Is the feelings still there between Naomi and Beau? What about Naomi's friendship with Daniel?


4. Take a Run.

So, This chapter will be something for itself ^^ hahaha, well, I don't think it will be that long (sorry! :O) 
But I will publish another chapter by the end of next week :)  so yup, enjoy ;)




I woke up with an urge to run. The clock was 8. So I decided to take a run. The sun was shining through my window. I glanced through my messy room. Its been 3 days since I came here, and it was getting more and more messy. I sighed and tried to make my way to my new slide wardrobe. I haven't exactly moved into my room yet, so the entire room was filled with boxes and such. I stopped up and looked around my room. I found my pink shatter capri pants, witch i loved very much. And a long t-shirt vest with barbie only her hair was dip dyed. I loved that t-shirt. Grabbed my white jumper, my Nike run shoes and of course my iphone sport armband. Then I was good to go.

The clock was 7, so of course everyone was asleep. I walked out of my room, and decided to the left to just walk out to our  terrace that was downstairs. Lou had already found his place in our indoor terrace in his very own fabulous doghouse. I had to keep him outside because Ken was allergic. But he liked it so, It was alright. But I was allowed to keep him inside on the day, but only downstairs. I took the dog leash and hooked it on him. Then I plugged in the music, and shut the world out. All I could think about was, actually what I have been thinking on for the past few days. Beau Brooks. The sentence spun around my head.

He looked down on the ground, before his head shut up and starred into my eyes. He had more of a serious face, that kind of face when he is annoyed/serious. "Im going to make you fall in love with me" he said without blinking, he laughed dryly and walked even closer to me "and considering Im best friend with your brother I'm going to ruin your life"

I hated the fact that had gone to my head. The last few days I had spent on the mall with my old friend Nicole, witch was very nice. We had allot to catch up on, even tough we always kept the contact since I moved to the US. So It wasn't really that awkward I thought It was going to be when I met her. But even If I had a great time with Nicole, Had a nice time with my family and Lou, and throw my old toys out of my room for the past 3 days.. and kept myself busy.. I still thought about him.

I exhaled and looked down on Lou. I loved the fact that he loved to run. But considering he was still so young puppy, He didn't like long runs. But I looked forward when he is going to grow bigger so I can jog long runs with him. We usually run to the mall and back. It was the perfect run for him, because when we came home I could tell he was tired. I plugged out the music and smiled at him. I gave him a treat for being so good. He licked my hand and ate it quicker that you could say pie. 

After I gave Lou some food, I walked inside to take a shower and dress up. Today I had to clean my room, then go to Ikea to buy a new desk and a bed. I was going to buy it myself but Nicole was joining so I think It was going to be fun. Since I had to clean my room, I just took on some batman joggers and a white singlet. The clock was only 11, witch gave me 4 hours to clean. When I was walking upstairs to eat some breakfast I was met by the one and only: Beau Brooks. 

when he walked out of the bathroom, he grinned when he saw me. "Hi" he said with a smirk placed on his nice face. I mean ugly face. "Hi" I said casual and didn't bother giving him any satisfaction or attention. "Nice pants" he commented, But when my back was faced to him, I secretly smiled. "Why are you smiling?" Daniel asked as he pushed his spoon down his mouth. Daniel was sitting on his usually spot eating something I don't know in a bowl. I made a face, and turned to find something to eat in the fridge. "Because Im happy" I said simple "What are you eating by the way?" I asked, walked over to  peek down in his bowl. He looked down in his bowl and shook his head, he swallowed then looked up to me with food in his mouth "something good!" he said. I backed away and grabbed the box. "Marshmallow fruit loops" I hummed, "do they still sell these things?" I asked.

"yes they obviously do" Beau said with an grin, as he sat down the seat opposite to Daniel. I rolled my eyes, and grabbed a bowl. I took the box and filled up, and grabbed the milk. I walked over to the kitchen island, and sat down on the closest chair. "What about me?" Beau asked "what about who?" I asked and ate away. "Aren't you going to give me serve of that?" I laughed a little after i had swallowed. "Im the guest here" he hinted even more. "You have hands" I said casual. Daniel just laughed at us, "Just give up man, help yourself instead" Dan said and laughed. I just laughed.

Mum walked in on us with a smile on her face, "So, because its summer and everything" she began. I looked up at her giving my attention to her and Ken, walking slowly inside with a smile on his face. Mum grinned and announced "Me and Ken decided that we would go on a camping trip" She said and waited for our reaction. Daniel had nothing against it, obviously. "For how long?" I asked, She shook her shoulders "well we may be gone for three weeks tops". Did I just hear what I think I did? "Sounds very lovely" I said. Daniel and Beau was already giving looks to each other. I was a little worried.

"so!" My mum clapped "I decided that It would be for the best that Aunt Louise would come and watch over you guys" she nodded. I remember Aunt Louise, She is 23 years old and a really cool lady. This three weeks are going to be awesome. "Fine by me" I said casual. Daniel nodded also "yeah". My mum grinned "well, She is coming tomorrow" Ken said and nodded. "And we are leaving after she arrived of course" Mum nodded. I didnt think that much about it though, so I headed down stairs to get started on my room.

After 3 hours with cleaning my entire room including washing everything and every corner, I was done. With a little help from Ken, Beau and Daniel with throwing out my old bed. But I could actually walk around my room now! I already had like a big wardrobe that took the space on the entire wall, then to the left was the door, and my big shelf that included all my books, dvd, cd, stereo and speakers and such things. Then the other wall was a big window that was covered with curtains that hide away my room. Then there was the last wall where my bed was supposed to stay. I already had two old nightstands, so that was good. Now I just missed the bed and the desk. My room was actually really big. I looked around myself for a second, I noticed earlier something in my bag, so I looked closer on it. I opened a little piece of paper and a number was written on it. I didn't give my attention that much, so I just laid it inside the cover of my Iphone.

After showering and dressing up I was done. I took on a ripped skinny denim jeans and threw on my awesome Bart Simpson jumper. Daniel and Beau took Lou for a walk. At first I was a little skeptical, but I know I can trust Daniel so I said yes. I walked outside and jumped into a car I was allowed to use at all times. Witch was great, luckily it was big enough and it was an old range rover. I was happy with the big space, considering I was buying a new bed and a desk.

At the road over picking Nicole up, a thought hit me. Me, Daniel and Aunt Louise alone in a big house for three weeks. Daniel is most likely going to have his mates stay over (Beau, Luke, Jai and James). But The house is big, and we have actually 4 guest rooms downstairs at the end of the hallway. Me and Daniel rooms was close to the stairs which guided to second floor and main entrance. On my side there was the indoor terrace that had Lou's doghouse and some couches, and little further away our second garage. On Daniels side, there was a pool and stuff. cool, I know. 

So there was a bed for everyone. Aunt Louis is most likely going to hit the town every night hanging out with friends and not be at home that much. And she is going to sleep upstairs. So I was going to see her not that much. 

This just turned to a very messy situation. Even If we have a big house and everything, Ken and Mum is going away for three weeks and Im going to be stucked with 5 boys and a babysitter that won't be even home. And to top it all off, Beau is going to be there. And have the joy to steal my attention whenever he likes. I have to make a plan..


Hehe, She is definielty up to something ;) And who's number was that ? and What about
Being alone in a big house with 5 boys for three weeks ? :o The next chapter is going to be longer and 
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