Troublemaker is my Middlename.

Her name was Naomi Sahyounie. She was Daniel Sahyounie Precious Sister. She was forced to move away with her dad. So She left one special boy behind, Beau Brooks. The 'couple' never got their shot. So She's have been living in beverly hills since her parents divorced of an age of 14. Now 5 years later, Her dad died. So she has no choice but moving back to Australia to live with her Mother and Brother. Allot have changed. SO, What She don't know is; Beau Is Daniels Best mate Now. And Daniel Do not know about Her & Beau. But Beau Did know they were related. But he thought that She was gone forever, so he never told his bestfriend about him being in love with his sister. So When Her brother throw's a 'welcome home party' for her sister, and alcohol is involved.. What Will happened at the party and will it effect the future? Is the feelings still there between Naomi and Beau? What about Naomi's friendship with Daniel?


6. Styles

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I had to take a break Causing to personal reasons.
Hope you understand. But yeah, on with the story.


But here it is! so.. ENJOY!




Its been 3 days since the 'accident'. I had just finished with my daily run when I got a text. From none other than Harry Freaking Styles. I couldn't believe it, Well I have kind of met him. But anyway I just couldn't believe that he really sent me a text. Me. Like, I am currently on a top of a mountain and breathing heavily. trying to figure out what just had happened. it said, and I quote:

Hi, I was just wondering If you would like to go
to the movie premiere 
with me, next week on Saturday?
hugs and kisses from Harry Styles.

I smiled and shouted out with all my might "YES!" I was so happy that you wouldnt even know. I cant describe it. I just felt like smiling so bad. I quickly replied him, but then I thought maybe I should make him suffer a little? Well you know, maybe be a little hard to get? ok. I will wait and replay later. I have to show him that I'm not that desperate. Which I'm not. Well, you know. I just. It's freaking Harry Styles! who can pass down him? 

After the almost 1 hour long run home, It actually started to hurt a little. From all the smiling I mean. I ran past the boys and just didnt care, they were currently gaming Cod, I would crush those suckers at that game. I used to play that game 24/7 when my dad was sick. I breathed in heavily and tried to not let the tears win the fight.

I breathed in heavily and ran into my room, locked it. I double check if someone would come in. I found the perfect outfit to hang out with a couple of friends. Black jeans and pink cute top. I showered, with music blasting through the speakers at the bathroom. And then, put on my best outfit. 

I was just about to reply my makeup when I looked at my phone for like 5 minutes. I wanted to reply Harry SOOO bad. I just. urgh. Ok. It's been 2 hours now, and the clock is like 7 on the afternoon. I can reply him now? I have waited 2 hours. Thats like allot. Right? Ok. I will reply my makeup, then I can text him. 

I dont think she ever have replied makeup that fast in her life before. But hey, at least she's strong. In a weird kind of way. She exhaled and laughed a little before she chose to reply and send the text right away. She walked out the bathroom and tried to come up with a great comeback. It was then when she bumped into Daniel.

"Dan, watch where youre going!" I laughed dryly and shook my head. "Can you explain this!?" he said a little annoyed. I paid attention to his face and could see something was up. I looked at the photo and I saw Harry had Tweeted something. I laughed a little then I looked closer at the screen.

@naomidatroublemaker would you like to be my date next week?

What. What In the world. I just. What. How. When. I looked down on my own screen and replied to Harry with this:

@harrystyles I'd love 2 ;)

I clicked send and when my head tilted up, I guess I haven't recognized that Daniel and Beau was currently starring at me. Oh the silence, Were they expecting me to explain? But I don't even know how to explain this to my self! 

what on earth should I do..


sooo, what do you think? please do comment if there was something
you didn't like or something you did like haha jus something!
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