Troublemaker is my Middlename.

Her name was Naomi Sahyounie. She was Daniel Sahyounie Precious Sister. She was forced to move away with her dad. So She left one special boy behind, Beau Brooks. The 'couple' never got their shot. So She's have been living in beverly hills since her parents divorced of an age of 14. Now 5 years later, Her dad died. So she has no choice but moving back to Australia to live with her Mother and Brother. Allot have changed. SO, What She don't know is; Beau Is Daniels Best mate Now. And Daniel Do not know about Her & Beau. But Beau Did know they were related. But he thought that She was gone forever, so he never told his bestfriend about him being in love with his sister. So When Her brother throw's a 'welcome home party' for her sister, and alcohol is involved.. What Will happened at the party and will it effect the future? Is the feelings still there between Naomi and Beau? What about Naomi's friendship with Daniel?


2. Say What?


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My brother were going to say something. I looked confused on my brother, "What have you eaten?" I said under my breathe. But Harry the flirty one cut in and said, "listen, we really didn't talk about you." He said to me, I was going to say a comment but- "You should have more faith in your brother, If he didn't care we wouldn't have been here on the plain with you" He reassured me. He was right. "Im sorry" I said to Daniel, He just laugh and said "Its ok" he smiled and gave me a hug. 

But still, I felt like There was something he was hiding from me. I guess I over reacted but still, I know when he is lying. I sat a little back and smiled to Daniel. "Me and Mum have a little surprise to you when you come home" I looked at him suspiciously. My heart was beating really fast as memories from the past came to my mind. My first Crush, My first Kiss and the memories with my family and everything. I laughed awkwardly, and nodded. "Cool, I look forward to it" I smiled. I got a bad feeling about this, this really is overwhelming you know. 

Louis commented "aw, I love family reunions" Liam looked at him, I sat back and looked at Louis. "This is not a family reunion" Liam explained to him, "This is more like a" He said and thought out loud, "sibling-love" he nodded to Louis. He just laughed, "But that sounds just weird, I like Family reunion better" He nodded to Liam and drank from his cup. Zayn hit Liam and Louis on their lap playfully, "You guys are ruining the moment" He yawned "And my beauty rest". I just giggled, "Its ok" I said and smiled. Niall kicked him playfully in the leg, "We are almost there guys, so its no use to sleep now" He reassured the boys.

I laughed of the boys "guys, its still an half hour until we land" I said picking up my lovely dog, Lou. Zayn sat up and yawned, "Im up now so screw it, can I get something to drink, Louis?". Louis laughed dramatically and gave Zayn a face, "Sure" He said with a evil glare. He gave the cup to him "Here!" He said and Zayn took the cup. "Thank you" he said and was going to drink from it until he realized there was nothing in it. "There's nothing in it!" Zayn commented and cried dryly, and handed out the cup back to Louis. "That was just my cup of care" he snorted "Congrats" and then he laughed of his own joke. It went past few moments when we also just had to laugh.

The pilot speaked up in the speakers, "will all of you please get ready to take on the seat belts and we will land in ten minutes." He said, "And Louis will you please come here for a second" He said and turned the speakers off. Everybody turned to Louis, and everyone said at the same time "what did you do?" Louis looked at us and laughed all of a sudden "what?" Liam pointed to the door, "you heard the man" he said, Louis stood up and walked to the front seat. Suddenly we heard laughter, Louis came back. "He is a very good man" He nodded to everyone, "well, what the hell was that?" Harry asked, "He just wanted a picture with his favorite One Direction band member, to proof his wife who he just met" He explained, and brushed of some swag of his shoulder. "But really, afterwords he wants to take a picture with all of us guys" he explained afterwords, and we just laughed.

As the moments past by we were getting pretty eagerly. So I grabbed the chance as I could, I was going to ask them for their autograph and to get a picture with them. The thought that I may never meet them again, made me bullied up the currage to ask them and trying not sound like a obsessive stalker or anything. I looked over to Liam and Louis, I was thinking on a way to ask them without sounding weird. "Guys, Can I-" I began, and everyone looked at me. "What?" Harry asked and looked curiously. "Do you want to take a picture with us?" Niall asked for me. I laughed and nodded, I held my hands tight and looked up at them. "Yeah, but only if its ok" I said with a shy smile. Harry blinked at me "its our pleasure" He said, and smiled. And he looked quite good - may I add.

We were told to pack our things right away because we were going to land soon. So we sat everybody in our chairs, ready to take the landing. We chatted for a while. Well, they did. I took up my puppy and let the servant take him. Just in case of something bad, then I knew Lou was safe in the front where the dogs were supposedly going to stay under the whole trip. But, since i insisted on having Lou with me under the trip, they gave in. 

Before we knew if, we had landed right away. And we were ordered to wait until the pilot had given us the promition to go. So while we waited, we took our pictures. We got our servant to take the picture, so we all could join in the picture. I had to sit on Harry's lap because, if i didn't then I wouldn't have been in the picture. Niall stood behind Zayn and Daniel was behind Liam and Louis. We took a couple of silly pictures, and someone with only me and the boys, and some with only Daniel and the guys. The time actually flew pretty fast, so we had to say goodbye in the airplane, so that One Direction could hurry to their cab, and try  to avoid the paparazzi and the humongous group of people that was standing outside the airport. Crazy fans leave marks on them, I've been told.

We said our goodbyes, and we were off to meeting up with my mom. Last time I saw her, it was in dad's funeral. I took a deep breathe in, trying to calm down the stress and just think about the positive. I was not going to take what Dad said to me for granted. He told me a few weeks before he past away, that I have to promise to take care of myself and forgive my mom for not being there for us the last couple of years. I mean, the first thing I can do, but the last thing.

I mean my mom explained to me that dad never told mom he had cancer, so that was some of the reasons why they splitted up. But I mean, she didn't know about his cancer, so I guess there was more to it than that. But I wanted her and Daniel to be there, after she knew, after she told Daniel.. But that is in the past. I must not forget that Mum and Daniel really was supportive, they couldnt travell that much because of work and school.. I must not forget that they really care. They have showed me that these couple of monthes. So I have to stop thinking anything negative about mum. 

Me and Daniel walked side by side. With of my two huge briefcase on each hand. We were looking for our mom, My brother seem to be calm about meeting her. I on the other hand was nervous. I was looking around as we walked out where the tons of other people where, just trying to find their way home. As did I, I was still feeling kind of suprised after being on a airplane with one of my favorite band, and Harry Styles flirting with me- may I add. So now I was kind of dizzy. "hey" Daniel bumped into me with his arm as he pointed at our sweet mum. I could tell she was happy, because she was smiling and waving like crazy. But as closer as I got, she began to cry. I wanted to stop up, because I was finished with crying and all that hulking. Finished.

I began to walk slower and slower to her. The people surrounded round us began to become bigger. She was in a trance, but I was like standing still waiting to get killed by a three sized teddybear. Just waiting to squeeze the jellybeans out of me. But then she just walked- run over to us and gave us both a hug. "Hello my dears, I have missed you so much" she half-cried and began to hug me even more. Well, Give the woman a break. Its been tough for her aswell. "Mum, she needs to breathe" Daniel said and bent down to take up my puppy. She jumped a little back to look if I still was alive, "Its ok, Im happy to see you mum" I smiled, She smiled back and took my bags. "Mum, Its ok-I" I tried to take my bags back but It was useless. "Its ok, I got some luggage help!" She smiled and looked around herself. "Where?" Daniel said and, I looked around for a traller to get the luggage on. 

Then, Out of nowhere some guy with a creepy smile came over to us with a traller. Well he was handsome, but looked old. Like in the 30-40 ish. Well, its actually not that old. "Hi There, let me take this" he said and took over the bags from my mom. A Gentleman, how nice. I thought, I whispered quiet to Daniel. "Who is the creepy guy?" He looked over at me with a silly look, and shaked his head. "He's mom's boyfriend, Ken" He informed me, and looked at me like I was dog with six feets. "She's got a boyfriend?" I questioned and said it a little loud. My mom turned and looked at me with a weird look. "Dear, I thought I told you when I was in the U.S?" she looked at me disappointed.

"Im sorry I haven't been paying enough attention to you, mom" I barked back in my defense. But when I thought about it, I think they have stayed together for a year. My year went past pretty fast, but I think she told me when dad was still alive. Daniel bumped his arm into me. "Im sorry, mom. I just forgot" I corrected myself.

She walked over to me and gave me a hug, Ken looked over at me "Don't worry about it" he reasured me. I just smiled and nodded silently awkward. "okey thats good, but can we leave because I cant breathe inside here in this place." I hinted. Mum and Ken woke up to life as we walked outside to our car and was before we knew it on our way home.

We got all our luggage inside, and then hit the road home. The car ride home on the other hand was like a dance on roses. I mean, It was very nice coming home. But the overflowing memories was the spikes on the long green stilks that was planted to the earth of crap. I could see the city already busy with cars everywhere. More memories coming trough. Good and bad. It began to be a little hot inside this family car, so I rolled down the window.

I took out my hand and pretended I was swimming. Feeling the waves, as I could sense the butterflies beginning to get crowded in my stomach. I turned up the volume on my beautiful Beats by Dr. Dre. I inhaled deeply. I jumped a little by my brothers hand that was placed upon my arm. I paused the song, and took my headset down. "Is everything ok?" Daniel asked, with a little concern. "Yeah, I was just listening to Mr. Suicide Sheep" I said and showing Daniel on my cellphone. He nodded "Hes awesome" he smiled, "yeah, he's got some great mixes" I agreed and turned my attention to the road.

I got he feeling we were almost there, so I took my shoes back on. "We are almost there, kids" Ken hummed. He drove into a garage, and we jumped outside the car. I took all my stuff and Lou, walking outside of the garage. I took a deep inhale and smiled to myself. "Its good to be home" I smiled to Daniel, he smiled back "its good having you home" he agreed and walked to the door and right in. Hm, It wasent locked. Thats strange.

I looked over to Ken and mum, "do you guys need any help?" I asked politely. My mum just shaked her head, "no, Its all fine dear" she said and took out the rest of the bags. "Dear, Im going to the mall to buy some food ok?" Ken said to mum, "Wait there honey, I want to join you! Ill be back" she said and walked inside. "Alright then" I said and began to walk towards the entrance. 

The first thing I was met by inside the entrance of the house was Daniel. "Hey, You must come and take a look!" He took a grip on my arm and dragged me downstairs. "What?" I asked him while running, trying to keep up and at the same time trying to get free by his good grip. I was pushed into my same old looking room, I looked around me for a while, and then I looked at him "what?" I asked.

"Your allowed to take a makeover in your room" He announced. I smiled and jumped a little "Thats the surprise " I grinned "man, this is so cool!" I clapped exited. "Actually no, Well you can if you want to, but It has to be from your own money" he said and laughed. My hand met my my forehead with a clap, "Daniel-" I began. "But really you have to dress up nice because Im taking you somewhere" He said and disappeared. I walked outside of my room, "dress up for what?" But he didn't answered.

So after a nice hot shower and putting on makeup, fake lashes and a little cat eyes and pink lips. I was ready for looking for what to wear. The bags and my dog was already placed inside my room, and my neighbor from the other room was blasting music. I guessed it was a party we were going to attend. I took on some plain high waist blue denim jeans, and a fringe crop top, and added a leather vest. I searched for what shoes to wear so to add my outfit, so I took my Black Truffle stud trim lace up ankle boots. I grinned proudly into the mirror, I shaked my head to finish the look. I messed up my hair with some spray, and I was good to go. 

After twenty minutes with eating and explaining why I should go to this party with this look, we were off. We got a ride by Ken, who dropped us off at the old clubhouse. There was all silent, "Are you sure there are people here?" I asked Daniel, He shaked his shoulders, walked around the car to open my door. we said our good byes to Ken, and agreed to not pick us up because some of Daniel's friends mum was going drop us off. As that was done, I walked forward to the big doors. Daniel stopped up and turned to face me, "Ready?" I nodded, "what are you up to?" I asked as I danced a little making my way into the hall. "nothing special" He said, clearly hiding something.

"Daniel! do not mess with me" I threatened and walked further into the hallway. "what are you up to?" I asked again. I turned and, then he was gone. I spun around in circles for some seconds to think where the heck I was, before I found out he must have just gotten to the bathroom. I continued to walk towards the two open doors leading to the big hall.

I must say, Im afraid of the dark. So this was rather scary. I could hear something crawling or something on the floor. "hello?" I asked and tried to see what it was. I tried to find the lights but It was almost useless. the doors went shut. My heart began to have a heart attack, please tell me this is not happening. "Please do not mess with me, Daniel!" I shouted. "Or else I will personally kick your ass when I find you" I threatened. I tried to walk, but I couldnt. Because i did not know where the hell I was. I tried to find light on the phone. I looked around me to find the lights. I turned it on, and slowly turned around to face the room.

"Surprise!" Tons of people shouted and screamed. I on the other hand jumped and got almost a heart attack. I looked around and I saw my child hood friends, old classmates and everyone I used to hang with. And Daniels friends, most of them were Daniels friends actually. "wow" Was everything I got out, Everyone was laughing or clapping of my silly stupid weakness: The dark.

Then my brother came up behind me and grinned. "did she just jump?" he said and laughed, and then playfully hitted me. Some other people began also to laugh "my brother everyone" I just shaked my head, and laughed after three seconds. "Thank you for all of this my sweet Brother, though" I smiled and gave him a hug. Everyone 'aw'-ed, and began to clap. After the hug, he looked at the DJ, "Well? DJ James! Turn some music up and let this party get started and most importaintly: lets get wasted!" He shouted and clapped.

The music came on, blasting through the big speakers that stood on the scene. Everyone shouted back exited, and people started to order alcohol in the open bar, some people walked into the dance floor, while other people walked in separate directions. The party was already beginning to take its form.

"Long time no see" A voice said, I turned slowly with my eyes shut, hoping to let me have wrong about who this person was. And when I opened them, I was met by the same eyes who I have seen so many times in my dreams- I have lost count. The face that made me want to smash it. And the lips oh- the lips that I wanted to feel how it was to kiss once again. My feelings by just looking at this person was a mess. It was a tornado. It made me wanting to kick his hot piece of ass. The hopes and dreams we used to share about becoming a couple, was still hurting me. And was sadly still alive. My feelings wanting to hug him was unbearable. But I had to hold my pokerface. I had to. He was one who got away, the one who broke my heart. The one who changed me, the one who I wanted to do dirty things to.  My heart was drumming harder than a drum set. One question came to my mind, only one. "how could you?" I whispered.




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