Troublemaker is my Middlename.

Her name was Naomi Sahyounie. She was Daniel Sahyounie Precious Sister. She was forced to move away with her dad. So She left one special boy behind, Beau Brooks. The 'couple' never got their shot. So She's have been living in beverly hills since her parents divorced of an age of 14. Now 5 years later, Her dad died. So she has no choice but moving back to Australia to live with her Mother and Brother. Allot have changed. SO, What She don't know is; Beau Is Daniels Best mate Now. And Daniel Do not know about Her & Beau. But Beau Did know they were related. But he thought that She was gone forever, so he never told his bestfriend about him being in love with his sister. So When Her brother throw's a 'welcome home party' for her sister, and alcohol is involved.. What Will happened at the party and will it effect the future? Is the feelings still there between Naomi and Beau? What about Naomi's friendship with Daniel?


7. Aim

What can you say when time passes you by?
Well, nothing. Because the time passed you just by.
But seriously, The lack of creativity and allot of school related stuff
have happened these few weeks, so I really just didn't have the time..
So I'm Sorry for being lazy :o


But here's another chapter for you guys ;)



Well here I was. Walking down the street with girls and even boys staring at me. oh, you didn't know? Harry freaking Styles asked me out like an hour ago. Daniel insisted on driving me because he meant that "He was just stopping by McDonalds, so he could just drive me anyway" and guess who, who insisted on coming? Beau? Of course It was Beau. And who would say no to a free ride? nobody. Well, that depends on who was in the actual car. But since I was running late, I didn't have a rather choice. I sat in the back and was about to text that I was on my way, when Beau sat in the back. When the front seat was available. Daniel and me just took a look at him, but he was like sitting there all grumpy. jeeez, What is up with this fool? Im about to punch the dude. How the hell could he act like this? Because Harry Styles asked me out? pathetic.

I don't even know. I just think it looks that strange. Why do he care that much that Im dating someone else? And why do he care that much that he want's to go through the trouble, breaking my heart? I mean it is a good thing he's jealous of me and Harry, Because he couldn't be more obvious. He wouldn't have cared because he basically said that he was going to make me fall in love with him, and that he was going to break my heart. I am not gonna let him break me. HELL no.

I walked out and sat in the front with Daniel. I sent Daniel a fake smile, he just shaked his head and laughed dryly. He finally started the car and drove away from the house. I took down the mirror thingy looked into the mirror, I checked out my makeup and was going to lay away my lipgloss when I saw Beau starring at me. I rolled my eyes, and shut up the mirror. I turned and looked at him with a hard look. "what?" He just shaked his head slowly "nothing" he anwered, and when Daniel reacted "what's going on?" Beau just rolled his eyes, "nothing at all!" He faked a laugh. What the fuck is up with him. I just rolled my eyes and laughed "freak" I said under my breathe. Daniel punched me "be nice" I punched him back "Im nice" I laughed. I laughed to show Beau that he has no effect on me whatsover. Hell nah.


-Beau's point of view-


You know what? I do not know what the actual fuck is going on with her. But I have done nothing wrong, so how the hell could she act like this to me? I would never hurt her, I would never done anything wrong to her to make her upset. But why are she ignoring me? And why in the hell did I ask her to be friends with benefits? What the acutal fuck. I am so stupid. Because now, now she totally have me around her finger. and she can do what the fuck she want. I just hope she won't hurt me anymore than she already have. Because I felt like an total Idiot after asking her, and now this shit with Harry Styles? How could she?

And I wish not to even think about Harry Styles right now. I mean, us janoskians know them through events, and recent meetings about touring with them and stuff. But Harry Styles asked out Naomi. That is not cool at all. I mean, I thought we could you know. urgh. We are never going to work out. I know that. But her and Harry? No. Just No. That is never going to work out. Not a chance in hell. I have heard things about him.. he is a womanizer, player and a casanova. I mean he is super famous, got all money in the world and could get whoever he wanted. Why Naomi? All the people in the world, and he had to ask the love of my life out.

And no. I am not being dramatic. When she left, I became a different person because of her. When she returned, All those feelings I had for her: Came back. Like some one had shot me. I could feel again. I could actually get feelings for someone again. But not again. For the same damn person first had ever feelings for. She has a special place in my heart. And I hate it. 

Because I can't tell her how much I want to be with her, I'm scared of saying the wrong things and lose her for good. Im scared I might scare her away. I can't bare to not have her around me. I have to fix this between us. But I can't now. Im too jealous. 

I mean, How would you feel if one of the biggest celebrities, just stole your crush? damn you, Harry. If you hurt her.. I am not even kidding. If he hurt her I will fucking kill him.

"eyh dude" Daniel shouted and punched me. "Jump to the front seat, the devil is gone" he laughed. I looked up and woke up from myself. Naomi had left. It was just us guys left, "sure man" I said and walked out of the car. "Hi Pantysniffer" someone said behind me. I turned quickly as I walked over to the other side of the car. Michael Harries. A guy I honestly hate. I do not want or wish to think or even explain what the fuck he did to me and my friends. "Go to hell" I said simple. "I already did" He said and laughed, and his buddies laughed with him. I just continued to walk and sit in the car. "drive now, Michael's here" I explained. Daniel started the car and waited for them to cross when I saw a sight I never wanted to ever see. Naomi and Michael hugging. She laughed of something he said and she looked happy.

This jealousy is killing me.

She is killing me.


-Naomi point of view-


Well there I stood, With Michael with Beau starring at us. Checkmate. I am so winning this. I laughed "well, nice to see you" I said and smiled friendly. "Nice to see you too" he smiled and guided me to the club. we walked inside and the first thing I did was to buy a beer. I was thristy and I wanted to get really drunk tonight. But first I went for the toilet. I stopped by the mirror and took a deep breathe. and just starred in the mirror for a second.

I am not even kidding. I mean. Am I over thinking this thing with Beau? Because I do not want to get myself up in a mess. Hell nah. But I mean, he said he was going to ruin my life, he asked me to be friends with benefits, he told the guys that he was going to break my heart. What am I supposed to do? Just let him? No. I am not going to let someone ruin me. I have been through enough pain as it is. I can't let him. I just can't deal with this hole among of pain.

But tonight I am going to have fun. I walked out of the bathroom with my head held high when I noticed that allot of people was starring. "Hey" Michael said and winked me over to a free spot close to the dance floor. I smiled and walked over. "Here you go, babe" he said confident. Well, If he keeps this up with the serving drinks I am going to achieve the one thing I wanted: get drunk. I smiled "Thank you" and held my glass high to make a toast "to-" I said and thought about what I am gonna say, everyone held up their drinks, and my friends came over and sat down with us. "To getting drunk" I laughed and everyone cheered. "I liked that toast" a guy said and laughed and took a big sip. We laughed "well," I said and joked around. 

A little while later, We still sat there all together. People started to get a little drunk. The laughter, the music and the alcohol made me smile. No one was going to ruin my night to night. Hell no. I made a another toast and everyone cheered and the drinks clinked. The bass was making me get the urge to dance. I stood up and dragged with me Michael. I walked on the dance floor. Oh god, I was tipsy. Not even a joke. The bass was so hot. I began to shake to the music, and Michael came closer and we started to dance. He didn't dare to touch me for some reason. Suddenly the dance floor became full and many people were everywhere. Just dancing to the music. I could tell everyone was drunk.

I dragged Michael closer into the Dance floor, where no one could see us. Then I dragged him close to me and smiled. He smiled his familiar famous grin. I began to dance closer to him, I took his hands around my curves and could feel him behind me. The music was building up, and I began to shake more. He turned me around. our feet was lingered. Suddenly I got served more drinks. We smiled, and we danced more. I wanted space so I walked a little away, when I saw someone walk in. A drunk familiar curly head boy came in. There was allot of chaos, so Michael dragged me outside to smoke. I got a better look on who it was. For a second there, I actually thought it was -Harry- But I think I just got it wrong.

We walked out and I got served a cigarette. Not complaining there. I smiled to Michael, and I realized I was drunk. Shit. I am so good. Mission accomplished. "Oh god, what have I been drinking?" I laughed. He laughed with me "Well, I have been trying to get you drunk" He flirted. I could tell that he was drunk also. "shit, I am so hammered" he laughed. I laughed with him. "Well, you know" I said and took a pull. "I am going to throw a pool party tomorrow" I smiled. "would you like to come?" I asked, "you can bring whoever and whatever you want" I added. He came closer, and leant into the wall next to me. "I would love to" he smiled. "good" I smiled. "I have allready invited bunch of people, but shit" I said and took another pull "The party wouldn't be the same without you" I said and laughed. Drunk talk. Shit. what am I saying. He smiled. "you are so sweet" he said and laughed. we laughed and walked back into the club.

I sat down with the girls and we all ended up with talking about the good old days. We had so much memories this gang and plus Daniel and well the janoskians. There was a moment that I actually wished they were here. Well, But then It would just be drama. I wonder what actually happened to Beau and Michael? Well. There's something telling me that I do not wish to know.
In front of me stood tequila. I took two of those. Thats the last thing I remember.


7 hours later,-


The alcohol and the music was the last thing I remembered. The next thing I knew, I woke up in a hotel room. My eyes flew open and I realised I have a party to arrange today and I have no idea where I am and what the fuck happened last night. speaking of last night. I held my head and could feel the headache taking over. I laid back down and looked at what I wore. I had a white V-shirt on me and a thong. What the fuck happened last night? This is not what I wore last night. what the fuck? someone dressed me? Im so confused and this hangover is killing me. fuck. I turned around and  tried to see something familiar around me, when I heard someone come in. "hello?" I said, and covered up myself. "hi babe" a british voice sung into my ears. What. Who? I raised up and covered myself with the duvet. "Harry?" I guessed. "I was just bringing breakfast to you" He explained and served me and put it on the bed. "you need to eat something" he ordered me. "you were a mess last night" He explained.


I am officially confused. But hell, Im not complaining.
But how in the hell did I end up here?


so yeaaaah, whadya think? :D

tell me, like it and yeah (:


until the next time,

Linn x

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