Living In The Moment..Maybe.

(This is for the 'M Factor' competition based on X Factor USA) Mariel, a young very talented girl decides to audition for the X Factor. From all the years of people complementing her on her talent of singing, she is ready to go for it! Her friend, Megan is also a very talented singer as well that is also auditioning for the X Factor!They both want it so badly, but which one has the 'It Factor'? Find out!


1. A New Beginning?

Authors Note: Hello! Before you start reading, I wanted to tell you this is my first ever story on Movella, and it is for the 'M Factor' contest! I thought it was a pretty good idea! I'm doing all three story-lines that are listed in the contest's information page, and I would like to join it! So here it is!(:


Here I was sitting next to my best friend, talking about our future. We never had such a serious talk before.

"So, you know how we both like to sing?" She asked me, I could tell she had an idea.

"Yeah, I do. Why?" I asked, really wanting to know what her idea was.

"We are both really talented singers and we both really want to become famous, and I know what could give us that opportunity, which is the show called X Factor." She said smiling.

I never thought of auditioning for the X Factor. That show is one of my favorite shows! But if she is talking about doing this together, as like a group, I wouldn't be up for it. I would want to be independent and enter the competition by myself.

"Sounds like a great idea Megan!" I said, breaking myself away from the train of thoughts going through my mind.

"You want to do it? And we don't have to go as a group, I think you would want to do this independently, and so would I." She said, she made me feel better about the whole idea of doing it independently, I didn't want to tell her if she didn't want to do it solo.

"Yes, I would love too. You were also right, I would want to do it independently. But you have to promise me one thing.." I said trailing off, she shook her head waiting for what I have to say next, "You have to promise me that we will not let the X Factor split us apart."

"I promise. Whoever wins, deserves it." Megan said.

"Okay good, I promise the same." I said, and she smiled really big as I did the same.

I really wanted this.

I decided to go talk to my Mom about this, I think I should have talked to her first before I told Megan yes,  but you know, I'm sure she won't mind.

"Mom." I said, walking into the living room. She was on the couch reading the Cosmopolitan Magazine, and was drinking a warm cup of coffee. She looked up at me with a concerned looking face, she thought something was wrong with me.

"Yes?" She said.

"I need to talk to you about something I really want to do, that could change my life, my future, and it's something I really, really want to do." I said.

"Oh my gosh, does this thing include a guy?" My Mom asked.

"Oh my gosh, no Mom! I'm talking about a career!" I chuckled at the end of the statement, obviously, she was thinking of something else that is also life changing.

"Oh, okay. Thank god. What is it then?" She looked relieved. 

"I want to audition for the X Factor." I said. Her eyes, sort of popped, they formed into what I like to call them, bug-eyes.

"Really? Are you sure you would want to do this, do you think you are ready?" My Mom asked. She was surprised I actually wanted to do this. I can be shy in front of lots of people, I don't really have stage fright, but it's close to it.

"I'm really sure. I never wanted anything so badly." I said. Positive of that statement.

"Okay, well, it looks like we'll be going to the X Factor auditions in California!" She said, getting up, with a tear in her eye, and hugging me tightly.

"Oh my gosh, seriously? YOU'RE THE BEST!" I said.

I can not explain how excited I am.

This is the start to something new.



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