Walking through the halls of an empty school is quite scary. . . if lights aren't working or it shouldn't be that dark at 4.00pm on a school day you should assume something is up. Would you? I didn't. It may be because no one would care, no one would look for me but by the time I stopped to think it was to late. I felt the force knock me forward and to this day I can't reason in my mind that it was another human punching me. It was so hard. So fast. It was almost... inhuman. But it wasn't. That was my pathetic self that was young and stupid. Now I know, now I understand and now that's me. Or at least it could be. If I hadn't turned rouge from Ms. Sicarius. Translated literally: Assassin.


1. The Early Days

I woke up in a aeroplane if you looked out the window you could see the bleak landscape of North Russia where no one lives and there are no inhabitants because well, lets face it, why would you want to? Minus 30 degrees most of the time and snow that hurts when it hits you, not the perfect place to live do you think? Looking outside made me feel cold so I settled further into my hard plastic seat passing the time by looking around inside of the plane trying not to notice that there are people aiming tasers at my chest. A noise at the end of the plane made us all look up towards the source. The three men had a brief quiet discussion which resulted with me being hoisted up by a man with cold grey eyes. Grey pointed at a parachute. I looked with a horrified expression at him. Was he trying to suggest, that I jump from this plane with what is essentially a piece of fabric that may or may not work strapped to my back? Brilliant. My idea of a fun filled way to die. A different man shouted at Grey and walked toward me, this man had a scar that outlined his cheek bone. Scar put the temperamental piece of fabric on my back and very  kindly did it up for me as well. After loosening it so that I could actually breathe I watched as Grey, Scar and another man were in hushed discussion. It was obvious that Scar was the one with the most authority by the fact that he back-handed Grey across the face he collapsed to one knee but quickly stood up. The pain, although definitely present, wasn't shown on his face and his eyes were still that emotionless grey colour. I had a quick explanation from the other person in the plane that actually spoke English but it was extremely accented and I could barely make out what he was saying. I got the gist of how to open the parachute and when to do so. He said he would jump out with me and would signal to me when to open the parachute. The last piece of advice he said with a smile: try to land as safely as possible.

          We were given the go ahead and Smile pushed me out and shortly followed. Obviously an expert parachutist he did a little flip in the air and winked at me. But the thing is falling through the air at un-earthly speeds isn't as fun as it sounds in holiday broaches so I was in no mind-frame to give any sort of response.  We were still plummeting through the air and the white earth was coming closer and closer to us when Smile gave me the signal. I couldn't move my hand because the wind had pressed it against my body so Smile swiftly came towards me and opening my parachute for me then did his. The fabric broke the speed and jerked me upwards, the harness felt like it had left a permanent mark on my skin but although all of the above had happened we were still going a little to quickly towards the ground. The ground 50, 40, 30, 20 metres away and the impact of the ground. I have never been through an experience of pain like it. Memories threatened to overload my mind but I refused to let them out of their box.

           I touched the ground feet first and the ground had transformed into some sort of solid steel barricade just as I touched it but t still looked quite ground like. The impact made me fall to the floor and I saw Smile laughing somewhere, but right now I was trying to nurse the shattered feeling that I had just noticed in my leg. Scar had been on the ground already and as I could now feel my whole body again I looked up to see Grey floating down to us. Scar dragged me up and pulled - I say that I mean more dragged- to a dark SUV that was parked across the area we had landed in. The drive from the landing space to our destination wasn't very long in terms of mileage but the terrains we were crossing were rocky and dangerous at the best of times. I have never been so frightened for my personal safety before or since. Finally the SUV stopped I opened one eye, the other, I let go with one hand and watched the chair I had been sitting on throughout the treacherous journey pop back into shape. Out of the front windscreen I could see a camp unlike any I had ever seen before.

          Imagine an ordinary boot camp, imagine the weather- bleak and icy, imagine the figures in the boot camp moving lightning fast and your eyes can only just see their hands moving, imagine a woman, walking toward the SUV you suddenly feel extremely safe in, imagine this women she has auburn hair tied up in a tight bun every hair in place at the top of her head. She is wearing a full black bodysuit and her eyes have literally no colour, imagine the woman I have just described with a face mask on. You can see her lips and her eyes the rest of her face covered by a mask. But from her eyes you can see the evil inside them, when someone isn't quite right, when they are missing something. In those colourless eyes it tells a tale. They convey no emotions but somehow I can see it. She isn't surrounded by guards like you make assume. She stands alone. She motions with her hand to Scar and he orders Grey and Smile to get me out of the car. Standing before her I feel small, very small. She orders them to let me go and they do, quickly, like their lives depend on it and the way she is looking at them, they do. She motions me closer and through the suit I can make out the outlines of a prosthetic leg, this mysterious woman gets my attention.

"Do you remember me, child?" her accent from posh England, unexpected. "But you can tell us all, what is your name." The end sharp, demanding.

I find my voice and say with as much confidence as I can muster "Maren, Maren Angelus" I hear the guards gasp, I am just a little confused In know my name means Angel.. why the gasps?

"Who are you?" I hear myself asking my voice. . . strong. Good.

"I am Ms. Sicarius, your mother, your best friend, your leader but most of all, your keeper. Do as I say and your life will be slightly easier. Do as I want you to and your life will carry on. Cross me and your life will end endurring a hellish torment until your last breath," her face as cold as stone as she says it. I can tell she means business but before I can ask anymore questions she nods at Scar and I see a hint of fright in his eyes before I am lifted and thrown over Smile's shoulder. I guess dignity isn't much of an option but I hold myself up so I can see around while I'm being carried in. All the people are wearing black bodysuits like the woman I just met... Ms Sicarius, but the difference being they had different amounts of band type things around their lower left legs. But there was no mixture everyone in the groups I saw had the same amount of bands. I was carried into a smallish room and was thrown to the floor. Around me I saw numerous black bodysuits the walls were all lined with them ordered by size. In the corner of one wall were a selection of bands similar to the ones I had seen outside. A smaller than average man came out through a door I hadn't noticed and started measuring me. I heard him mutter numbers to himself which I assumed to be my height and width. An awkward silence hung in the air whilst me and my companions Grey and Smile waited for Short to finish and give me my suit. He pointed to another door I hadn't spotted and motioned for me to change. While I was getting out of my school uniform which was now tattered I could hear Short and Smile speaking. "So this is Miss Angelus I hope she is worth the hassle"

  "Of course she is, Sicarius wouldn't have risked Hawk out in the open if she wasn't it." came the reply

  "She is definitely the same build as our friend Hawk but can she be pushed further than we ever pushed Hawk? I don't want to see it Hawk still manages to give me shivers. Plus Miss Angelus is a girl. Hawk is a boy they will be different."

  "It will be interesting to see what..."

The hushed conversation stopped as I emerged in my black bodysuit. I didn't think it would really suit me as I am 5"5 and have a muscular build but I thought it looked pretty good. The room again silent I was given a small black bag that contained shoes and two other bodysuits.

          Led by Smile we visited the laundry room where I received underwear and a wash kit from another sullen woman, we came to a door with '0' written on the door, I assumed it had meant the amount of bands. Inside lining the walls were perfectly made beds all except the one to my left with the sheets in a roll at the foot of the bed. I made it as the others were made, and allowed myself a little smile; the orphanage had paid off after all. As soon as Smile was satisfied with my bed making skills Grey lead us into another corridor. Suddenly a bell rang and the corridor exploded with noise as teenagers exited the rooms on either side. I struggled to keep up and Smile ended up picking me up again and carrying me through the mass of people. After surviving the jungle of students we entered a deserted corridor and I was put down. As people passed the entrance to this corridor bit they were trying to avoid it by arcing around it. An old saying came into my head that described Miss Pocket's orphanage and the entrance of this corridor: come into my parlour said the spider to the fly. Thinking about the similarities I shuddered.

          As we reached the end of the hallway a man dropped from the ceiling almost like a spider attached to his web. At the Spider's appearance Smile and Grey literally took a step backwards and bowed their heads, I just stood still contemplating the odd way in which these massive hulking gentlemen had reacted to the figure. The figure was closer now and I noticed that it was in actual fact this Spider was a man in a bodysuit like mine, he wasn't all that tall but he was a daunting sight, his body was perfectly sculpted his cheekbones high and perfect his eyes a gleaming green, the sharpest emeralds you will ever see,. glazed with no emotion. Towards me he walked with an air of confidence and menace. "Ah you must be Maren" he said with a grin showing his perfectly white teeth. "My name isn't important but I know you have heard me referred to as Hawk. How's your head? I forgot that you are only 13 so that blow to your head must have hurt." He looked at Grey "Jackson how long was she out for?" so Grey's name was Jackson. . . I'd remember that.

"Five days sir." Jackson replied quickly, slightly quivering I noticed.

"Any noticeable dizziness after she woke up?"

I suddenly got very irritated. "I wasn't dizzy at all after you knock me unconscious." All three men looked at me with shock but Hawk reglazed his eyes within milliseconds.

"You have a voice my angel." he gave me another grin before straightening his face and addressing my bodyguards "Jackson, Kent, Sicarius is waiting take her to the training yard for the 3's. I will be watching my Angel." His use of my made it very clear he would be watching, always. I still don't understand this place and this Sicarius woman had a lot of explaining to do.











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