Justin Bieber for Ever Booiii

This Book Is all About Justin Bieber From When He Was A Child To Know A Adult
From What He Loves To what he hates.
so Basicilay Facts About Justin Bieber<3 <3


1. Think You Know Justin?<3 Think Again ! <3

There's Lot More To Bieber Than Meets The Eye, For Exaple ..

Justins Favourite Number Is 96!       He's A Lefty!(Left Handed)

He Can Play Trumpet!         His Middle Name Is Drew

Justin Bieber was born at 12.56am on 1st March 1994. He weighed a normall 7 pounds 11 ounces in London Ontario, Canada. Justin Biebers nicknames are Jbiebz Or Jb His Starsign is Pisces And Favouirte colour is Purple !!!!!!

Justins Little sister Jazzy Calls him boo boo awww! ...

Justin bieber saod he wants three kids and that his dad jermy taught him how to drive which is lucky because justin loves his cars his latetest is an mirrored electric fisker arma with purple underlights the look cool but are a teensy bit illeagal Whoops:). Justin bieber hates ugg boots!!!.... He is paranoid at the size of his feet.. We once saw him turn down a pair of trainers because he thought they made his feeet look to big (size 7.5).He's a fan of fancy footwear though he owns a pair of $525(£324) Gucci High Tops!. He used to be scared of thunderstorms and is said to have suffered from claustrophobia sincethe tender age of seven. Perhaps thats why hes also afraid of elevators . In his song never say never he says never 69 times (true fact).




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