We Meet Again

this is pretty much just a fabulous 1d fanfic where harry plays the bad guy


5. Chapter 5

Elise opened the door, and Louis’s smile was brighter than the sun. She may have been covered in food, but Louis didn’t care. Not a bit. He embraced her in his arms, squeezing her tightly. But the hug wasn’t returned. Something was off. Although he hadn’t seen her in years, he had known her long enough to sense there was a problem. His smile was vanished.

“W-what’s wrong?” he asked, slightly stuttering; he was nervous for the answer. He stepped back between Niall and Liam, and Liam squeezed his shoulder reassuringly.

Elise just stood there, mouth hanging open in surprise. She had no idea what to feel. Her heart was saying to leap into his arms, but her head was telling her to stay off; she loved her life. She didn’t want to go back to living in the spotlight.

Louis’s eyes almost teared up, and he felt a lump in his throat. What was happening? He didn’t understand why Elise wouldn’t want to see him. He felt awkward in the silence. And the only way to get rid of an awkward silence, is to break it.

“Hi,” he said, simply. he didn’t know what else to say, even though there was so much.

“Um, hello, Louis,” she responded quietly, staring at her feet. “How..how did you find me?”

“Simon found you, he can do anything,” he said with a small smile, trying diffuse the tension. It didn’t work.

“Oh. So, why are you here?” She said, making eye contact for the first time. The pure green color was still there, just as he remembered it. But the sparkle that disappeared that one night, was still missing.

“To see you, of course. How are you? How is everything?”

“It’s, um, good. So, I suppose, I should invite you in?” she asked.

“That’d be great.”

“And Liam, you Niall and Zayn can come too,” Louis had almost forgotten that they were there. He was so intently focused on Elise, and why she was acting so oddly. The boys awkwardly stepped in, avoided the mess, and sat down on the couch. They glanced over at Connor, who was cleaning up. Louis realized he must be her boyfriend. He almost gave him a dirty look. She’s Harry’s, back off. But he quickly shook the thought from his mind, remembering that he had betrayed them all. Even after years, he wasn’t used to this.

“I’m going to go clean myself up real quick,” said Elise, as she perambulated to the bathroom. Connor dashed to a different room. The boys didn’t respond, considering that they really didn’t know what to say.

Louis didn’t feel like talking. He was slowing spiraling downward into a depression. He placed his hands over his eyes, and rested his head on his knees. Liam patted his back, as the other boys just sat there staring at Louis pityingly.

Finally, Elise came through the door. Louis shot upwards, not wanting Elise to see him looking the way he did. Then he realized that there must’ve been tear streaks on his cheeks. He put that aside in his head and focused in on the main reason he was here.

Elise cleaned up well. And she looked as beautiful as ever. Her hair, he noticed was cut short in an asymmetrical bob, and was dyed black. Her eyes were lined in deep charcoal, her lips red. Her usual sun-kissed and freckled skin was gone. It was now porcelain, and he couldn’t decide if it was because she was nervous, or from the cloudy weather of Michigan. She looked like an artsy Snow White, only more beautiful. But nothing like he remembered her.

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