We Meet Again

this is pretty much just a fabulous 1d fanfic where harry plays the bad guy


4. Chapter 4


The three weeks that it took for the phone call to arrive were grueling to say the least. Louis could barely think, let alone concentrate on One Direction or his children. Finally, though, in early April he received the phone call from Simon Cowell that he had so been looking forward to. He listened as Simon explained that Elise was studying law at the University of Michigan and practically screamed as he was informed of her dorm room number. 

As soon as he hung up with Uncle Si he phoned all the other boys and told them the fantastic news. Zayn, Liam, and Niall shouted with joy as they thought of seeing Elise after four long years. They decided that they would fly out of Heathrow the next day early in the morning so they could hope to see Elise that night. 

As Louis kicked his legs back and forth purchasing the tickets that would hopefully bring him back to his best friend, he thought over what he would say. Something silly like: “Hey Lissey, long time no see! Come over here and give me a gumbo hug,” also referencing one of their old inside jokes so he was sure he would get a magnificent laugh out of her. Or, he contemplated going more serious: “Ellie, I’ve missed you so much,” he would say as he engulfed her in a huge hug, the other buys following suit. Whatever, Louis thought, quickly dismissing the thought of what would go on the next day. 

After purchasing four tickets out of Heathrow and to Ann Arbor, he ran up the stairs and crawled in bed with Tucker knowing that the earlier he went to bed the sooner he could wake up, catch his plane, and see Elise. 

Not even six hours later Louis was jumping out of bed, exhilarated by the thought of what the day would hold. He quickly jumped into the shower and got dressed in red plaid pajama pants and t-shirt, adding a few extra things to his already bulging red suitcase. It was only 3:30 in the morning so Tucker was not ecstatic about driving his husband to the airport, but he knew that it would be worth it to see the smile on Louis’ face when he was best friends with Elise once again. So Tucker wearily pulled himself out of bed, got in the car where Louis was waiting for him, and drove to Heathrow where all the boys would be meeting. Luckily, it was extremely early in the morning so there were no paps, however a few fans were asking for pictures. 

As Louis walked up to the gate he saw that Niall, Zayn, and Liam were already, and he flashed the a huge grin before running over to them and hugging them. 

“This is it boys! Today's the day!” Louis exclaimed. The others nodded their heads and quickly commented on how excited they were too, though they were all quite tired and did not have the energy level that Louis had. 

“Now boarding first class.” The ticket-checker quickly stated, causing the boys to rush to get in line. They boarded the plane and quickly took their seats, unable to express their excitement for what the day would hold. 


Elise had just ordered her favorite sandwich at Zingerman’s and was just waiting to receive it. Her hot pink iPhone buzzed and she quickly unlocked the screen, smiling to herself as she read a text from Connor: “Can’t wait to see you tonight, Elise! I love you!!” 

He was so amazing. Everything about Connor gave her the chills, from the way he smelled to the way he was never shy to show affection towards her. They were a perfect match. Elise quickly typed back: “Love you too Con!! Come by my place for dinner tonight instead of yours, okay? See you soon. xx” 

Connor was in his second year of medical school so he was almost always busy, but the couple made the most of the time they spent together. Their love was strong and they believed that nothing could ever bring them apart. Connor had plans to marry Elise once he was out of med school and able to pay for a wedding. That was exactly what Elise wanted, she could hardly imagine something better than spending the rest of her life with Connor Harris. 

However, Elise knew that she could never love Connor quite as much as she wanted to, for a part of her would always belong to Harry Styles. As much as she hated him and what he had put her through, Elise couldn't help but reminisce about all the amazing time they had together. He had been her entire world at one point and no matter how hard you try you never truly get over someone who meant that much to you. Elise’s thoughts about Harry barely ever occurred now, though, and she had the curly haired devil almost entirely out of her mind. 

The counter-worker at Zingerman’s called out Elise’s name and she picked up her sandwich, quickly leaving the famous sandwich shop and walking towards her dorm. She had her Constitutional Law class in a little over an hour and she wanted to eat in the peace of her own dorm while reviewing her notes so she could be prepared for the day’s lecture. She walked past the gorgeous stone library that was nearly one hundred years old and walked up the stairs of the building and into her dorm, closing the door quickly behind her. Elise’s lunch and class went by fairly quickly and before she knew it she was back in her dorm making her famous pasta carbonara for dinner. She couldn’t wait for the night with Connor, knowing that she would have an absolutely amazing time. But nothing could have prepared her for the events that would transpire later that night. 


The second their plane landed and taxied to the runway, Louis, Niall, Liam, and Zayn were pushing and shoving to get off. They raced through the airport, not even stopping when fans recognized them, because they could not even fathom the idea that they would probably be seeing Elise within the hour. When they made their way to the baggage claim, Louis didn’t even stop to try to climb on the conveyor belt like he normally did. 

Quickly making their way to the exit the boys tried, and failed, to get a cab for a good fifteen minutes. When one finally pulled up Liam put his hands on Zayn and Louis’ shoulders saying,”This is it, boys!” When they entered the cab Louis told the driver Elise’s address. This really was it, he guessed, the moments that would determine his friends for the rest of his life. 

“OH MY GOD CONNOR!!! FUCK YOU!” Elise shrieked as her boyfriend poured a bag of flour onto her head. After devouring their spaghetti carbonara, the couple decided to bake some brownies for dessert. However, the innocent baking job soon turned into a full blow brownie batter brawl. 

“That’s your job, babe.” Connor laughed back while being pelted in the chest by three gooey eggs. The food fight continued for another five minutes, resulting in Elise and Connor being completely covered in brownie ingredients. 

Times like this were plentiful for the couple, always having a fun time together. Just when the fight was winding down, a vigorous knocking came on the door; whoever was there really wanted to get in. 

“I’ll get it, Con.” Elise started, giving her loving boyfriend a quick kiss on the cheek before going to wash off her hands. By the time she made it to the door, the person had started shouting her name in an extremely familiar voice that she hadn’t heard in years, and it caught her slightly off guard. 

“It couldn’t be,” Elise whispered to herself. But she opened her dorm room door and it was.

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