We Meet Again

this is pretty much just a fabulous 1d fanfic where harry plays the bad guy


3. Chapter 3

It was just the beginning of their relationship. Harry and Elise had secretly been together for five months, and Elise was spending her summer with the boys in England. Niall, Liam, Louis, and Zayn decided to go out for a bite to eat at the local soup joint. The boys had invited Harry and Elise to join them, but Harry had insisted that he wanted to help Elise lose her virginity, jokingly of course. However, Harry and Elise both claimed to be extremely tired and decided to spend the night in. 

Once they were sure that the other band members had left, the curly haired boy scooped up his love and brought her to the couch. Elise lay her head on his jean-clad lap as he played with her long curls. 

“What do you want to do tonight, love?” He asked her, with a hint of seductiveness in his voice. 

“I don’t know,” she replied quietly. “I really am tired, maybe we should just go for a walk.” 

“Alright, love, sounds like a plan.” He held out his palm for her to grab, and they walked out the door of the flat, hand in hand. They walked outside to a view of the Thames River; the building in which the boys lived was located perfectly. 

Elise and Harry began the short stroll down the street when they were mobbed by paparazzi. Men with huge cameras angrily shoved each other for a decent shot of the young “friends.” Flash bulbs blinded the couple as they ran away from the mob scene, quickly entering the closest open door, a porn shop, called The Sweatee Banger. 

All of a sudden Elise broke into a fit of contagious laughter, Harry hadn’t realized where they had taken refuge. Then he took a good look at his surroundings and realized the extremely adult content in the store. 

His hands found their way to Elise’s eyes as he shouted, “Elise don’t look! This place is not for you!” She continued giggling uncontrollably, but followed Harry as he guided her out of the adult-toy filled shop. By the time that they were back to the street the paparazzi had cleared out, and things were finally calm. 

“Well that looked like a fun store,” Elise said sarcastically to Harry, earning a light smack on the head from him as they continued walking down the block. 

“Let’s do something fun, babe. Want to go ride the Eye?” he asked her excitedly. Elise froze. She was scared to death of heights. 

“Haz, you know that I don’t like that kind of thing,” she replied nervously. She didn’t want to let him down, but heights were the kinds of things that filled her nightmares. 

“I’m aware, but I’m feeling a little adventurous tonight..I thought maybe you are too,” he said with a sly smile and a shrug of his shoulders. Elise’s mind was racing at the thought of be so high up; so exhilarating, but so scary at the same time. Harry’s hands were stuffed into his pockets, when she made her final decision. She grabbed his sweaty palm, and dragged him in the direction of the big ferris wheel. 

“Lets do this poo,” she said with a nervous smile, as Harry chuckled to himself at her reference to his odd language. When they reached the line, it was completely dark and the full moon was shining brightly in the sky. 

“Look Elise, the werewolves will be arriving soon!” he said, pointing to the sky and hiding behind her petite frame. 

“I hope Professor Lupin took his Wolfsbane!” Elise countered, proud of her clever Potter reference. The banter continued until they reached the front of the line, where Elise finally realized what was happening. She looked up at the 443 foot tall wheel and found herself squeezing Harry’s hand harder than ever. He squeezed hers back and pulled her into the open pod, reassuring her that everything would be alright, as long as they were together (unless the London Eye collapsed beneath them, or the Zombie Apocalypse decided to suddenly come about, or the moon fell on them..etc). 

The pod started slowly moving up higher, and Elise nestled her face into Harry’s shoulder, savoring the moment between the two of them. He sang their song, Kiss Me by The Fray, quietly to her to keep her sane. Suddenly, he stopped. Elise looked up in surprise. 

“Elise,” he whispered her name in her ear, fiddling with her earring. “Look out the window.” And she did. She couldn’t imagine a more perfect moment in time. The boy she loved was sitting next to her, and they were both looking over the most beautiful city in the world lit up by the full July moon. 

“It’s perfect, Harry. Everything is perfect. Right here, right now, I wouldn’t change a thing.” She murmured. “I love you.” 

“I love you too, Elise. You are more amazing than anything I could ever imagine.” And then the two locked lips, at the top of the London Eye, in the middle of a flawless summer, at the beginning of a nearly flawless relationship.

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