We Meet Again

this is pretty much just a fabulous 1d fanfic where harry plays the bad guy


2. Chapter 2


Of course Elise knew what had happened. Harry was kicked out of the band. Shunned by his friends and family. Hated by the world of people that loved Harlise. She had been a part of the fandom since she was fourteen. Every directioner loved Elise Ritz, the boys best friend. She was constantly being photographed and shipped with the boys. She was just as much a part of the band as any of the boys were. So it wasn't a surprise to anyone when almost everyone sided with her. 

Now it was over though, the One Direction part of her life. She was able to stay calm about the situation, no tears shed until the story hit the tabloids. When her face was on the cover of people magazine was when Elise fully realized that she and Harry were done. She cried every night, haunted by the memories of their seemingly perfect relationship. For a month she was constantly mobbed by paparazzi, wanting her to spill some kind of secret about the break up. An unnamed source had told paparazzi that Harry had cheated, but they didn’t realize the couple’s full history. The actual story was a lot worse than the tabloids made it out to be. 

Elise was thankful for the start of school later that year. She began her sophomore year at the University of Michigan, this time with no silly boy-band distractions. Elise was accomplished in school and graduated with honors, quickly applying to the University of Michigan Law School. 

She hadn't seen, or spoken to, any of the boys since that day. Elise didn't plan on it, either, though she kept up with all the One Direction news. She was well aware of Louis adopting two more children with his husband, Tucker, and he had named one of them after her. She missed the boys, all except Harry, more than anything, but she couldn’t go back to that life. 

She was happy, with a strong group of friends and a perfect boyfriend named Connor. Elise was successful, having just completed her first year of law school at Michigan. People occasionally recognized he as "that one direction girl" or "that chick who dumped Harry Styles," but it didn't bother her. Her new friends didn't care that she used to be all over the tabloids, or that she used to be best friends with the biggest boy band of the century. She was just Elise Ritz, and that's all she could ask for. 
Louis sat in his house, watching his beautiful children, Jonathan, Keenan, and Elise roll around on the floor. Louis’ husband, Tucker, was out shopping, so he was in charge. Louis and Tucker married seven months after Elise left. They had Jonathan, a gorgeous six year, old two years before the wedding, and Keenan was adopted seven months after it. Elise was new, though. Only eight months old. As Louis thought about his love for his children, her face popped into his head. He didn’t even know where she was or what she was doing. His Elise could be dead for all he knew. Louis looked down at his baby girl, whom he had named after his best friend. 

“Do you know where your name comes from, princess?” He cooed. Elise shook her baby head no, seeing as she couldn’t speak yet. “Well one day, baby girl, I’ll tell you all about Elise Ritz. She was the best girl I ever knew.” 

Jonathan piped up just then, “I remember Elise! She was so nice because she always let me touch her curlys.” 

“Good,” Louis chuckled to himself, remembering how much Elise had loved his first baby boy. Suddenly, Louis heard a cough that startled him out of his trance and nearly made him fall off the arm of the sofa. 

“Hey babe,” Tucker said as he walked over to give his husband a peck on the lips, “you need to find her. I can see how much you miss her.” 

“But I have no clue where to look,” Louis whined. He hadn’t matured a day. 

“You’re Louis Fucking Tomlinson. Leader of the world’s best boy band and the sexiest man I have ever met,” Tucker whispered, not wanting to influence his children with his poor language choice, “go find your best friend!” Louis was absolutely overjoyed about the idea of reuniting with his ex-friend.

Of course Louis had tried to contact Elise before. He called and texted her every day for a year with no response on her end. All of the boys did the same, but Louis continued the attempted contacting for much longer. He had almost gotten over her leaving until the adoption of his baby girl that he named Elise. Now he thought about the beautiful girl daily, wanting her back in his life now more than ever. 

Later that night, Louis went out with the rest of the band. They were as popular as ever, still making girls fall in love with them all over the world as well as great music. “Guys,” Louis started slowly, “ I want Elise back.”

“We know,” Liam responded, “ever since you adopted Elise you think about her all the time.” Louis was astonished at how well Liam knew him; those exact words had been about to leave his lips. And so, the boys went to the most powerful man they knew, Simon Cowell, to track her down. 
Harry couldn’t lie, the girls were hot, but they were no Elise. With her long dirty blonde curls and blue-green eyes she was his definition of perfection. However he needed the sex as a distraction. 

After being kicked out of One Direction four years prior and loosing everything and everyone he loved over a silly mistake he had no clue what to do with himself. Harry didn’t leave his apartment for a month after the incident, but then he realized something. He’s Harry fucking Styles. Every girl in the country would sleep with him. So he got out of bed, threw on some nice clothes, and went out to the clubs. 

Even though the entire population hated his guts, he still pulled tons of girls. The sex was great but it wasn’t the same. There was no relationship there, no emotion. He didn’t get to wake up to a gorgeous girl bouncing on him and shouting to get up while laughing like the Mad Hatter. He couldn’t take her out to dinner just because or even lay around with her looking stunning in mere sweats and a tank top. 

But Harry couldn’t have a relationship, no one wanted him that way. He was still hated for what he did those four years ago, and not a day went by when he didn’t regret it. So he was stuck with having sex with randoms nearly every night, and then being miserable in the morning. He sometimes wondered what his life would be like if he hadn’t slept with that stupid make-up artist. Would One Direction still be a five-piece puzzle? Would he still be with Elise? Would they be married? Kids? 

Thoughts of what could have been flooded his mind as he decided which slut to bring home that night. Finally he grabbed the hand of a hot red-head, as she was the least like Elise, and quietly asked if she wanted to “get out of here.” The girl quickly nodded and followed him out of the club, biting her peach colored lip slyly. Shit, Harry thought, Elise used to do that. And just like that, his brain was drowned in memories of his once-perfect relationship.

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