We Meet Again

this is pretty much just a fabulous 1d fanfic where harry plays the bad guy


1. Chapter 1

There was no yelling. No tears. A strange sense of calmness surrounding the horror. The skank had just left. Taken her walk of shame with a proud smirk on her face. Who wouldn't be proud after a spending the night with Harry Styles? He was the worlds most desired man, after all. Seeing her walk down the hall, Elise was ready to strangle the bitch. Suddenly the bedroom door opened and Harry walked out. To anyone else's eyes he was perfect. Curly hair that flowed just the right way and emerald green eyes that shimmered in the light. Perfectly chiseled body, perfectly perfect everything. But to Elise, he looked like the devil. 

"How long?" she said simply. His eyes stopped shimmering, knowing what was about to happen. Of course there was no point in lying, he had been with Elise for over five years. She could read him like a book. 

"Three months," he stated. Elise wasn't hiding her disappointment very well. They had fallen in love when she was fourteen and he was eighteen, keeping their relationship a secret from everyone until six months after she turned eighteen. 

"Why now?" Elise wondered out loud,"why not when we were a secret, when it wouldn't have been all over the news? I didn't even realize that something had changed." 

Harry gave her an apologetic look. "The tour," Harry responded. The four months apart were pure torture to Elise, and they had started out that way for Harry. He was so used to being with someone, to being loved every night. He couldn't take it, so he made a decision that he forever regretted. Fucking some makeup assistant two months in. The aftermath was always guilt. Harry never wanted to hurt her, but he needed the affection . Once it started he was constantly hiding from the boys, knowing that they would never speak to him again if they were aware of what he was doing to Elise. One Direction would be over, or at least he would be kicked out. 

Elise had been their best friend since 2012. Since before they were world famous. She kept them grounded and happy and smiling, even at the lowest points. She was the best person that any of the boys had ever met. 

Elise just nodded her her head and pressed her lips together. "Okay," she said, "I guess this is it Harry. You just threw away five years of your life." And with that she spun on her heels and walked away. Harry had wanted to run after her. But he couldn't. He was only just processing in his mind what had happened. Things with Elise were over. The girl of his dreams, gone. He was supposed to marry her, have children with her, grow old by her side. But all that was gone in an instant. A stupid instant of not thinking. 

And just as Harry Styles burst into tears, four very angry friends of his walked into the room. Harry wasn't expecting the punch. He assumed that there would be enough yelling to last a century, but physical fighting just wasnt something that they did anymore. As Louis swung at his face Harry began crying harder. Not from the pain, but because his life was over. 

"I CAN NOT BELIEVE THAT I EVER CONSIDERED YOU ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS!" Louis shouts at the top of his lungs. The boys had ran into Elise in the hall. she looked gorgeous as usual, but something about her eyes was off. There was no shimmer like there usually was when she has just been to see Harry. 

"Hey babe! Why so sad?" Niall asked her in his peppy irish accent. That's when Elise spilled. She told the boys how Harry had cheated right under their noses, and even continued for a month after the tour ended. How the seemingly perfect couple that the public absolutely loved had broken up. 

The boys seemed more upset than she was. Liam ran his hands through his brown curls and started walking in circle. Nialls jaw simply dropped, not able to believe that Harry had managed to do this. Zayn punched the was as hard as he possible could, leaving a dark mark. But Louis reaction was the worst. He sprinted to tell off the curly haired devil. 

"Call your mum." Zayn said, "tell her what you've done. Tell her how you've single handedly ruined everything. Because I know that I absolutely refuse to speak to you after this, and I think the others would agree." The other three members of One Direction nodded their heads, while Harry just continued with his pitiful whimper. Harry was shoved towards his computer and put on skype. His mum was online. Shit. Liam quickly took control and pressed the call button before Harry had time to protest. 

Anne accepted the call and greeted the boys with a warm smile that was not returned. "What's wrong boys?" Anne questioned. 

"Tell her you little shit," Niall said, surprising everyone with his aggressive tone. 

"Elise broke up with me this morning," Harry said, followed by another set of sobs. Actually saying it out loud made the disaster true. 

"Oh baby I'm so sorry!" Anne cooed. She had known about their relationship two years before anyone else and absolutely loved Elise. She was a part of the family. 

"Don't be," Zayn growled, "tell her why Harry." Anne looked at him expectantly, not wanting to hear him say what was going through her mind. But disappointment struck the second he opened his mouth. 

"I cheated," Harry whispered, almost too softly to hear.

" I didn't raise you to be like that. This is the last thing I ever expected." And then Anne said the worst thing a parent could say to their child. "I don't even know of I can call you my son, Harry. Elise was the best thing that ever happened to you. She saved you from yourself." And with that, she hung up. Harry hung his head and cried the hardest tears yet. He fucked everything up. There was literally nothing left. The band, his family, his friends, his one true love, they were all gone. 

"We'll see you at the offices to sort out what's happening to the band. Goodbye Harry." Louis quickly stated before closing the door on what he once believed would be a lifelong friendship.

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