I never knew

A 17 year old girl named Lana went to a One Direction Concert with her sister, Lana didn't want to go her sister forced her, when they go to the meet and greet section they waited in line, they waited for 1 hour then finally they got Liam, Harry, Zayn, Niall and Louis' autograph when suddenly Liam gave Lana a paper...


1. Chapter 1

Lana a 17 year old girl who has a sister that is IN LOVE with One Direction, Lana likes them but doesn't love them, Her sister's name is Hayley when suddenly "AHHHHHH OMGGG THERE'S GONNA BE A ONE DIRECTION CONCERT HERE IN LONDON!!" Hayley screamed then Lana said "whatever" "I am SOO gonna buy tickets! For me and you!" Said Hayley "WHAT!" Lana said angrily "Oh no! I'm gonna hear my sister scream for the rest of the day!" When they went to the concert One Direction were doing a Q&A my sister asked Liam "Do you have a girlfriend?" Liam said "Nope I'm single!" then all of the audience screamed like crazy! When Lana and Hayley went to the meet and greet section they waited in the line for 1 hour then finally, Hayley screamed and fainted, all of the One Direction members were freaked out of her, "I apologize for my sister she's a HUGE fan!" Lana said then Hayley woke up, They took a picture with them and they autographed their hands, when suddenly when they were going Liam gave a paper to Lana it had his phone number on it.
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